Swiss Farmers Market

Swiss Farmers Market

Good Morning Everyone

Today I wanted to share with you my latest visit to the local Farmers Market. There are so many reasons I love to go to the farmers market, rather than to the large faceless supermarkets that dominate our daily shopping routine!

  1. First of all the products are Fresh & Beautiful – I mean just look at the colors – they are insanely beautiful and you can choose from different producers – I love it and you’ll be instantly inspired to cook!
  2. The Products are in Season which is absolutely important to me. The products which are in season taste so much better and the dishes you cook match the weather outside perfectly! Moreover I don’t see the point, importing a vegetable all over the globe, just its not in season – only because we feel like having it so much right know!!!- I am sorry but I kind of feel this is childish and not sustainable thinking!
  3. I think its important to Support local Farmers and Producers! The market keeps getting more and more competitive. Its  filled with large international companies with lots of market force, while on the other hand small producers keep shrinking and disappearing. The local farmers often produce organic as well and have unique country specific products, which large discounters due to smalls sales and not enough margin don’t! However its exactly these product which make our dishes unique and extraordinary!
  4. Visiting a market is very Social! Get in touch with the people around you and get to know your community. Also the farmers have a unique knowledge about their products and sometimes great ideas how you can make the product you bought into the star of your dish!

So this is it for today – I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your Weekend!!

Love Katie


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  1. 8. November 2015 / 13:36

    So beautiful.They are remodeling our Farmer’s Market here in Dallas,Texas. We miss it so much.Thanks for sharing your pictures

    • 8. November 2015 / 17:25

      Thank you for your comment! Hope they will re-open soon 🙂

  2. 8. November 2015 / 14:51

    so nice! you’ve been farmers market in Zurich?

    • 8. November 2015 / 17:24

      Yes I live in Zurich, this one is so close where I live it makes almost no sense to go to a regular store for shopping 🙂
      Where are you from?

      • 8. November 2015 / 18:52

        i’m from Oberkirch near Sursee/Sempachersee in the “Kanton” Lucerne

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