Matcha Monday

Matcha Monday

Hello Monday –  🙁

There’s another week ahead of us and I seriously don’t know how time on weekends can run so much faster than during the week!

Today I am talking about a Breakfast Monday Matcha Milk. This green Tea powder everyone is talking about I didn’t know myself a few weeks ago – I was like Matcha What? 🙂

Well, I was really curious myself so I tried it and it has a very interesting new flavor and know I really love it. So what is it?  Basically its Green Tea which is specially grown and then processed into a ground powder. In Japan this Tea is served and prepared in a very traditional and long taking tea serving ceremony.

Health wise its supposed to boost your energy and improve your mental focus! Further it is high in the antioxidant catechin.


For this Breakfast Monday Matcha Milk I used:

  • 1 glas of Milk
  • 1/2 glas of Cocoa Water
  • 1 TS of runny Honey
  • 1 TS of Matcha Powder

for another lovely Matcha recipe – which is a little bit more hearty – I love this youtube video from DrinksTube!


xoxo Katie





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  1. 1. December 2015 / 9:00

    Looks amazing! I am keep hearing about it and definitely tempted to try 🙂

    • 1. December 2015 / 19:27

      Thanks it really is special & delicious!

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