6 Exercices for a strong Back

6 Exercices for a strong Back

Hello Everyone

Its Saturday Funday and I love to do at least one extensive Workout on my Weekends!

Its fun because you can take all the time that you need to really workout your entire Body!  When some of you tell me that after a long day at work you feel too tired to workout in the evening I get that – kind of 🙂 ! However NO EXCUSES on weekends and I promise you it will eventually become fun and you will feel so much better and healthier afterwards !!!!

I myself have a really bad back so I have to be extra careful working out – unless I want to crawl around my apartment for the next day 🙂  These 5 Exercises are the best and if you keep ’em doing you will see all the difference!

  1. Back Extensions
  2. Alternating Superman
  3. Cobra & Child’s Pose
  4. The Founder
  5. Founder Squat
  6. Woodpecker

xoxo Katie

This is a XHIT workout and I do it all the time – love it!




  1. 5. December 2015 / 0:51

    just started following you, I have a vegan recipe/lifestyle & Cruelty-free beauty Blog as well, http://www.veganneeds.com
    so glad I found your blog & Happy to connect with you 🙂

  2. 15. January 2016 / 9:05

    Your posts are awesome! I especially love your Fitness & Health section – so inspirational 🙂

    Alex x

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