6 Ways to maintain your Weight this Christmas

6 Ways to maintain your Weight this Christmas

Hello Lovely People – Here are my suggestion on how to keep your body bodylicious this Christmas 🙂

1. Start your day of with a healthy Breakfast. I am not a breakfast eater myself. Its really hard for me to eat anything before 10am however skipping breakfast does not help your body loose weight because you will have sugar cravings or you will overeat at dinner. Moreover Breakfast helps to get your digestion going and gives you a good energy level throughout the day. Especially at Christmas its important to start with something healthy (no cookies or Nutella for breakfast please!) Check out my Overnight Oats or my Breakfast à la Instagram. Oats provide you with energy and power of endurance to resist those extra portions of cookies and snacking in between meals. This leads me to my second point!

2. No Snacking in-between Meals. I know its hard but snacking is really the key if you want to keep your weight this Christmas. All those cookies and chocolates, gingerbreads and other treats – just keep your hands off! Stick to one plate at a time. You may have some cookies after dinner or lunch as a dessert but then you may not eat an additional dessert such as ice-cream or a piece of pie. I know its sad but true 🙁

3. Workout in the afternoon at least once for more than 30min! I know its Christmas and we all love to hang around in our pajamas and I am not saying you shouldn’t. Just keep in mind that your body needs exercise to burn off those extra calories and if you want to maintain your weight, this is the way to go sooory 🙂 However like I said before, working out can be fun, try to push yourself and have an open and positiv mind about exercise. Also I always workout with friends or family – this is amazing for motivation – don’t choose your girlfriend with whom you will talk more than exercise (we girls all now what I mean 🙂 ) ask  someone who is active and can push you even harder to reach your goals! Check out my Post on Sport – How to stay motivated!

5.      Go easy on the Carbs. I am saying serve yourself a well balanced plate of all the amazing dinner dishes and enjoy it also Carbs. However on Christmas you also want to have a second or even third plate. I mean yes its christmas it freaking delicious and amazing. I am a foodie don’t tell me 🙂 I am just saying when you fill your plate for more than once keep your hands off the carbs (no second sweet potato, so second portion of rise, no fries…) go for the delicious meat or fish, go for the amazing side greens and salads. This is an easy way to keep your calories going through the roof!

6. And finally same as Carbs Go easy on the Alcohol. Stick to one Appetizer Drink such as my delicious Pomegranate Juice with Champagne and one glass of Red wine or Beer for dinner. A glass of alcohol has just a ridiculous amount of calories its crazy. If food is your priority keep your hands of the Drinks! This by the way is the same for sugary drinks with no alcohol – drink tea or water and it will really help you keep your weight this christmas 🙂

There you go my 6 Ways to help you maintain your weight this Christmas! I hope you enjoyed it!

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xoxo Katie


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  1. meredith1050
    15. December 2015 / 12:14

    Hey Katie- Great suggestions. I would say for the no snacking between meals, that snacking in and of itself isn’t bad, just the treats that you mention. I think that by substituting healthy choices such as fruit, vegetables or lean protein (nuts), can help actually curb your appetite for the sweet snacks. Thanks for the info!

    • 15. December 2015 / 16:33

      You are absolutely right Meredith: Fruit and Veg are amazing substitutes I agree. This is a great tip. Really meant those tempting cookies and chocolates laying around everywhere at Christmas 🙂

  2. 16. December 2015 / 6:00

    Simple yet very effective ways to maintain our weight..I am in the process of losing weight so exercising every day is something I am doing – I don’t want to let go over christmas so do appreciate your tips especially the walking. Thanks Katie.

  3. 16. December 2015 / 11:30

    OMG! I love the snow in your banner!! It’s awesome.

    Great tips 🙂
    Pomegranate Juice with champagne sounds lovely.
    I love trying to add extra fruit and veggies to things I am already eating!

  4. 17. December 2015 / 21:03

    Definitely, needed this!! 😛

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