Homemade Italian Focaccia

Homemade Italian Focaccia

Hello Everyone

This is a recipe inspired by my latest travels to Italy! We were staying in this amazing hotel and every day for lunch we ordered a huge salad bowl with homemade focaccia (still warm 🙂 ) I should have asked for the recipe but I didn’t and since then I dreame about this focaccia. So this recipe is inspired by those memories and I hope you enjoy eating it its fantastic!


For this Homemade Italian Focaccia you need:

(for a large bread)

  • 4 1/2 cups of plain flour
  • 2 cups warm
  • 1 pack (7g) yeast
  • 2 TS white sugar
  • 1½ TS salt
  • 2 TS olive oil
  • SeaSalt, Pepper and Rosemary for topping

Add the yeast to the water and let it sit somewhere warm for 20min until the yeast starts building up and reacting to the water. Then slowly add the flour, salt, sugar and oil to the mixture and keep kneading until the dough is really smooth (I did use a my kitchen aid for that 🙂 — too lazy) Then again let the dough sit near a warm place for 1.5h until it almost completely fills up your bowl. Now prepare a baking tray and add your dough flattening it all the way to the end so its about 2-3cm thick. I let it rest again now for 20min so again it raises 1-2 cm and is really fluffy (you may want to put a warm towel over it). Form little holes into the dough with your finger tips to get that amazing Focaccia typical structure. Now you can be creative with the topping. I simply used Rosemary, SeaSalt and Pepper and a little bit of olive oil to cover it. Put it into your oven at 180°-190° /375 F for 15-20min or until its really golden. Take it out and let it sit for a few minutes and then enjoy it – i love it best when its still a little bit warm 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this recipe – let me know what you think ! xoxo Katie

PS (I have put in two sneak peak pics of our trip to Italy 🙂 most beautiful place in the world)






  1. 27. January 2016 / 10:14

    Looks simple and easy! Yum!

  2. 27. January 2016 / 14:16

    This looks really good, I love focaccia! Thanks for sharing, I will probably try to make it haha I’m mouthwatering to be honest!

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.wordpress.com

  3. 27. January 2016 / 23:49

    love focaccia!

  4. 28. January 2016 / 6:18

    Looks great as do your photos both of the focaccia and Italy.

  5. 11. February 2016 / 13:30

    Hi Katie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love focaccia and am going to try this recipe. Your pictures are beautiful.

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