Zermatt – Swiss Alps

Zermatt – Swiss Alps

Good Morning Everyone

I hope you all enjoyed the beginning of the week, I am a little bit absent minded since we came back on Sunday from beautiful Zermatt. Like I have said many times before I love to travel, but sometimes there is just so much going on in your life that you must focus on big picture and can’t just sit into a plain and fly away. However, I also feel like that most  people believe they have to travel across the globe to get their minds of their daily stresses, relax and enjoy life, I have to disagree.

This Weekend we spend two very relaxing and amazing days in Zermatt – in the Swiss Alps and I tell you – this is like another place in time 🙂 (although its like 4 hours from my hometown)

Not only is Zermatt home of the most picturesque Mountain I have, and I am sure you too, have ever seen. The little village is filled with tourists however hasn’t lost any of its charm! The beautiful wooden “Chalets” blend in perfectly into the snowy background of the impressive mountains setting. Moreover this is not a village from the 17th, you basically have anything there is in big city! Wellness temples, shopping but also for example a McDonalds (very intelligently hidden in the centre of the village in an old wooden house – not that we went in there with all the cheese fondue we ate), and obviously there are tons of skiing opportunity in the highest skiing area there is in Switzerland .

Because we only had a limited amount of time we decided to visit the Small Matterhorn. Its opposite to the large mountain but has the best view over everything! It almost at 4000m over sea and you can basically go skiing all year around due to the glacier! However I tell you after 1.5h on the mountain you start feeling the 4000m difference you made in one day and we traveled back down. The view is just spectacular and there is also a huge cave you can visit on top of the mountain all made of ice which has been carved into the glacier – you see very amazing!

However I stop writing now because pictures can say more that 100o words. I hope you enjoy my pics and it they will inspire you to visit Zermatt as well 🙂

xoxo Katie








  1. Mick Shea
    3. February 2016 / 17:23

    Awesome pics hope you’re having a blast Katie

  2. 3. February 2016 / 22:16

    My mum lived near there when she was young, I definitely need to visit that place with her! It looks amazing, I’m in love with that country!

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.wordpress.com

  3. 4. February 2016 / 1:27

    Sensational photos. Thank you for sharing. I went to chamonix once by train and thought the snow covered mountains there were beautiful. Zermatt looks fabulous.

  4. 10. April 2017 / 12:14

    Visited your ‘about’ but found no place for comments, but – thanks for visiting my blog!
    And if you do like travelling digitally as well, please observe that there are more than 6000 ‘full screen images’ from Norway awaiting you! Please enjoy!

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