Summer Holiday Adventure

Summer Holiday Adventure


Hello Everyone!

This September we spent an amazing two weeks visiting Dubai, Indonesia (Bali) and Singapore. As one of my 2017 Resolutions is to spend more time writing blog posts, as I have been massively neglecting it which I am really sad about, I want to share some pictures from our trip this summer. I hope you enjoy them, although they are from a few month back. Sometimes it can get so busy with work, friends and family and also my YouTube channel and other social media, that I don’t find the time to really go through all of the travel photos I took and sort the best ones out, preparing a blog post or even a album. So sorry about the delay, let me know if you know this feeling?


As our flight from Zurich took us to Dubai as a first destination to Indonesia anyway, we decided to spend some more time there and not just visiting Dubai Airport, and it was defiantly worth our wile. Dubai is the perfect destination for a short trip, being spoilt with good food, amazing architecture and perfect weather. As we enjoyed many of the typical tourist attractions such as Dubai Mall or the huge Aquarium tunnel, one of our absolute highlights of the entire holidays was visiting the Burj Khalifa and the area around the building.

After an amazing time in Dubai we traveled to Bali where we first checked into the most beautiful Oberoi Hotel in Seminyak directly at the Beach. I wished we were able to stay more that 5 nights because the view was just magnificent, the staff the most friendly I have ever experienced in a hotel and the area so beautiful but also exiting with all the amazing restaurants, bars and shops in Kuta.

Few days later we traveled further to the center of Bali to the Ubud area where we stayed in the most luxuries hotel I have ever stayed in my entire life the Hanging Gardens of UBUD. I have literally fallen in love with this place and when you are surrounded by jungle and visited in the morning by little monkeys waking you up in the morning you literally never want to leave this heaven again.

We were very sad to leave Bali, however being most exited to travel to our final destination Singapore which has stunned me from the first moment I stepped of the plain. I was fascinated by the city’s futuristic architecture and delighted by the delicious meals we were served for dinner, I cannot wait to go back and visit this amazing place again!

I am sorry it took me so long to upload and go through them, I really hope you enjoy the photos anyways!

xxx Katie