Spring Clean – Wardrobe Cleanout 

Spring Clean – Wardrobe Cleanout 

Easter is around the corner, the weather is getting better and I am digging for my spring clothes in a fully loaded wardrobe stuffed with chunky winter clothes. It’s the perfect time for a “Spring Wardrobe Cleanout” – out with the old and in with the new!!!

The ritual of spring cleaning after a long winter season can be as cleansing for the mind as it is for the home. Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than having a huge clear out and I hope I can inspire you to do the same. Start spring with a fresh mind and soul!

I have been partnering up with John Lewis who has everything you need for the ultimate “SPRING CLEAN“!!! There are some amazing tools, technology and tips I have been loving from their site which will particularyl help you with your spring clean 2017. Whether you are planning to clean out your entire apartment in e.g. with new wallpapers or just spicing it up with some little new highlights such as a new stylish coffee machine there are some bits and bobs you are definitely gonna love and find inspiring:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-11 um 23.13.15

Right now I am so exited about unpacking my spring and summer clothes, hiding away all of those winter cozy jumpers and skiing clothes, so if you are also looking for clothes storage John Lewis has some amazing boxes and basket I absolutely adore and even look super stylish. For storing away clothes I would suggest you to use air tight boxes who will keep your clothes dry also in moist areas like cellars and for little stuff you want to keep in your wardrobe area such as bikinis, scarfs or any other loose items I suggest you to get some nice totes which will give your room and wardrobe some extra homely flair!!

 Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-11 um 23.13.43


 As it has been the sunniest and warmest March in Switzerland for years, I have been getting into the shopping mood for new and fashionable spring items even more than usual. Therefor it is normal that I wanted to share some essentials I am defiantly gonna pick up for this season. Here are my favorite picks for this Easter Break:
First of all one piece Swimsuits are a must for this season and although I have been a bikini person for the past decade, I am looking forward to switching up my bikini game for this season. There are a load of different styles and shapes available at the moment and I encourage you to try some different styles, as I am sure there will be one who suits you perfectly.

Also, whether you are on an Easter Break in the UK or in sunny California, there is always an occasion for buying a new handbag :). It does not matter if you are spending  an afternoon at the beach or a casual easter brunch with friends, I am obsessed with this water melons styled bag – check it out below!!!

Finally, I have been in love with Benefit products lately and in particular with their Hoola range. In my opinion they provide you with the best tools and products to look as if you just came back from Hawaii, eventhough easter break has not even started yet.

These three items are defiantly taking up some room in my spring cleaned up wardrobe 2017!!!!!!!!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-11 um 23.13.52


John Lewis has everything you need for the ultimate “SPRING CLEAN” and the fashionable items to refresh your wardrobe for upcoming spring and summer time – so go and check it out!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if u are doing a wardrobe clean out this year!!! xx Katie





  1. Sophie
    11. April 2017 / 14:57

    Looks so good! I wish I could display my clothes and shoes out like that but ugh my cat…

  2. 23. May 2017 / 19:29

    Gorgeous pictures! I definitely have a love hate relationship with spring cleaning, but always feel so much better after it’s done!

  3. 24. July 2017 / 15:03

    Now I feel inspired to get my wardrobe ready for the new season as well!

  4. 19. August 2017 / 3:13

    I do one every now and then. Sometimes I’m left thinking about some pieces I had years ago but have since given to charity or sold on eBay. If only I knew then what I knew now.

  5. 23. August 2017 / 22:10

    I love this article! Your tips are quite useful! 🙂 Thank you for writing this!

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