Best Place for Brunch – Malibu Farm

Hey Everyone

This week I visited Malibu Farm Restaurant – its on Malibu Pier just a little way ahead when you drive from Santa Monica north along the coast line and I have fallen in LOVE with the place! Let me know in the COMMENTS if you have been or know the place!!!

On the Pier there is the Malibu Farm Restaurant just at the entrance with a beautiful view of Malibu Beach as well as the coast line and at the end of the Pier there is Malibu Farm Cafe – a more casual self service place with the most incredible overlook over the pacific ocean – both selling FRESH ORGANIC LOCAL Food & Drinks! Here a few first impressions:


314221624I loved having Lunch at the Restaurant and the food style was HEALTHY and DOWN TO EARTH  – exactly how I like it!!! As a starter we shared a Red Pepper Humus Plate with Veggies which was delicious and I especially liked the green Salad Sauce which I admit I am unsure what it contains (I believe it could be Cilantro or Basil :)). Thomas had a delicious grilled Veggie Sandwich with Beetroot Quinoa and I went for a Mexican inspired Chicken Tortilla Salad “YUM”!!!! Highlight for me though, was the delicious and super fancy looking “FROZÉ”, yea you heard right and its all over L.A. at the moment! I am already hocked and honestly I mean it only combines things I love: (frozen) Rosé Wine,  Ice an the color Pink! 131575

Outfit wise I actually just went really casual and it was perfect for the location. I combined a more fancy White buttoned Shirt and just made a knot in front (which I think looks cool 🙂 ) – with Flower imprinted Denim SHORTS !!!! Jewelry wise I went with my trusty Missoma Gold Necklace . Also always in my purse – my trusty Rose gold RayBans!



Style of the Restaurant and the Cafe are ….. well “Farmhouse” style  🙂 and I feel like it just suits the Malibu ocean area and the Pier sooo much! With all the Olive Trees which are set up around the Terrace, it super reminds me of the Mediterranean and the incredible times Thomas and I had in France and Italy!!!



And if you haven’t had enough already – here are some more pics 🙂 …


I hope you enjoyed this Post – please let me know in the COMMENTS if you liked it and which places are your favorite here in the L.A. area or just elsewhere in the world!!! Love you lots!! (This Post contains affiliate links – all opinions in this post however are my own and its not paid for!)

xx Katie


Malibu Farm, Brunch Spot, Malibu, Brunch, Breakfast, Review,
Malibu Farm, Brunch Spot, Malibu, Brunch, Breakfast, Review,
Malibu Farm, Brunch Spot, Malibu, Brunch, Breakfast, Review,


  • I recently tried this place too and LOVED it. The food is so good and makes me feel like I made healthy, smart choices

    • Awesome Jill ! I also loved it so much, you are so right the products are healthy and delicious!!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by ! 💕

  • Absolutely love this!! 💕💕💕 looks like a gorgeous place to chill and eat!

    • Thank you sooo much 🙂 Makes me so happy that you liked it!!! 💕

  • I live in Malibu and I have been going since it opened. Now that it’s becoming a mini-empire (they are opening locations in Vegas and Hawaii) I find the food is less consistent but the location is unbeatable. I love going for breakfast early, before the crowds, when only the surfers are there.