September Favorites 2017

September Favorites 2017

Hi Guys – So these are my September Favorites, I seriously can’t believe that it is already October!!!!!! How is it already October???? I am so not in Autumn/Fall mood it is ridiculous.

Since I moved to L.A. I feel like the weather has been the same for the past three month – which is beautiful (always sunny), however as a Swiss girl I am getting quite confused :). Also I realized when I edited and uploaded these favorites – they are the least autumnal favorites I have ever seen 🙂 🙂 Anyway, these are the products I have been loving throughout the month of September and I really hope you get some inspiration from them!


An absolute favorite for this month has been the discovery of Bath and Bodyworks candles!!! As we do not have the store in Switzerland it has been quite the revelation!!! Loving it! I am obsessed with all of the scented candles from this range and they have just THE best offers I cannot resist (like 4 for 2 candles) L:O:V:E it! The candle in the pic is  scented Chamomile but I seriously love every sent from this range (see Rose below)!!!

If you are following me on Youtube you will know that the only area on my face where I kind of see that I am aging a little bit or just is a problem area for me as I have serious dry skin, is my under eye skin area!!! I am always on the hunt for nice effective Eye Creams and I am just OBSESSED with Clinique products! I love them so much! The “All about Eyes” cream is a beautiful cooling and smoothing eye cream and compared to other creams i have tried, it does NOT burn or irritate my skin at all! I love the price value of the eye cream because eye creams can be a serious investment **cringe**!

Another Favorite of this month would have to be Naomi Smarts new Book  “EAT SMART” (ok it has been released for a few months now but actually just recently released in the US hence me getting my hands on it) and I just love the book so much! Disclaimer, I am not a Vegan, Plant based eater nor Vegetarian, however, I just love to switch up my diet sometimes and do a no meat or no diary day in the week! I find it reasonable not to eat meat every single day and I just try to be conscious about what I eat and where food is coming from! Yea, I just love it!!!

One night as I was visiting a bar on Sunset Blvd, my phone was stolen and truly said I was so pissed off and just annoyed. I tried to located it but someone must have already switched it off. I was really sad and just two days ago I got a message from “find my iPhone that it was located it in Kiew …. 🙁 what are the odds … Well anyway sad story, I had to get a new phone and ever since the new camera for the iPhone came out in particular the *portrait* mode I wanted it so bad and now that I have it I cannot EVEN BEGIN TO SAY HOW MUCH I LOOOOOOVEEE IT!!! Seriously if you are following my Instagram Stories you will know it!!! It is soooo good. So somehow the story turned out good for me – poor insurance company though!!!

So these were my September Favorites 2017 and I really hope you enjoyed them too and try out one or the other product. I really love them!!! Also please comment down below if you liked the post and what your favorites for the month of September were!!!! Love you guys a lot and write to you soon!!!

xoxo Katie

  • I love that book to

    • Me too !!!!!❤️❤️

  • I love all of these so much! It’s true, CA doesn’t have much in the way of seasons, but there are a lot of benefits to having consistently nice weather. If you haven’t, you should try Bath and Bofh works candle in Leaves. It’s a scent they have had for many years and a go-to favorite of mine 🙂

    • Hi Kelly, Of course I love the sunshine – its just different and I am not used to but 🙂 ❤️ Actually thinking about doing a post on autumn candles fro B&B works I am absolutely obsessed 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by love!!! xx