Best Autumn Fragrances & Perfumes in 2017

Best Autumn Fragrances & Perfumes in 2017

Hi Guys – Finding the perfect Best Autumn Fragrance & Perfume which suits me is something I have always struggled with. I find nothing more mysterious & intriguing like meeting someone who smells so absolutely divine. You want to run to this person and ask – what is your fragrance and where can I get it. However, most of the time you will discover that a perfume may completely suit this person but may not work with your natural scent. Isn’t it the most amazing thing. Here is a little guide to autumn scents and the basics of scent composition and the Best new Autumn Fragrances 2017!

Autumn Fragrance Guide 2017 - Best new Autumn Fragrances 2017

Some Basics

  • A fragrance is made up of notes 1) the top note is the first hit of scent, the heart notes make up the main body 2) The base notes add depth to the fragrance. Base notes don’t fully release until thirty minutes after application, so don’t make any snap decisions on a new perfume, it may smell completely different from the first spritz.
  • Eau de toilette means a concentration of 5 – 10% essence and it lasts longer.
  • Eau de perfume is typically 10 – 15% and is a bolder option, but still lighter and more subtle than perfume.
  • Perfume has the highest volume of essential oil and should be used sparingly – anything from 15 – 40% essence.

Interesting not?

Typical autumn fragrance families are: 

  • Powdery
    • Melancholy, cocooning, warm, comfortable with notes of violet, iris, rose and leather
  •  Woody
    • tropical, warm and woody with notes such as cedarwood, sandalwood, and creamy notes.
  • Oriental
    • incense, seeds, and spices with notes of pink pepper, tonka beans, vanilla, styrax and patchouli, cinnamon, cloves, orchid, bergamot, mandarin

Do you feel inspired to try out the Best new Autumn Fragrances 2017? I defiantly do, so I have listed a few hot new autumn sent releases which are one of my favorite for this season:




Byredo VELVET HAZE takes on psychedelia with their latest release, a woody oriental fragrance with patchouli leaves, ambrette, coconut milk with a base of cacao absolute and wild musk.


A heady white floral scent, Gucci Bloom is the first fragrance released under the guidance of the fashion house’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, and blended by perfumer Alberto Morillas. Top marks for the prettiest bottle of the season.

Jo Malone London

One of two new Jo Malone London fragrances centered upon the oak tree, English Oak, and Redcurrant complements its namesake notes with green mandarin, rose and white musk for a bright, fresh and uplifting scent.


Diptyque’s Vetyverio eau de toilette has long been a favorite, but its new Eau de perfume counterpart may just have usurped it. Woody, heady and warm, it calls upon patchouli, vetiver, and grapefruit, and the resulting scent is utterly addictive.


Hermès is wise to target the millennial market with its new scent, and it does so effectively – channelling youth and vitality with key notes of ginger, tuberose and sandalwood. Twilly d’Hermès also features a printed “scarf” tie – a nice touch making for a sweet dressing-table addition.

My pic for this autumn although NOT the new Joe Malone autumn sensation, is one of there older best sellers – I am loving it!




Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne 

Jo Malone - Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne - Best new Autumn Fragrances 2017

I hope you enjoyed my Best new Autumn Fragrances 2017, please let me know your favorite autumn scents for this year or the years before, I would love some additional inspiration!!! Also if you need additional autumn inspiration check out my last post on my Autumn Beauty Faves 2017! 

xx Katie