I am really looking forward having more time to work on my Blog from now on. However I feel like I need to focus more on things which really have an impact on my life and maybe yours as well!

So, what makes me happy? What fascinates me? What is my inspiration in life and what is my passion!?!

There are so many wonderful things in live but for me at the moment most important are the following:

I am a FOOD addict, I eat a lot, I cook a lot, I love it in all variety…..I am not Vegan nor Vegetarian but I love this way of cooking so much. To be conscious and aware of what we eat is so important!

However I also exercise a lot… 🙂 and to be honest SPORT has changed my life!

Then its TRAVEL. Whenever money and time allows it, I am on a train,car,plain discovering beautiful Earth!!

and LOVE, of course! I don’t need to tell you about that!

So there it is – I hope you will enjoy my upcoming posts – maybe they will inspire your life as well!!

Love Katie