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Bloggy Beginner To Bloggy Badass!

  • Find your NICHE & BLOG NAME!
  • Set up your Blog with WordPress in 7min (HOSTING & DOMAIN)!
  • 15+ Tech Video Tutorials on HOW TO USE WordPress and HOW TO SET UP your Blog!
  • Learn how to create "KILLER BLOG CONTENT"!
  • Succeed on your 1st Attempt! Optimize your Blog for ORGANIC TRAFFIC!
  • GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST on Auto Pilot!

This is for you if...

  • You are a Beginner and you are thinking about starting your First Blog Ever!
  • You have already created your Blog but need help setting up a Blog that looks great & people will love!
  • You have been blogging for some time BUT but no one is reading your amazing content!
  • You want to learn how to optimize your Blog for Organic Traffic (SEO)!
  • You don't know what an Email List and why you need one OR you have an Email List but its just not growing!
  • You always wanted a Blog but there is so much on your plate & you worry creating your Blog will take too much time!

This is not for you if...

  • You already have set up your Blog, Traffic is BOOMING & you are making a Living through Blogging!
  • You are ONLY looking for Strategies to increase your Blog Traffic! (This course covers some but its is not a Strategy Course)
  • You have an Digital Marketing or Business Informatics Degree & you already know everything about URL,HTML and Email Marketing!
  • You want to succeed without putting the effort in! There are amazing Tips and Tricks in this course but it will be up to YOU to transfor your idea and content into a flourishing Blog!
What's Katie Up To, Blog Advice, Blogger, Blog Tips

“Hi Everyone! I am sooo excited about my new E-Course “Bloggy Badass” which is going to Launch SOON! I am Katie, Swiss, Blogger since 8 Years, and I am also holding a major in Business Administration! 

In this course I am going  to teach you everthing I have learnt during my blogging career and honestly this is so cool – I wish I did not have to figure out this stuff all on my own! 

This class is fully tought through Videos, Videos and more Videos as I believe that through hearing as well as seeing the content on the presentation makes it so much easier for you to understand the material & build and create your successful Blog! 

My friends, this course is my Baby and I really hope you are going to enjoy the material as much as I had fun creating it!”

Now let’s not loose any more time! No more excuses why now is not the time to start and let’s build & grow your successful Blog TOGETHER! 

Katie |