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How to find your Blog Niche (+Lifestyle vs. Niche Blog)

Within the Blogger world, there is this constant debate going on whether only niche blogs can be successful due to their narrow focus on target clients. So in this post, I want to go over my opinion on that matter, plus how you can find a niche for your blog which makes sense!

Now what is true though, is that a lot of successful blogs have things in common (lifestyle and niche) that make them great and make us continuously return to their site and eventually even buy their product. So what is the secret that I believe makes great blogs great!


The secret to a successful blog (niche or lifestyle)!

Drummrolls my friends…


So what do I mean by that?

I agree that you probably won’t be successful with your general lifestyle blog where you just randomly write about your day in the office, sometimes you talk about your mom problems, post some cute pics of your blog and offer your reader an occasional recipe!

This, in fact, will confuse your reader and your blog will lack focus. However, I do believe that lifestyle blogs where you are going to talk about all these things but “Solve a Problem” for your reader and you are not just talking about your day can be successful too!

Now, Think about your own behavior when you are typing something into google! What are things you are looking for, what are you interested in?

I am pretty sure it is going to be a question which will help you with a problem. And this is the key thing for me whether you are a blogger, a business owner, a photographer or a writer! We want to to create value for your audience!

Now by no means aren’t niche blogs great.

They let you really target your audience! As an example you may have a blog on Daxon puppy clothes, so you probably will have less of a target audience pool because not everyone has a little cute Daxon puppy (the target audience for a general food blog will be much bigger) but you will be giving your audience exactly what they are looking for. When they visit your site they know there will be Daxon puppy clothes and not an occasional post on how you make a vegan lasagna! 

Makes sense right?

Now like I have said in the beginning, I do believe that all kind of website can be successful by solving a problem and by creating absolutely killer content for your audience!

So let’s find out how to choose a niche or topics for your lifestyle blog which will make sense for you and attract a bunch of targeted readers:


Here is my step by step guide how to generate your Blog Niche Idea.

Here are some ideas on how you can come up with a niche for your new blog:


1. Start Brainstorming

Are you unsure about what exactly you want to blog about or you cannot choose from eg. 3 diffident topics, I suggest you starting brainstorming.

Write down your ideas in the middle of a paper and draw a circle around it. Then start writing down everything that comes to your head and just write it down. Even though it may not be fully on topic, just write it down.

After 5 minutes stop and look at all of your ideas. There is a good chance that you just created an amazing idea you just didn’t think of before.

Choose 1-3 ideas you just created and you feel passionate about.


2. Pinterest

Go to Pinterest and type in your initial blog topic idea. So maybe you want to start a blog about Dogs. Therefore, type in puppy or dogs.  Pinterest will give additional ideas on what people are searching for below your search term.

You can now add as many additional words. Each one will slim down your initial idea creating your own niche idea.


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3. Go to Google

Type in your idea. Ideally, it consists of several words and not just one. i.e. Festive Puppy Clothing Store rather than Puppy or Puppy store.

Check for how many search results turn up here i.e.

Now start comparing your ideas and check for how many people are actually interested in that idea.


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4. Use Keyword Tools

Use Keyword Tools such as to get additional insight on how many people are actually searching for this topic as well as (which is very cool), how much competition there is for that topic!

Ideally, you are looking for an idea which has high traffic but very low competition.


5. Expert in your Field

Last but not least, think about your area of expertise!

What are you really good at, know a ton about as well as feel super passionate about?

Out of all the points I mentioned above this is the most important one. Successful blogging has a lot to do with creativity but as well as stamina. Think about a topic you know so much about that you could create 10 blog post just from the top of your head without even thinking about it.

Think about what your friends always tell you your good at or come for advice for. Remember you will want to create content which solves a problem for your audience – meaning you have to be an expert in that field.


I hope I have made it a bit easier for you to decide whether to go with a lifestyle or niche blog and how to come up with amazing ideas for your new website!


Lots of love

Xx Katie

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