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How to Set up Rich Pins in 3 Simple Steps!

Pinterest can be a goldmine for Blog Traffic and there are a bunch of little tips and tricks on how to optimize your Pinterest account. In this post, I show you how to set up Rich pins in 3 simple steps!

Rich Pins are basically your normal Pins “enriched” with more information. You are providing Pinterest with additional information and context which is then additionally shown on your Pin! If you want to, you can read even more about this on Pinterest’s Business Site here!

Now, this additional information helps Pinterest and users to better categorize and understand your Pin. As Pinterest is always trying to display the most relevant Pins to people searching stuff on the Pinterest Smart Feed you can see how activating this feature helps everybody!

As an FYI, all my viral and top performing Pins are “Rich Pins” and using my how to set up Rich Pins Guide below, you will have this set this up in no time at all (3min tops promise!)


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How to set up Rich Pins in 3 Simple Steps!

1. Install Yoast SEO Plugin

The Yoast SEO Plugin is my favorite SEO Tool ever! It’s honestly a live saver in so many Blogger Situations I can’t even begin to say how much I love this little plugin (yes I can YOU ROCK).

As Pinterest requires meta tags to be found on your site to authenticate you will need to Install the SEO Plugin. For this go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > search for YOAST SEO > click Install > Click Activate!


2. Validate your Site

Head over to Pinterest’s Rich Pin Validator here! Once you are there type in the URL of one of your Blog Posts. It’s really important that don’t type in your homepage but a post where you have created content on. Copy-Paste your URL and then click “validate”!

3. Apply

Once you have validated your URL you want to click “Apply Now” on the next page and “Apply now” again after that!

You are officially done!

It usually takes Pinterest a few hours till days to set Up Rich Pins and approve your account. Once they approve your website you will receive a notification via email that you were approved, and your pins are now distributed in the rich pins format! BOOM!

Extra Pro Tip:

I would recommend you switch to a free Pinterest Business account to activate enhanced analytics for your account. You can do this by logging into your Pinterest Account and edit your Profile. At the top, it asks you to switch to a business account. Enter your information and confirm.

After activating your business account head over to your new analytics Dashboard and further explore which Pins are working for you and which aren’t. Once you are approved to Pinterest Rich Pins you can see a little box next to your Pins with an “R” in the middle. This means this particular Pin is a Rich Pin. Similarly, if you are promoting a Pin it will display a little grey box with a “P” inside, indicating the promotion.

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Talk to you very soon

Xxx Katie

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