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How to Start a Blog with Siteground that makes Money?! (+ Video Tutorial)

This post is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know on “How to Start a Blog with Siteground that makes Money”! Set up your website using my step by step Tutorial in just 10min or watch the Video Tutorial.

To make it easier for you, here is a quick overview of the post if you want to jump ahead and click the link below to start a Blog with Siteground:

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Table of Content

  1. Why should you start a Blog?
  2. The 3 Pillars of a Blog
  3. How to start a Blog - Video Tutorial!
  4. Start a Blog - Step by Step Guide!
  5. Transfer your existing Website to Siteground?
  6. What to do before you Launch your Blog?
  7. How to make Money with your Blog
  8. Siteground vs. Bluehost

If you just want the Tutorial on “How to set up your new Blog” without any distracting information, you can download the “Step by Step Tutorial” by clicking the free link below:


1. Why should you start a Blog?

You can start a blog for many reasons: As a hobby, a side hustle or as an addition to your business. There are really endless things you can do with your website which is hands down my favorite thing about blogging.

This is why you should start a Blog:

  • Creativity ????‍????: It’s a place where you can free your creativity and make your dreams become a reality. I know this sounds soppy, but it has been so true for me.
  • Extra Income ????: Blogging has allowed me to work from home and make a living with what I feel most passionate about - Digital and Social Media Marketing. I know you are passionate about something too, why not make a career out of it?
  • Selling your Product ????: Your Blog can be where you sell your products to customers, introduce your readers to your business and provide additional value through for example product reviews or tutorials.
  • Community ????‍♀: Your Blog can be a place where you share your thoughts on what you are most passionate about in life. This could be building a community of like-minded people or helping others with your expertise and knowledge.


2. The 3 Pillars of a Blog

Before I go into the Step by Step Tutorial on “How to Set-Up your New Blog”, I want to clarify three points where I notice a lot of confusion from Newbie Bloggers.

A running Blog that you can monetize is made up of three things, your 1) Domain Name, 2) Hosting and 3) Content Management System (CMS).

Alright, don’t freak out! You can set up these three things together in 10-15min! I am covering it in the tutorial below!

  1. The "Domain" is your Blog Name. Your Domain is your Blog Name / URL. You will have to buy a domain name from a domain registrar or when you buy your hosting. My Blog domain name is:
  2. "Hosting" is where your Blog is stored. Your Blog needs to be stored somewhere on an external hosting provider and on its server. This is called self-hosting your Blog and will be crucial if you want to monetize your blog in the future. Free website hosting is a BIG No-No my friend! My Blog is hosted on Siteground. Free Sites:, WIX, Weebly, Blogger. Self-Hosting: Siteground, Bluehost. Get Hosting Here!
  3. Your "Content Management System (CMS)" is where you create and design your Blog: Your CMS is the program/application which is used to manage your content, and which allows you to create, edit, publish and design your Blog. Popular CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Shopify. My Blog CMS is WordPress get it Here!

3. How to Start a Blog - Video Tutorial!


4. Start a Blog - Step by Step Guide!


Step 1: Choose a Hosting Plan

> Press the big Button above "Start your New Blog"

> Select your Plan

1a) StartUp Plan $3.95/mo. The StartUp Plan is absolutely great if you are new to blogging. I want to stress that you are not making a mistake if you choose this plan. Yes, if you have the extra money to spare go with the GrowBig or GoGeek plan but if not you will be happy with this hosting plan! Get the StartUp Plan Here!

  • One Website hosted for up to 10,000 visits
  • Free Email Account
  • WordPress free install or transfer
  • 24/h support

1b) GrowBig $5.95/mo. I would personally recommend going with the GrowBig Plan or the GoGeek plan if you have the funds to invest the extra money. You get a lot more for your money such as unlimited Website hosting and a free website transfer if you are currently with a different host than Siteground. Get the GrowBig Plan Here!

  • Unlimited Websites hosted for up to 25,000 visits
  • WP special Cache – important for your Website Speed
  • Free Backup Restores
  • Free Website transfer

1c) GoGeek $11.95/mo.I am using the GoGeek plan for my Websites. My Blog is my biggest source of income and therefore a central part of my business. Personally, I am happy to make this investment and it gives me the best foundation to grow my Blog and Business in the future. On top of all the StartUp and GrowBig features below! Get the GoGeek Plan Here!

  • Unlimited Websites hosted for up to 100,000 visits
  • Create a copy of your site to test new designs, themes or plugins
  • Free Backups on demand
  • Free Website transfer

Step 2: Choose a Domain

2a) If you don’t have a Domain Name yet (your Blog Name and URL) please choose:

> Register a New Domain for $13.95/year

> Enter your new preferred Domain Name

> Press Proceed

> Check whether Domain is available

> If yes, Congratulations! You will be redirected to your registration page

> If no, someone else already uses this Domain Name. Please choose a different one

2b) If you already created your Blog on a different Host or you have already bought a separate Domain somewhere else, please choose:

> I already have a Domain

> Enter your existing Domain Name

> Press Proceed

Step 3: Review + Complete

> Fill in your Account information

> Fill in your Client Information

> Fill in the Payment Information


Step 4: Select Extra Services

In the next section, you can choose Extra Services Siteground provides for your Blog. I would personally recommend you to buy the Domain Privacy to protect your personal information. However, these are all extra services and you will be fine without choosing any of them.

Please make sure that if you are registering a new Domain, that the first tick box “Domain Registration” is ticked off.

> if applicable select Extra Services

> Confirm to Sitegrounds Terms of Services

> Press Pay Now

> check your Emails to activate your account and check your billing information

> Log in to your new Siteground Account here!


Step 5: Set up WordPress

Yey, we have successfully set up 2 out of our 3 Blog Pillars - your Domain and your Hosting! Now we need to install our Content Management System (CMS). There are two ways to install WordPress as your new CMS for your Blog.

5a) Option 1 (recommended): Open up the Support Chat and let Siteground set up WordPress with you.

> Log in to your New Siteground Account

> Head to Support in the Menu

> Scroll all the way down to “Request Assistance from our Team”

> Click the Link “here”

> Select WordPress Assistance

> Type in a few words

> Press Continue

> Scroll all the way down

> Choose Recommended Support Channel

> Choose Post to Chat

> Ask the person to help you with the WordPress installation

5b) Option 2: Use the WordPress Auto Installer

> Log in to your New Siteground Account

> Head to my Accounts in the Menu

> Click cPanel

> Click WordPress in the Autoinstaller Section

> Press the blue Install Button

> Fill out all the required Information

> Press install

> In a new Browser window, type in your new domain and add /wp-login at the end to your URL e.g. (

> Press Enter

> Use your new Username and Password to log into WordPress and your Blog


You have successfully set up your new Blog yet? Any questions on How to Start a Blog with Siteground?

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5. Transfer your existing Website to Siteground?

Maybe you already have an established Blog and Domain, but you are not happy with your Hosting. This can have any reason such as bad Support, a slow Website or a lot of technical issues and downtime.

There are a couple of options on how to transfer your Site to Siteground but personally, I would choose Sitegrounds GrowBig or GoGeek plan, and then let Siteground transfer your site from a different host to them for you! I mean Yes, Please.


> Step 1: Choose the Grow Big or GoGeek Plan

> Step 2b: Choose I already have a Domain

> Step 3 and 4: Follow the instructions

> Step 5a similar: Open support ticket or chat with them and let Siteground know you would like to move your site from a different Host to them.

IMPORTANT: Siteground will only transfer your Hosting and not your Domain. If you would also like to move your Domain to Siteground this post might help HERE.

6. What to do before you Launch your Blog?

After you have successfully started your Blog here, there are a few things I would like you to do Before you Launch your Blog.

I know, I know. Now that you have finally set up your Blog and I get it it’s all techy, you finally want to start creating content and being super creative.

Nevertheless, I urge you to check out my post on the “7 most important steps before you launch your Blog”!

I promise it’s a quick read and there are a ton of helpful information which will help you make no mistakes you will have to pay for in the future!

7. How to Make Money with your Blog

There are many amazing ways to monetize your blog but just to clarify this is only possible when you have a self-hosted Blog. Hence, the tutorial above.

Self-hosting your Blog gives you unlimited possibilities to change the look of your blog, include ads or turn it into an online store.

My favorite ways of monetizing a Blog are Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorships, Ads, Selling online Courses or physical Products, Coaching, Virtual Assisting, Consulting or by Paid Access to a Community.

Here are related posts you can check out to get an in-depth idea on how you can monetize your Blog:

8. Siteground vs. Bluehost

I am in the process of writing a detailed post on why I switched from Bluehost to Siteground and why I believe you should too. But, I just wanted to go into my reasons for switching in this post as well.

Also, this is my personal perspective and for sure not everything was bad with Bluehost. Personally, I am just looking for the best option to grow my business and the switch was a long time coming. Here are two of my most important reasons why I switched from Bluehost to Siteground.

  • First of all, my website got hacked and when I noticed it and informed Bluehost about it, they first and foremost (without any warning by the way) shut down my website instead of helping me! It took 2 weeks to get the site back up and running.
  • Second of all, I paid an SEO expert to check my code and site. The idea was to optimize my site in the best possible way for Google and improve my site loading speed. Even though this paid service was able to speed up my site, Bluehost, in general, is a very slow host and gives you fewer possibilities to improve your site optimization.

As an FYI, I am not saying don’t use Bluehost! Make the decision which is best for your business and you can get a really good deal and get hosting for about $2.95/mo which is less than with Siteground. I have written a Tutorial on “How to set up your Blog with Bluehost” you can check out HERE.

Personally, though, I am happy to have moved to Siteground.

Final Thoughts

Let me know if you have any questions on How to Start a Blog with Siteground in the comments below! I love to help you out and walk you through the process!


Or is there anything you are still asking yourself after reading the post? Let me know and I will add a dedicated section to this post!

Lots of love and I wish you all the best with your new Blog

Xoxo Katie

But first, download your FREE PDF Guide here:

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Step No. 2 - Important steps before you Launch your Blog

Step No. 3 - Choosing the best Blog Theme

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How to Start a Blog with Siteground

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