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The 3 Pillars of a Blog (Host, Domain and CMS)

Today, let’s talk about the 3 Pillars of a Blog: Hosting, Domain, and Content Management System. Are you confused about what you need to start a Blog? No problem I got you covered. 

First of all, there are three things you need to start a blog this is super important to understand but once you do, it is really not something you need to worry about a lot.

A running Blog which you can monetize is made up of three things, your 1) Domain Name, 2) Hosting and 3) Content Management System (CMS).

Alright, don’t freak out! You can set up these 3 Pillars of a Blog together in 10-15min! I am covering it in the tutorial below!

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1. Hosting

“Hosting” is where your Blog is stored and hosted.

Your Blog needs to be stored somewhere on an external hosting provider and on its server. This is called self-hosting your Blog and will be crucial if you want to monetize your blog in the future. 

So, Web hosting is basically where you blog lives. If you think about your Blog as your House then the web hosting would be land where this House is built on! 

Now there are programs such as and please don’t confuse with where you can have free hosting but you are the only kind of renting the land where you blog/house is one – you don’t own this! We really want to own the land where our Blog is built. 

The best blogging features won’t work on a blog which is not “self-hosted”  since you are only renting the space. 

Get Hosting with Siteground

And please don’t worry about this nowadays this is really not expensive anymore we are talking $3.95/month. Girl, this is an investment so worth it! 

Now, there are a lot of hosting services out there you could use to set up your blog but I am currently using Siteground. It is amazing my friends and I am going to show you how to set up your blog in literally 7 minutes & it comes with a Free Domain (we talk about this next).

So normally these are two separate things (Hosting and Domain) and you would have to pay for both and connect your domain with the host but when you use Siteground you do not have to worry about this tech stuff at all!! And remember: Free website hosting is a BIG No-No my friend! 

Ps. Skip to the VIDEO TUTORIAL at the end of the post to check out how to set up your new Hosting and Domain below!


2. Domain

The “Domain” is your Blog Name and URL. 

You will have to buy a domain name from a domain registrar or when you buy your hosting. My Blog domain name is:

Every single website on the internet has a unique series of number called the IP address – like Now we humans are already piecing out, but computers communicate through numbers and it is their way of finding your information on the internet and on your host. 

We, humans, prefer names to identify website because honestly, we would all be sooo confused!!! That’s why we are using names. So, for example, my Domain is which is also called URL.

3. CMS

Your “Content Management System (CMS)” is where you create and design your blog and posts such as

It is basically the program/application which is used to manage your content, and which allows you to create, edit, publish and design your Blog. 


Now that we know the 3 Pillars of a Blog check out this post for a more detailed tutorial on how to Setup your Blog including Hosting, Domain and CMS in just 7min HERE or watch the video below: 


(Domain, Hosting, and CMS in one process)

Have any questions on this or do you need help setting up your new blog don’t hesitate and email me at [email protected] or share your questions in the comments below!

Lots of Love


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3 Pillars of a Blog

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