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10 Best Selling Creative Fonts (115 Fonts in total)

In today’s post, I want to cover the 10 best selling creative fonts because choosing the right font plays a huge role when designing your Blog. Personally, I love mixing creative fonts with more neutral sans serif fonts to create a fun but still sophisticated look. 

However, fonts can be expensive, especially if you want to purchase a font designed by a particular designer. Or, if you want to use a font for commercial use. This is why I have also include font bundles in this post which include several font types within one single bundle price. 

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Where to find the best Fonts: 

There are many places to find gorgeous fonts but my favorite three sites are:   


Creative Market

Creative Market is my favorite place to search for fonts. You can find over 31’000 beautifully curated fonts for any situation. Also, Creative Market allows you to filter for specific features such as Sans Serif Fonts, Serif Fonts, Popular Fonts, Handpicked Fonts and more. 

Design Cuts

On DesignCut, you can find hundreds of beautiful, high-quality fonts with an extended license at no additional costs to you. They offer occasional font bundles, so I recommend signing up for a free account so you don’t miss any cool font bundles coming your way. 

My Fonts

My Fonts is the biggest marketplace for fonts I know with over 130’000 fonts. I love that they have categorized their site including Hot New Fonts, Best Sellers, Special Offers and Bundles. As I am writing this post, there are six font bundles available on My Fonts which each include between 50+ to 90+ fonts each.   


10 Best Selling Creative Fonts ideas

Below, I have listed some of my favorite fonts currently available on the sites. I hope they will give you some inspiration on how you could use fonts to make your blog more beautiful and unique:   


1. The Designers Dream Bundle 

This amazing bundle comes with 95 different fonts, what?!? They are a mix of handwritten fonts I absolutely adore and which are great to combine with another sans serif font on your blog. (check them out here)

Best Selling Creative - The designer bundle  

2. Hackney SVG – Handpainted

Hackney SVG is a hand-painted font looks absolutely stunning.  the real painted strokes as a transparent texture, so it gives you a proper hand-painted effect, without you having to do anything (or go near paint). (check it out here)

Best Selling Creative - HKNY


3. Santorini – Luxury Signature Font

I love love love the Santorini font and have purchased it myself. There are so many ways you can use this font on your blog, freebies or ebook and it’s one of my absolute favorites. (check it out here)

10 Best Selling Creative - Santorini  

4. Chloe – A classic Typeface Font

Look at this stunning yet unique font. If you are really looking for a different font for your project I would probably recommend Choe. I love everything about it the feel and vibe and modern yet classic look. (check it out here)

Best Selling Creative - Chloe  

5. The Sunbeat Family Font

The Sunbeat Family Font is another great font if you are in the mom or kids niche and you are looking for fun and different font. It’s super kids friendly and gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling. (check it out here)

10 Best Selling Creative - ABC Summer


6. The Chic & Unique Modern Font Bundle 

I love this Modern Font Bundle. If you can’t decide on a font you want to use on your blog, then I recommend to get these 11 fonts and see how each of them work on your blog. (check them out here)

Best Selling Creative - The modern font Bundle  

7. Silver South Font Duo

If you are looking for the script font I am using here on the Blog then look no further. Silver South works perfectly for my blog and my pins, it’s edgy yet beautiful. (check it out here)

10 Best Selling Creative - Silver South Script  

8. Florentina 

If you ever dream about a light vibe, playful, easy-going, cute, has some natural touch in it and still has a good read-ability font. It’s time to check out Florentina. (check it out here)

Best Selling Creative - Florentina  

9. Groovy – Retro Font

I seriously can’t even believe that this is possible, but look at this amazing retro font called Groovy. I love it and if this is your style then go ahead and grab this super cool funky font here. (check it out here)

10 Best Selling Creative - The Groovy Script  

10. Rylan – Modern Serif Font 

If I would redesign my Blog, I would probably opt for something like the Rylan Font here. It’s so freaking cute and cool at the same time. (check it out here)

Rylan 10 Best Selling Creative  


Hope you found this helpful.

Let me know your favorite font in the comments!

Xx Katie   

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10 Best Selling Creative Fonts
115 Best Selling Creative Fonts

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link!*

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