How to start a Lifestyle Blog in less than 10 Minutes (+ Video Tutorial)
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How to start a Lifestyle Blog in less than 10 Minutes (+ Video Tutorial)

First of all, wow, you are here, and you have decided to finally start your new lifestyle blog. I am so happy for you. I remember the anxiety before I started my first Blog 11 years ago, but it has been the best choice I ever made. And I know this can be true for you too!

Lifestyle blogging is something so beautiful and fulfilling. Sharing your best tips about beauty, fashion, travel, and food.  I remember wanting to start with a lifestyle blog too. Your lifestyle blog can be a place to express your thoughts and share your life and adventures with others.

In this short guide, I want to go over how to start your new lifestyle blog from a technical side. Setting up your Blog can feel very overwhelming, but actually, it does not have to be so hard.

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In the video below, I take you through the process step by step; all you need to do is follow along. I know you can do this. The process in the video is how I recommend you to set up your site. I know there are many tutorials out there, many providers, and different options.

But listen. My setup is what I believe to be the easiest and best solution, which will help you start a blog that you can grow and nurture and which can help you build a life that you love.

Are you ready?

Let’s not waste any more time and let’s set up your Blog together right now:

First of all,  grab your free downloadable guide which goes with this post here:

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How to Start a Lifestyle Blog in 2020 (Hosting + Setup)

To start a Lifestyle Blog in 2020 (a website), you need three things:

1. Blog Hosting 

Your blog hosting is where your website is stored and managed on the internet. For this, you will need the help of a service called Siteground. You can start a WordPress Blog at SiteGround for no less than $3.95/month. 

2. Blog Domain

The second thing you need is a domain. Your domain is your blog name a.k.a, your domain name, a.k.a, your URL. The great thing is that if you don’t have a domain name yet, you can get it together with your hosting directly at Siteground for about $13.95/year. We will set this up in the video tutorial together as well.

3. WordPress (CMS – Content Management System)

Once we have set up our hosting and domain, we can pretty much forget about it. Awesome right. Once you set this up, we will spend all our time in WordPress. WordPress is the backend of your Blog. It’s where you create your amazing lifestyle posts, upload your images and video, and so on. Even better news! WordPress is free. We also set up WordPress together in the video below.

Now, this is it. That’s what you need to start a blog. These are your two non-negotiables when it comes to cost. And I know you can find 50 bucks somewhere to change your life for the better.

Everything else you can add later, you can get for free or upgrade and buy if you want to.

So this is it, are you ready? Amazing, let’s do this. Let’s now set up your lifestyle blog together in the next 10minutes:

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Here is a quick overview of the blog setup steps we just covered: 

  1. Head to SiteGround to Start your Lifestyle Blog in 2020 here. Then select your preferred hosting plan: 
Start a Mom Blog in 2020 - Siteground Hosting

2. Now you can choose your Domain name. If you already have a domain name, then select “I already have a Domain” to connect it. If you don’t already have a domain, please press “Register a Domain.” Type in your preferred name to check if no one else is using it. If not, press proceed. 

3. After that, please fill in your contact and billing information.

Start a Mom Blog in 2020 - Setup

4. After successfully filling in your information, you will now need to set up your WordPress account. Just follow SiteGround’s instructions, or if something does not work, ask for help in the live chat here. 

5. Now that SiteGround has successfully set up your hosting, domain, and WP Blog, we can forget about it for now and switch over to WordPress. WordPress is your Content Management system. This just means it’s where you will spend most of your time creating and designing your amazing Mom Blog. 

Wow, we have made it through this guide on “How to Start a Lifestyle Blog in 2020”.


Please let me know in the comments if it worked and share your new BlogBlog, so I can go and check it out!

Also, I know it can feel a bit overwhelming at first but please let me know if you get stuck anywhere. 

I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see your blog pop up. Down below, you will also find a lot more resources to help you once your Blog is set up.

For now, that’s it from me, Talk to you soon, 

Xx Katie 

Need help setting up your Blog check out this step by step Guide

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