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How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2021

Are you thinking about how to start a blog and make money in 2021? But you’re afraid you’re too late? Don’t worry; you’re not. You’re right on time!

There’s never in the history of my 10-year blogging career been a time where people have been more online. I’ve never had more people visit my blog than they have during these weird times. I got hundreds, sometimes thousands of blog visitors every single day. 

We’re all looking for ways forward, and blogging can be a good way of making money in 2021. And don’t get me wrong. Blogging is not a fast track or easy way to make money. But, if you’re creative, you love putting out new content, and you’re passionate about creating a community online, then blogging is for you! 

In this guide, I’m going to show you:

  1. Why you should start a Blog in 2021!
  2. How to start a blog in just 10 minutes (+ both Video and Text Tutorial)
  3. 7 Ways How to Make Money Blogging in 2021

Why you should start a Blog in 2021

Blogging can Become a Business

Blogging is the perfect way to nurture people online until they become your customers. Think about it, don’t you love free stuff? Wouldn’t you rather much buy from someone you like, who has already provided you a ton of value and you trust? Sure, you would! 

I’ve used my blog to promote my affiliate products and earn up to $150/h in passive income (check out ShareaSales to get started). Sitting on the couch watching Netflix btw. I also promote my online course through my blog and email list and have had days where I sold courses and made over $1400 in just a day. 

How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2021

I’ve used my blog to build authority online, so I get to work with amazing partners like Tailwind, Interact, or Ultimate bundles just because they see I’m consistently bringing in value for my customers. And I’m currently building my YouTube channel, which I can also promote to my blog readers for what “I hope to be” an additional income stream! 

Again not saying blogging isn’t hard work. It is! But if you’re up for the ride, blogging can work for you, especially in 2021!

Your Content from Social in one Place

I like to think of my blog as the one place where I can bring all my online and social media efforts together. We’re on social media, but we don’t own social media. So when something terrible happens (like your account shuts down or the algorithm changes), your hard work is lost. 

Not with your Blog. If you’re able to streamline all your followers and content from Instagram, ticktock, YouTube, your Podcast, Pinterest, and so on your blog, you can build a business. Your blog can host all kinds of content: your videos from Insta and Ticktock. You’re YouTube tutorials. You’re in-depth blog posts and Podcast episodes. You’re Instagram photography, and so on. 

Start an Email List that and Makes you Money.

The second reason you should start a blog in 2021 is to start your email list. So people visit your website and subscribe to your email list. (You can start your free Email List with ConvertKit here) And if you’re new to the blogging thing, there’re two important things to know. First, you don’t own your social media followers. That’s why you want to get them onto your email list. You own your email list; it’s yours forever. 

How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2021

Second, email is still the no.1 way of making sales from your online business. Email “converts” the best out of all selling strategies. This means that if you offer a product to your social followers and your email followers, email will always bring you the most money. Got your attention? Good! Let’s set up your blog now. 

(How to start an email list? Watch my free 4-part mini-series here). 

How to start a Blog Tutorial

To start a Blog in 2021, you need three things:

Blog Hosting 

Your blog hosting is where your website is stored and managed on the internet. For this, you need the help of a service called Siteground. You can start a WordPress Blog at SiteGround for no less than $3.95/month. Click here to start.

Blog Domain

The second thing you need is a domain. Your domain is your blog name and your URL. The great thing is that if you don’t have a domain name yet, you can get it together with your hosting directly at Siteground for about $13.95/year. We will set this up in the video tutorial. It’s super easy, and you got this. (CMS – Content Management System)

Once we have set up your hosting and domain, you can pretty much forget about it. You will spend all your time on WordPress. is the backend of your blog. It’s where you create your posts, upload your images and video, and so on. Even better news! WordPress is free. We also set up WordPress together in the video below.

If you’re a type overachiever, check out my course “The WordPress Studio” to master your blogging platform in just a weekend. Check it out here. 

Your blog domain and host are your two non-negotiables when it comes to cost. And I know you can find 50 bucks somewhere to change your life for the better. Let’s do this.


Click the link above? Great! Now please watch ONE of the videos below. It doesn’t matter which video! The set up for all blogs is the same! So even if you don’t find your blog niche below, just choose one and get started! 

(Video Tutorial) – How to start a DIY Blog

(Video Tutorial) – How to start a Food Blog

(Video Tutorial) – How to start a Lifestyle Blog

(Video Tutorial) – How to start a Travel Blog

(Video Tutorial) – How to start a Finance Blog

(Video Tutorial) – How to start a Mom Blog

If you prefer reading, check this out. 

How to set up your blog in 5 simple steps: 

  1. Head to SiteGround to Start your Blog in 2021 here. Then select your preferred hosting plan: 
Start a Mom Blog in 2020 - Siteground Hosting
  1. Now, you can choose your Domain name. If you already have a domain name, select “I already have a Domain” to connect it. If you don’t already have a domain, please press “Register a Domain.” Type in your preferred name to check if no one else is using it. Otherwise, press proceed. 
Start a Mom Blog in 2020 - Domain
  1. After that, please fill in your contact and billing information.
Start a Mom Blog in 2020 - Setup
  1. After successfully filling in your information, you will need to set up your WordPress account. Just follow SiteGround’s instructions, or if something does not work, ask for help in the live chat here. 
  1. Now that SiteGround has successfully set up your hosting, domain, and WP Blog, we can forget about it for now and switch over to WordPress. WordPress is your Content Management system. This just means it’s where you will spend most of your time creating and designing your amazing blog. 

7 Ways How to Make Money Blogging in 2021

Here’re 7 ways how to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2021!

1. Selling Physical Products 

Blogging and selling physical products are a match made in heaven! If you’re selling your things online, maybe through your Etsy or e-commerce platforms like Shopify, you can use your blog to promote those products. 

You create free content that’s helpful and valuable, such as “How to Tutorials” or “Lists,” where you provide free value. Then, you mention your product where it feels natural. I would 100% click on a post that says “How to create Paper Flowers for Toddler Birthday Party” than “Pink Paper for Craft $15”. Yup, you would too! Provide value and make your product the logical next step. 

It is also way easier to promote a post online that’s helpful rather than just informative. If you help people solve a problem, they will love you and happily buy your product. 

2. Selling Digital Products

I love digital products. We’re talking Ebooks, Downloads, Swipe Files, Templates, Videos, Software, Themes, and so much more. You can use a Shopify store or even Etsy to sell your digital products, or you can use a checkout service like Thrivecart to provide a direct link to the checkout page of your product. With Thrivecart, you pay a one-time fee, and then you can sell unlimited products on your blog without even having to set up an online store. CRAZY!

Again, you want to create helpful content around your products. What are people struggling with that you could create a post or video about? You then promote this free piece of content. Inside, you naturally mention your digital product to help them save time or save money. Boom sale!

3. Selling your Services or Coaching 

If you want to attract people who hire you for your services and coaching, there’re two things I think are important. First, attracting the right people who are a good fit. And second, building trust and establishing yourself as a leader. Because why should they hire exactly you? There’s probably a gazillion other coaches, teachers, and consultants out there. 

In your blog content, you can give free tips and strategies that attract the right people. (Start your client attraction blog here now). If they see you can bring them results, they start to trust you. Your content also brings out your personality. I believe that, especially in selling service, it’s important that you get along with your client and be a good fit. Use your content to promote to the right people and repel people who are just not a good fit. 

4. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is when you link to a product to, for example, amazon on your blog. If a visitor clicks on the product link and ends up buying the product, you earn a commission. This commission can be as small as a percentage, e.g., 3%, or a fixed amount such as $75 per sale or lead. 

There’re so many affiliate partners out there; I promise there’s something for you to make some moolah here. But, I do recommend you start by signing up to free affiliate networks like ShareASale first. These networks contain thousands of partners. Instead of applying to everyone, you apply to the network once and start promoting all partners. 

Check out my guide on affiliate marketing here. 

5. Selling Online Course 

I love a good online course. Ok, I’m a bit of an online course junky. Everything I know about the online business I’ve learned from taking online courses. They’re also the backbone of my blogging business. 

I’m currently offering four online courses. The Blog Studio and The WordPress Studio for everyone who wants to get a jumpstart at blogging. The Pinterest Studio (presently paused) teaching online badasses to grow their website traffic and get people onto their site. And my brand new baby, “The Quiz Quickstarter,” where you can learn how to grow your email list on autopilot using Personality Type Quizzes! 

If you’re an expert on a niche and believe me, I’ve seen people make 100K from teaching how to make sugar coated apples (no joke btw). If you have a skill to teach people, you can use platforms like Teachable or Kajabi to host your course. Courses can be the key to making a full-time income blogging. 

6. Making Ad Income 

Ok, let me rant for a sec because I don’t want you to make this mistake. Personally, I’ve got my issue with ad income from blogging. The thing is, most bloggers start out making money through ads. However, the money you make is getting smaller and smaller because the ad industry is getting more and more competitive. 

Second, you need a ton of traffic to make an income from ads. Traffic means how many people visit your blog every single day. Networks like Mediavine have increased their entry-level from 25’000 to 50’000 monthly sessions. That’s a lot of people who need to visit your blog to finally make some money. 

MediaVine had said in their press release:

The minimum traffic requirement for NEW publishers is now 50,000 sessions per month. (If your application has already been submitted prior to this announcement, it will be reviewed using the previous 25,000-session requirement.) We are ending our unofficial policy of accepting second sites, including from current publishers, if those sites are below the minimum traffic requirements.

Now, there’re specific niches that bring in a lot of traffic. And others that don’t. Why? Because some niches work well on Pinterest, and that’s where all these people will come from and visit your site. What’s viral on Pinterest? It’s Food, DIY, Travel, Weddings, Beauty, and Fashion. If you’re not in one of those niches, you can still get traffic from Pinterest, but it’s not going to 50’000 a month. I still get a ton of traffic from Pinterest in a marketing niche. But you’re going to get so frustrated when you shouldn’t. Just focus on a different way of making money. 

Read my full How to get Traffic from Pinterest here.

Also, can we just take a second and rant over these sites with a gazillion ads on them before you even see the post you were there for in the first place? Videos, pop-ups, banner ads. I just think it kills the whole experience. Lol, rant. Sorry. 

7. Getting Sponsored Posts 

Sponsored posts are great. If you can build up a solid reputation online, you can really make some money there. You can earn anything from $150 a post to $2000 a post or even more if you create videos or have a large social media following. I would never write a post below $150 a post even as a beginner. Your time is valuable, and you set the ground rules for your business. 

I get many inquiries about sponsored posts, and I say “no” to about 95% of them. I took the time to build up my site and gain some authority, which means that I protect my audience. You don’t want to throw any product at them you haven’t tested, used, or loved yourself. Your audience wants to know what works best for you. Try to work with 5-10 long term partners and grow your relationship with them. They’re going to bring in so much more money and protect you from losing your audiences’ trust. 

That’s it! Still on the fence? I doubt it! I’m sure you know now exactly how to start a blog and make money in 2021! This is your time; this is your chance. 

Let me know in the comments that you enjoyed the post, and I’m happy to answer any and every question you got!

Happy you’re here and talk to you soon, 

Xx Katie 

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