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A Foolproof Way to Figuring Out Viral Blog Post Titles!

Are you struggling with creating viral blog post titles? Girl, I got you covered! let’s talk about which titles tend to convert well, attract a lot of new visitors because they are eager to click on an intriguing title, and some hacks I personally use to generate my own viral blog post titles!

So what are the three keys to creating viral blog post titles that usually convert really well? Usually, these are:

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1. How to’s & Lists

  • How to …
  • X ways to….
  • X things I did to …

2. Creating a Sense of Urgency

The second thing you could consider when playing around with titles are

  • X things you have to try Today!
  • 8 ways no one has ever tried before

3. Include Words of feelings and emotions

Including words of feeling and emotions like:

  • 10 unbelievable ways to
  • You won’t believe what happened when I changed this or that …


Now, please don’t start creating click bate titles where readers will be fooled what your article is really about (meaning that your blog post is about something completely different than readers would expect from your title). Readers will be disappointed and probably never come back! But you want to intrigue new readers and make them curious: we are marketers, so creating urgency and emotion is really important, but just don’t lie to your audience.


A foolproof way to figuring out viral Blog Post Titles!

First of all, I usually go on Pinterest or visit other Blog sites I love and check out what viral blog post titles they have chosen for their posts. But don’t forget, we are a classy Bloggy Community here, so please don’t just copy other bloggers’ post titles! However, if you are new to creating intriguing titles, looking at existing blog titles might give you an inspiring insight into what attributes make a title good and likable.

Second, write down several different versions of your title, I do this every time! Read them out loud? Do they sound right or are they too complicated? You might ask friends and family what they think and which title they liked! 

Third, I want to introduce you to a lovely Tool called “The Headline Analyzer” from a company called CoSchedule! Now I use CoSchedule every single time to help me choose my blog title. It’s super easy and free to use, so it creates a win-win situation, my friends. Check out this tutorial and you will be amazed by its power to figuring out viral blog post titles!

What did you think of this post? Helpful or not? Let me know your thoughts in the COMMENTS BELOW!

Xoxo Katie

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