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I am happy to welcome Natalka for today’s guest post and to hear her talk more about the “Skills I’ve gained since I launched my blog” and the story of her first year of blogging. I hope you find it valuable for the journey you are on as well. Also, find a full author bio […]

Here are the 45 Best Instagram Tools I could find online to grow your followers, increase the engagement on your posts and analyze future trends before they are known to the masses. Instagram is one of my favorite social media and, personally I feel like it’s popularity has just gone through the roof in the […]

As small biz owners and entrepreneurs, we bloggers have to make sure we have our finances under control. One big part of that is how to save money blogging and not spend on unnecessary products or services. Now, as a blogger, the benefits of running your own blog is that you have flexibility and quite […]

To hide Pinterest pins in your blog post can be a very useful little strategy if you are creating multiple pins per blog post or if the pin design is effective but does not suit your blog branding. There is a very easy trick to hide Pinterest pins in your blog posts using HTML, so […]