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Most Popular Blog Themes Ever

posted by:

Katie Grazer

In my 8-year Blogging career, I have tried many different free and paid Themes for my WordPress Blog. Overall, there are some amazing Blog Themes which can help you increase engagement and subscribers to your Blog.

(Update 2019, as of April, I am not using this anymore but I still, love it a lot)

Down below you will find an overview of the most popular Blog Themes EVER on the Web. However, my Bloggy Friends, as many of you have asked me this question on social media and via email, today I would love to talk about THE THEME I USE on this Blog the “BLUCHIC VICTORIA THEME“! It is my absolute favorite Blog Theme I have EVER had & honestly, I love it so much!!!!!

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The Bluchic Victoria Theme

Changing my Blog Theme to Bluchic’s Victoria Theme has honestly been the best business decision for my Blog ever guys! The Victoria Theme has helped increase my engagement & sign-ups by 200% and on top of that, it’s absolutely beautiful!

Installation was super easy; customer service was on point and they have amazing free Video Tutorial which helps you set up your Blog ASAP!

So, guys it really doesn’t matter whether you have had a Blog for ages or you are just starting out and about to create your first Blog, Bluchic has amazing Blog Themes which are great for beginners but also for people who want to take their blog to the next business Level!!!!

The Most Populat Blog Themes Ever, Blog Themes, Blog Niche Ideas

*Bluchick VICTORIA Theme*

The Most Populat Blog Themes Ever, Blog Themes, Blog Niche Ideas

*How it looks on my Blog*

So here I have quickly listed why I love my VICTORIA Theme so much and I want you to get a Bluchic Theme right now:

  • They have stunning & up to date design for Bloggers & Business Owners.
  • Bluchic has targeted themes for Bloggers, E-Commerce Businesses, and regular Business sites! Having a targeted theme makes it easy for you to display your Blog or Business in the best way and provide the best user experience for your visitors and customers!
  • Installation is really easy! They have a ton of Installation Video Tutorials to set up your Blog exactly how the Theme looks in the Demo version!
  • If you have a new Blog and no Blog posts yet, Bluchic provides a service to set up your Blog so it looks exactly like in the Demo version.
  • All Blog Themes have beautiful Headers with Op-In Buttons, and my Bloggy Friends, I cannot stress enough how important that is! (My No. 1 Opt-In for my Blog is my Header Button)
  • Bluchic has additional services that you can buy such as Landing pages & Templates for a Thank You Page, Opt-In pages, Error Pages etc…– If you are just starting out this is a much less expensive way of creating landing pages as alternatives to more advanced providers such as LeadPages which I occasionally use as well!
  • The Bluchic Blog contains a ton of super helpful blog tips and freebies which will help kickstart your successful blog faster and easier!
The Most Populat Blog Themes Ever, Blog Themes, Blog Niche Ideas

So, my Bloggy Friends let’s jump into some details and I will let you know exactly how you can set up my favorite theme for your own Blog:

Step 1, Hosting & Domain

To have a Bluchic Theme you will need to be on WordPress.ORG (not .com) This is really important guys otherwise it won’t work! You will have to have a URL as well as a Hosting Platform.

If you are struggling with this, no worries, I have got you covered! If you haven’t started your Blog, want to set up a new one or change your hosting, check out my detailed guide on how to start a blog including free Video Tutorial and Step by Step Guide HERE!

Step 2, Select Bluchic Blog Theme

Head over to Bluchic HERE and check out some of their themes! Bluchic Blog Themes are gorgeous and I would totally recommend you clicking on some demo versions! Get a feeling of the individual features and what best suit your Blog or Business!

Step 3, Installation

So personally, my bloggy superstar friends I am using the Victoria Theme! It is absolutely amazing! You can test it in the demo version HERE and I will continue now showing you exactly how you can set it up for yourself 🙂

Alright, my Bloggy Friends! Once you have chosen and bought your Bluchic Blog Theme, an automatic download of your Theme Zip File will begin. Wait until its downloaded and then follow the steps below to install the Blog Theme to your WordPress Blog – Boom 🙂

Step by Step Guide

1. In the WordPress, Menue go to Appearance < Themes

2. Click + Add New

3. Click Upload Theme

4. Click Choose File – choose zip file

5. Click Install Now

6. Click Activate

Head over to view site and be amazed!

Here is a Bluchic video showing the installation step by step:

Step 4: Set Up, Design & Branding

Now, when it is the first time you have ever installed a Theme you might freak out or might be disappointed with how your Blog looks like now. So basically, what happened is that you have installed the BUILDING BLOCKS of the Bluchic Theme, my friends. It is your job now to play around with the Blocks and make it look exactly as it is in the demo. I know I know please don’t freak 🙂 You can DO THIS!!!!!

I totally know that this can be frightening but Bluchic has made it super easy for you and they have created Video Tutorials for each Block to set it up exactly as in the DEMO! Cool right! Once you have installed this you can access the Help Centre HERE.

So, Bluchic also offers a service “however at additional costs” to set up your Blog as it is in the Demo for you. Now, if you are really NOT into that whole editing stuff, this can be an option for you! check out the terms HERE.

BUT, and honestly, my friends, this is a point I really want to highlight now – yes it might take you a while to get used to the Blog Theme and figure out how the different things work – BUT this is YOUR BLOG and you will have to figure out eventually how to change things if you want to be successful on your Blog. Also, my friends, it is really important to give the Blog your own kind of personality! I have written a whole Blog post on How to Brand your Blog and I would just encourage you to give it a go yourself!

Also, you can always comment down below and ask me how I did this or that, as I have been going through the struggle of installing a theme for the first time many times now 🙂 We are in this TOGETHER, my bloggy friends and I know you got this!

Now, I know that we are all very individual bloggy creatures and Victoria might not be the perfect solution for you as it is for me! Thus, there are many amazing other Bluchic Blog Themes you could check out HERE, and additionally, I have provided you with a List of THE MOST POPULAR BLOG THEMES EVER down below to flicker through !!!

I really hope this post was helpful and PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO ASK QUESTIONS or you having trouble setting up your Blog – I and We of our lovely Bloggy Badass Community are here for YOU!!!

Talk to you very soon my friend & love you lots!!

Xoxo Katie

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9 Most Popular Blog Themes Ever


Avada has been the #1 selling theme for more than 4 years. It is the most trusted and complete WordPress theme on the market and gives you the ability to build virtually any design style. Avada was said to be the swiss army knife of all Blog themes which personally, as a Swiss I find very funny 🙂 It was sold over 350K times, you need No Coding Experience and you can Customize Your Entire Site With Ease. Loving the design and features!!

Avada Theme, Blog Themes, Website Theme, Best Themes ever, Best Themes 2017, Theme Ideas,

Price: $60

Sold over Time: 380’000+ sales

User Rating: 5 Start, 4.77 average rating

Areas/Target Group: Blogs, Photographer, Online Shops, Forum, Business, Freelancer, Construction, University, Finance, Creatives, Charity and many more…


BeTheme is a collection of 290+ prebuild website you can buy with one click pre-built and super easy 1 click installation. It has been sold over 89K times and there is literally a design for each and every one of you! Personally, I find BeTheme super convenient if you want to create your own Website, however, do not want to spend Days setting it up and designing it! It rocks!

Be Theme, Blog Themes, Website Theme, Best Themes ever, Best Themes 2017, Theme Ideas

Price: $59

Sold over Time: 89’000+ sales

User Rating: 5 Star, 4.8 average rating

Areas/Target Group: There are 290+ prebuild website targeting Blogs, Photographer, IT, Online Shops, Forum, Artists, Developer, Trainer etc…


Impreza combines beautiful design with top buyer rating. Out off all ThemeForest themes, Impreza has a 5-star buyer rating concerning the best web experience (4.88/5). What I love about Impreza is that they focus more than others on creating the best user web-experience on any modern Device. As for me, almost 50% of my users log in from their mobile devices this is something important to consider!

Impreza Theme, Blog Themes, Website Theme, Best Themes ever, Best Themes 2017, Theme Ideas

Price: $29

Sold over Time: 37’000+ sales

User Rating: 5 Star, 4.88 average rating

Areas/Target Group: Shops, Photographers, Bloggers, Restaurants, Portfolios, Agencies etc…

X | The Theme

X | The Theme includes multiple unique designs inside of one powerful WordPress theme! It is a very high-end product aiming to satisfy even industry leading experts in design and user-friendliness. Its top notch and was sold over 169K times!!!! Personally, I find that the developers/designer have done an amazing job with X | The Theme of creating a strong, clear & memorable branding!

X The Theme, Blog Themes, Website Theme, Best Themes ever, Best Themes 2017, Theme Ideas

Price: $59

Sold over Time: 169’000+ sales

User Rating: 5 Star, 4.75 average rating

Areas/Target Group: Blogs, Photographers, Wedding Pages, Bands, Agencies etc…


Enfold is a clean, super flexible and fully responsive WordPress Theme, suited for business websites, shop websites, and users who want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site. Enfold is a beautifully designed theme which was sold over 140K and its one of my favorites with respect to looks!

Enfold Theme, Blog Themes, Website Theme, Best Themes ever, Best Themes 2017, Theme Ideas

Price: $59

Sold over Time: 142’000+ sales

User Rating: 5 Star, 4.84 average rating

Areas/Target Group: Photographers, Bloggers, Restaurants, Startups, Wedding Pages, Landing Pages, Hotels, Consultants etc…


Divi is the most popular premium WordPress theme in the world according to buildwith.com. Like any other theme, it including the visual drag & drop Divi page builder which is a unique way of designing and changing your blog design. Additionally, it’s an insanely fast and incredibly intuitive front-end editor like nothing you have seen before. It will change the way you build websites forever.

Divi Theme, Blog Themes, Website Theme, Best Themes ever, Best Themes 2017, Theme Ideas

Price: $89/year

Sold over Time: 437’000 customers

User Rating: No Record

Areas/Target Group: Design Studios, Bloggers, Websites, Businesses, Brands, Restaurants


Bridge is a collection of 240+ prebuild websites and includes a few of my personal design faves of all time! Simply gorgeous! You can pick one and get started immediately. Popular users of Bridge include magazines, listing websites and it’s also compatible with woo commerce. Bridge was sold over 80K times!

Bridge Theme, Blog Themes, Website Theme, Best Themes ever, Best Themes 2017, Theme Ideas

Price: $60

Sold over Time: 83’000+ sales

User Rating: 5 Star, 4,78 average rating

Areas/Target Group: 240+ unique prebuild websites, Magazines, Websites, WooCommerce, Blogs you name it…


Flatsome is the perfect theme for your shops, company website, agency or freelancer. It is also the Nr. 1 best selling WooCommerce website. Flatsome has got unlimited options and a revolutionary responsive page builder which is amazing, so you can create anything without coding. Important guys!!! 🙂 Flatsome has been sold over 58K times!

Flatsome Theme, Blog Themes, Website Theme, Best Themes ever, Best Themes 2017, Theme Ideas

Price: $59

Sold over Time: 58’000+ sales

User Rating: 5 Star, 4,81 average rating

Areas/Target Group: Shops, Online Business, Stores, Blogs, Courses and more…

Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework by Studio press empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. Design vise I feel like Genesis Framework provides a simple but very clear line. A huge advantage of Genesis is that it provides a secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go!

Genesis Framework Theme, Blog Themes, Website Theme, Best Themes ever, Best Themes 2017, Theme Ideas

Price: $59.95

Sold over Time: no Record

User Rating: no Record

Areas/Target Group: Novices as well as advanced Developers, Bloggers, Websites, Businesses

What are your favorite Themes that you have been using for your Blog and Website? Share your Good & Bad Experiences and did I miss something major?? Let me know 🙂

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So you made it to the end of this article WOW!!! Hence, are you thinking of starting your own Blog? Check out my Step by Step Guide (including VIDEO TUTORIAL) on How to Create Blog on WordPress below – CLICK HERE



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