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How to use Everliker to grow your Instagram?

posted by:

Katie Grazer

What the Heck is Everliker and how does it help you grow your Instagram account?

Now, Everliker is a Chrome Extension you can install to automatically like other people posts on your behalf. The tool can like over 42’000 posts a month, works in the background and emulates human behavior to imitate you are actually using the platform

You can choose whether you want the tool to like:

  • Tags
  • Locations
  • Feeds
  • User’s Followers

Risk Alert!

First of all, I am cautioning you to install or buy ANY automation tools or giving access to a third party service before you have done your research!

Using tools like this can always cause problems or get your Instagram account banned so make sure you are willing to take this risk beforehand

Now, there are so many “grey area” tools and services out there, and I am personally not a big fan of them. However, most blogging and social media teachers, as well as influencers who already have built a big audience, tell you they never used any of that and I don’t know if this is true or not. It just feels a bit dishonest.

I just know that this is a topic which I know you are super interested in, so I am having a go with this tool and sharing my thoughts in this post.

In general, for sure never buy followers and don’t give your account information to third parties. Also, I truly believe that success on Instagram comes down to engaging and really caring about your followers but let’s dig in here anyways. Everliker is a Swiss tool so I am even more intrigued!

Ps. This is a post which confirms that Instagram is thinking about removing likes altogether so please really make sure you understand the risks by installing tools like this when Instagram is even thinking about removing likes altogether:

How to add Evereliker to your Account:

You don’t have to give the tool access to your account, which I personally really like. You just add their Chrome Extension to your Browser and it uses the cookies in your browser to identify your account.


How does Everliker work?

Step 1: Set a Task

You can have up to 20 tasks simultaneously but let’s start by looking at how you can set up one task.

You can choose whether you want the tool to like:

  • Tags
  • Locations
  • Feeds
  • User’s Followers

Here is how Everliker explains the options:

“You set a list of tags separated by space or comma and choose the daily likes speed. Every time Everliker wakes up, it will pick one of the tags at random, then scan about 200 recent posts for that tag and like some of them before going to sleep. “


“Targets specific geo-locations. Yields best results if your clients or target audience are frequently found in a certain location.”


“Home feed, also called timeline, consists of the posts made by the people you’re following. You can follow certain accounts manually and set up ‘Liking my feed’ task type to target them. Liking my feed task type is also useful to retain your followers if you’re mutually following them.”

User’s Followers

“You set the user accounts to target, Everliker will scan X most recent followers of those accounts, visit their pages and like one or more of their posts. Great when used with your competitor or similar accounts or accounts that your target audience is following.”

Step 2. Automate

Everliker works in the background whenever your computer is on. It also imitates human behavior such as it wakes up, makes a few likes and goes to sleep. It will also sleep at night for 8 hours. You can basically add it and forget it.

Step 3: Monitor

“Everliker scans up to 5000 of the most recent followers on your Instagram account. It then correlates the followers with every like made for the past 5 days. Whenever a follower found that was liked in the past 5 days, Everliker considers it a follow-back, in other words, a follower gained by liking one or more of their posts.”

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My personal opinion about Everliker:

If you are struggling with social media and Instagram overwhelm, Everliker might be an option for you. I did love how easy it was to install and set targeting tasks. Another plus is that at no point did I have to give them my Instagram password and I also love that the tool is imitating human behavior.

Now let’s get real.

Instagram has said it again and again.

What counts to grow your Instagram account is real engagement.

Do you think your followers are not noticing that you are not actually interested in them? Sometimes it seems to me like we are more interested in the number below our name than to care about the real people who are actually following us and taking time to engage with them!

On another note, I am noticing additional changes Instagram is making (first I thought it was a glitch, but then it occurred more and more). Last week starting July 3, 2019, Instagram switched the Heart and the Message buttons.

Did you notice that?

The message icon (paper airplane) moved from the right corner to the main overview at the bottom. Clearly indicating how important messages and interactions are for the algorithm.

Second, I noticed a glitch which appeared to the heart function where my likes per post were displayed. It actually disappeared for a while. First of all, Instagram moved the heart symbol to a place harder to reach (home feed in the right top corner) and then on some occasions I logged in it even disappeared altogether.

Of course, I am not sure if this is just a glitch, or if this is happening only to me or if Instagram is, in fact, testing to take away the like (heart symbol) altogether.

This would clearly indicate the shrinking importance of likes for Instagram altogether, strengthening my point I made above that communicating with your audience is the most important part of Instagram and the key to success. So it might not be a good idea to use tools like Everliker at all when likes are becoming less important and you have the risk of endangering your account.

Now, this is my personal opinion. 

[bctt tweet=”I would personally recommend you to set a fixed amount of time aside, where you spend caring and interacting with your audience. The number above your Instagram feed represent real people craving for real connection. Don’t ever forget that!” username=””]

For sure, I will keep you updated on any changes and please COMMENT DOWN BELOW AND SHARE YOUR OPINION!  

xx Katie

Also, don’t miss to download my FREE INSTAGRAM PDF GUIDE on “How to Find your Instagram WHY to become Successful on the Platform” here:

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