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15 Best Instagram Props to Create a Gorgeous Feed

posted by:

Katie Grazer

I love being creative and to design a fun feed using Instagram Props and accessories. Instagram props are great to create flat lays, to pop up your background when you are having a photoshoot or just make any photo more natural and less staged. This is why today I want to share my favorite Instagram props which will hopefully give you some inspiration for new posts in the future.

This is a list of Instagram Props you can use in one or several posts that also don’t break the bank. I hope you enjoy them and please let me know in the comments if you feel like something is missing and which Instagram props you love to use. Here we go:

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This is one of my favorite Instagram pictures, I love colors, I love confetti and puppy Doodles :). Confetti can be one of the best Instagram Props if you have a colorful and fun theme. Check out my favorite Confetti brand HERE.


Candles can be used in various situations whether you are creating a beautiful flat lay, an interior design shot or you sitting cosy at home reading a book. Diptique Candles are one of my favorite Instagram Props and they are eternally elegant. Check them out HERE.

Fake Flowers

Fake flowers are not only great when you go on vacation, but they are also amazing Instagram props. I love using fake flowers as backgrounds, in flat lays or during a photoshoot. You could also create a series of flat lay images and sell them as stock images to your audience. I love these pretty pionies imitation you can check them out HERE.


It feels like Balloons appear in every second Instagram feed but for sure with good reason. Whether these gorgeous gold ones, pretty rose gold ones of colorful pink number balloons they are great for every occasion. Celebrate your birthday or an Instagram milestone like hitting 10K subscribers you can be sure that Balloons will pimp up every Instagram pic. Check them out HERE.

Instagram Props


I love using all sort of plates for my Instagram Feeds. They are the perfect Instagram Props if you are a Food Blogger, Foodie or just love to hang out in coffee shops which you want to show your audience. These are funky ones but I also love classic plates or hand made plates. Its always good to have a selection in the cupboard for a spontaneous Instagram shoot. Check out these cacti ones HERE.


The hubby actually forbids me to buy any more mugs because we got so so many #mugobesses #notlistening #lol. But mugs are just the perfect Instagram Props. They work great for flat lays but also for cute selfies, such as this one HERE.

Yoga Mat

For all my lifestyle, yogi and health-obsessed girlfriends out there how cute is this Yoga Mat omg! I love colorful yoga mats in the background of you showing off your yoga practice or on your way to a class. This one is particularly stylish and a great Instagram Prop to make your feed look beautiful. Have a look at this one HERE.

Instagram Props


Makeup works really well as props for flat lays if you are a fashion or beauty blogger or if you cover that niche in your Instagram feed. I love using black makeup such as MAC or Bobby Brown. They look always good on pictures and are so elegant. In addition to that, I love adding a splash of rose gold such as with these beautiful brushes HERE.


Blankets make great Instagram props especially if you want to update your feed with seasonal content. Whether you use blankets as your background, in a flat lay or to cover yourself on a cold autumn day they look cute and add some really nice depth to your image. Check out this one as an example HERE.

Instagram Props


Any kind of wooden background workes really well on images an in Instagram feeds. If you have a wooden table at home like me, I usually shoot my images directly on there. Or, you could get some nice wooden plates like these to show off your food pics. I love these ones HERE.

Faux Fur

Faux Fur is one of the classic Instagram Props. White works really well on the feed and if you love the light and airy look, then I would get myself a faux fur blanket, pillow or rug like this one HERE.

Marble paper

Another staple when it comes to Instagram Props. Marble paper is such an allrounder and if you choose to get paper or foil instead of a heavy marble plate, if really easy to store and use again on your next photoshoot. This is the one I got HERE.

Instagram Props


I have been obsessed with succulents lately. Just love the whole vibe of them at home but also in your Instagram feeds. Plants in general work really well as accessories in backgrounds as well as flat lays if they are small. Check out these cute little pots HERE.


Lightboxes are great gifts for your partner or a friend, or you could gift them to yourself as a treat! They look great on Instagram and as you are able to change the text and sentences you have got endless opportunities to create different Instagram posts. Check out this one HERE.


I got a polaroid camera from Tom as a birthday gift an I love it. We used it on our wedding day for people to take pictures for the guest book, but even before that, it was a staple Instagram Prop to create good content for my Feed. Check out this Fujii camera HERE.

instagram props

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and please let me know in the comments if you feel like something is missing and which Instagram props you love to use.

xoxo Katie

Also, don’t miss to download my FREE INSTAGRAM PDF GUIDE on “How to Find your Instagram WHY to become Successful on the Platform” here:

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