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Personality Quiz

Day 4


Welcome to Quiz Challenge Day 4! Wohoooo, are you excited? You'll have your new Personality Quiz finished and ready to go in no time! This is your 10-Step-Blueprint to growing Followers and Customers on Autopilot! Let's do this, I'm pumped! 

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Step 3

Read through the content and answer the questions. The overall challenge is a 10 step Blueprint. It's ok if you don't understand everything just yet. Believe in the process. 

Step 2

Download your "Challenge Day 4 - Guide" on your left. Hover over the image and press the download button.

Step 1

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Finally, you'll want to create one result for each personality type and address the individual pain points. Then you adjust your marketing message to help each personality type to build trust and value. 

so what's next for you?