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How to use Time Blocking to boost your productivity as a Blogger?

posted by:

Katie Grazer

Time blocking is a great way to increase your productivity as a blogger. You and I know that being a pro blogger and taking your social media seriously can feel like a 24/7 job.

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A time block is a fixed block of time reserved for a specific task. Depending on your lifestyle, time blocks can be everything from half an hour to four hours.

Personally, as blogging is my full-time job and I am working from home, I love nothing more than working on a task for a couple of hours really driving my business forward.

Here are my best tips for Time Blocking as a Blogger

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How to Set “Time Blocks”?

Time Blocks can have different sizes for eg:

  • 20min
  • 30min
  • 1h
  • 2h
  • 4h
  • 1d

Ideally, you fix them in your calendar if you are working from home or if you are working in corporate you set them as busy time so you can get your most important work done.

Second, you decide on the task which is important to get done this week or month and you determine how much time each task requires.

Now you can use Time Blocking to allocate your task to blocks assigned during the week. This is super powerful!

First of all, you know exactly what you have to do and how much you have to get done in each block in order to achieve your mid-term goal (as an example).

Also, when you know you have exactly 1h to finish this task or otherwise everything else is running late, you begin to be super productive. This is my best tip against procrastination and girl, I am the queen of procrastination! 

As a Blogger good examples of “Time Blocks” could be:

  • 4h Monday Morning – Writing 3 Blog Posts
  • 30min Tuesday Afternoon – Creating Pinterest Pins for 3 Blog Posts
  • 2h Wednesday Morning – Creating a new Freebie to grow Email List
  • 2h Wednesday Afternoon – Preparing and sending out an email to pitch for sponsoring and guest posts

Your ONE Thing

First of all the Book “The ONE Thing” has truly changed my life on the perspective of figuring out what you really want in life and then identifying the one thing you can today which will make everything else easier or redundant.

With respect to Time Blocking, this helps me identify the most important task in a day, week, month and year. The things which I have to get done to achieve my goal. Then I set specific Time Blocks for my most important tasks to get done during a month!

[bctt tweet=”When working from home I have the luxury to create time blocks which are up to 4 hours long. These are my favorite ones and I love nothing more than to have a free morning and batch write my content for the next month!” username””]

However, this is not always possible as well as not easy for everyone to implement I totally get it.

This is where the book “The ONE Thing” comes in super handy.

You have to determine the one thing today which is super important and which will bring you forward to achieving your goal.

This is the thing you do first thing in the morning. You have to make sure you defend your one time block for your one thing! Fight for it like a lioness!

Then even if the rest of the day doesn’t go as planned, you have made sure that you have worked on your one thing during this most important time block!

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Time Blocking

Managing vs. Working

Delegating is a joke as a single Blogger or Girlpreneur. Sadly, I am not at a stage where I can just send out emails and delegate my work to get done by other people.

If I am not doing it, it’s not done!

This is why I really want you to focus on that one thing I mentioned in the previous section. Make sure your one thing is scheduled in a Time Block you protect no matter what and then you work on other stuff you just have to get done.

What I love to be is a working bee, a “Maker”, in the morning and a “Manager” in the afternoon.

I schedule my time block to work on my one thing in the morning and then I set shorter time blocks in the afternoon where I am playing manager 😉 This includes responding to emails, resolving bugs, answering questions and respond do blog and Instagram comments.

This helps enormously with productivity because your brain does not have to switch from one task to another very quickly. Multitasking is an illusion, especially if you are working on something more complex which requires your full attention. Every time you are distracted it takes your brain a lot of time until you are back in the zone”

Did you ever notice that?

Make sure you are planning bigger more complex time blocks for tasks which require a lot of effort like creating a social media strategy for your client or writing a new blog post.

Refrain from checking your email every time you hear it buzzing!

Create a time block before lunch or in the afternoon where you get back to people in one go. It’s more efficient and less distracting.

Energy Level

Be sure to know when you are performing at a peak and when you are having down times.

For me this looks something like this:

  • 08:00-11:30 I am super focused! This is my most productive time of the day where my brain is a freaking supercomputer.
  • 11:30-13:00 I have medium energy but I can still focus and work on something more complex. Just takes me more time.
  • 12:00-14:00 Around the time I get hungry and need to eat. I usually make myself a quick lunch and head outside on a walk with Phoebe.
  • 14:00-16:30 OMG like, I get so tired from having food in my stomach plus if I really used my morning time block for my most important task like writing 4 blog post, my brain is fried.  I am only doing either low energy tasks like replying to emails or editing new blog images. Sometimes, I am not able to continue at 16:30 and then I put in a short 20min workout. This is amazing to get another energy boost and I can get back to work for another 2 hours min.
  • 17:00-19:00 Medium energy and focus time for me and also depends on how much pressure I have to finish something. Usually, tasks which require a min. amount of my attention.

Obviously, this is totally different for you! I just wanted to mention it here.

[bctt tweet=”If you can set your time blocks around your most effective times you will be amazed by how much things you can get done in a day.” username””]

Also, if you combine this with the strategy of the one thing and you schedule your one thing for your most productive time, girl you will rock your week!

Let me know in the Comment if you think this is a concept you could apply as a Blogger or Entrepreneur or if you have questions or doubts!

This is honestly one of the biggest secrets to why I get so much done and I am able to create consistent content. Share your thoughts in the comments!

Talk to you soon!

Xoxo Katie

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