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10 most important blogging tools of 2019!

posted by:

Katie Grazer

Here are the 10 most important blogging tools I literally use on a daily basis. Blogging can be a lot of work, especially if you are running it on your own and these tools are the key to having your biz under control and freeing you up to get some actual work done.

These 10 most important blogging tools are exactly what I am using at the moment to run my Blog and Biz in 2019. If you have any questions about them or if you would like to share a tool which has completely transformed your Blog or Biz, please don’t hold back and share it with us in the COMMENTS BELOW!

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Drip is the email marketing service of my choice. It comes literally with all the features you need as a blogger from automating your email sequences to providing you with a visual GDPR consent confirmation.


I am also seriously impressed with Drip’s chat support. They have been super responsive whenever I ran into a question or problem. Now the ultimate superpower of it is that Drip and Leadpages (see down below) are able to integrate as they belong to the same company.

Which means that I can use the flexibility of the best opt-in form builder (Leadpages) with an amazing email marketing service to grow my audience and communicate with them!

You can start your free Drip trial HERE!



Leadpages is an amazing tool for creating fully customizable, unlimited Landing Pages and Pop-Ups to grow your email list! I have been using their service years now. It’s without a doubt the best Landing Page Builder and Opt-in builder out there.

Personally, I love having creative freedom when creating opt-in forms and with LeadPages you can basically customize everything from how much information you want to gather from people to the fonts and colors you use, to the size of the opt-in form.

At $25+/month its steep but for sure worth it! Skyrocket your Blog HERE!


Do you want to start a Blog? You can download my free and easy Step by Step PDF Guide on “How to Self-Host your Blog” below : SELF HOSTING FREEBIE



Trello is a tool I use every single day. You can create different boards with individual lists to brainstorm ideas and get organized.

It allows you to add images to lists, copy paste them to other groups and integrate with other services such as your Calendar and Google Drive.

For my blog work, I have different boards, for example, one list to brainstorm ideas (like a brain dump for my creativity). I use Trello to track affiliate products and create new email courses. It’s also great to track your progress on projects and keep you accountable if you are slacking on your goals.

Start using Trello for FREE here.



FreshBooks is how I send gorgeous looking invoices to my consulting clients. The tool provides you with three great template option you can additionally adapt to your branding and then tracks when your client opens and pays your bill.

Additionally, you can connect your own bank accounts to FreshBooks which will track what is coming in and going out of your biz.

With the invoice overview, I also always know if a client’s payment is overdue and I need to send a reminder.

There are so many more features provided by this tool and for $15/month it’s a no-brainer for every small business! Get it here NOW!



Tailwind is my go to Pinterest and Instagram scheduler. If you have been a fellow long term blog reader you know that I talk about Tailwind a lot and with good reason.

Tailwind is the reason why my Pinterest monthly reach has skyrocketed to over 500’000 monthly views and bringing me a ton of new blog readers every day! Tailwind is how I have been able to grow my blog audience and has finally given me the confidence to leave my corporate job and start my own company.

It’s also absolutely amazing to scheduling out your weekly or monthly Instagram posts. What I love most about the tool is that it gives you Hashtag suggestions for your post, color-coded for how successful or unique the specific Hashtags are. You can then just tap and add the hashtag to your scheduled Instagram post. LOVE IT!

Start scheduling your Pinterest and Instagram posts with Tailwind! Start here NOW!



Teachable is what I have created both of my Online Courses with “Bloggy Badass” as well as “The Pinterest Studio”. This service provides you the exact blueprint of what you need to know to launch your own online course and make a successful income by selling your knowledge.

They have literally the best support who is there for you 24/7 if you have questions and their knowledge base is huge so most of your questions can get answered through their easy help tutorials.

Teachable leads you through the exact steps of how you can launch your successful online product without feeling overwhelmed or unsure. Plus, you can adjust the branding of the sales page with your style and include brand colors and fonts to the look of your course.

Head over to Teachable HERE!




Shortpixel is a plugin I use to compress all my images on my blog. Having small images on your website is important and affects how fast your site loads when someone first visits your site.

[bctt tweet=”If your site loads fast this gives you a boost in SEO in order for people to find you on Google, plus your bounce rate will drop. Your bounce rate is how many people actually leave your site before your content is even loaded.” username=””]

Shortpixel compresses your image and improves your website performance by reducing the image size which means your site loads faster and people actually see your content before piecing out 😉

Shortpixel it’s a MUST, FULLSTOP.



Siteground is my favorite hosting service if you are just starting your new Blog or website. Now hosting is where your blog is stored and gives you a lot more freedom to customize your blog and eventually allows you to make money from your blog.

[bctt tweet=”It’s like the other twin to WordPress. No. 1 get hosting with Siteground, No.2 set up your WordPress blog.” username=””]

Also, if you want to switch from your current Host to Siteground (which is what I did), a free migration is included in the two more expensive plans. Loved it!

Become a professional blogger and start your Blog HERE!


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10 most important blogging tools



Cloudflare is what I use for complicated stuff called CDN, DNS, SSL and more!

This tool helps me with various things on my Blog such as performance, security, reliability, and insight. You will need to check out their website for more details but basically, the CDN (Content Delivery Network) improves my website speed.

Cloudflare delivers my content to the user based on their geographic location which makes it much faster. As we discussed in the point above speed is super important for SEO but also for your audience.

If you want to further improve your site performance invest in the Pro Plan for $20/month HERE!


Google Drive

As the final of my 10 most important blogging tools there is Google Drive!

I guess this is a no brainer but the number of times Google Drive has saved my butt because I lost data or left my MacBook at the airport, are countless. I use google drive to write and catalog all my blog content, use google sheets to track my income and loss statement and so much more. If you have a google account you can easily set this up in just one minute.

Start your free Google Account here.


Well, these were my 10 most important blogging tools of 2019. Which one is your favorite, do you think I missed an important one or do you have other tools which you love more, let us know in the comments!

For now, I wish you an amazing day,

Xoxo Katie

Disclosure: *If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! *

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