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15 Awesome Ways to Immediately Make Money as a Blogger

posted by:

Katie Grazer

In this post, we are covering “15 Awesome Ways to Immediately Make Money as a Blogger” – even as a Newbie Blogger! There are so many reasons why it’s important to think about how to monetize your Blog from the beginning.

First of all, you are entitled to earn something if you are putting valuable content out there, my friend! You are putting hour after hour into creating content which is reader oriented and solving a problem for your audience, you deserve to be compensated!

Second of all, if you immediately make money as a Blogger, you will be highly motivated to keep up you the hard work blogging actually is. Creating a flourishing website which is attracting a lot of people is HARD WORK!

Third, if you make money as a Blogger within the first month of launching your blog, you will be able to use this money to further invest into services and maybe ads to grow your business even further.

If you are looking for a great Tool to manage your “Blog Expenses” as well as creating Invoices for your online business clients, I recommend using FreshBooks. It’s very easy to use online program and you can test it for 30 Days for Free. Read my full article on “The Best Invoice and Accounting Software for Bloggers” here.

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15 awesome ways to Immediately make Money as a Blogger or Side Hustling Online

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of my favorite ways to make money as a Blogger. It is a very beginner friendly strategy to start earning one or the other $ from monetizing your blog posts.

You can earn a lot of money from Affiliate Marketing but as with everything, things start to become very complex very fast and to make a lot of money you first have to get the basics right! My favorite two Affiliate Networks to start making money are ShareASale and Amazon Associates. I have written an in-depth Post on Affiliate Marketing including 3 Video Tutorials for you so you will have zero problems making your first commission in your first-month blogging!

2. Creating an Online Course

Creating “Online Courses” has become massively popular to make money as a Blogger. The great thing about having an online course is that you are putting in the effort of creating your content once!  After creating your course you can focus on serving your clients or growing your blog traffic.

You can literally create an online course on any topic you are an expert on! You could even wait to launch you Blog until you actually have created your online course. This way you can start promoting your course immediately through your Blog and start making money ASAP!

My absolute favorite Platform to create and take online Courses is Teachable. I have created my own signature Course on Teachable and taken dozens of other peoples courses on this Plattform. It’s hand down my favorite! Teachable is super easy to use, you can start creating your course immediately and they are not charging you a lot of money for maintenance + transactional costs, so you can also start offering courses at a lower price and still make money as a blogger!

You can check out my own Teachable Course “Bloggy Badass” here. In my own online course, I am teaching you everything you need to know about creating and building a successful Blog for the first time!

3. Ad Revenue

If you are self-hosting your Blog, you could also use Ads to make money as a Blogger. Read the full Guide on “How to Self-Host your Blog” or download the FREE guide below as you need to own the website you are promoting ads on.

As a beginner blogger with only a little traffic, you will not make the big bucks with ads, just due to the fact that you are not reaching tens of thousands of people who view the Ad. However, as a beginner Blogger, you might see $3-$5 a day in income which you now over 30 days could add up to $150 a month using Google Adsense!

Once you reach Traffic over 25’000 sessions a month (check your google analytics for this) you could also apply to other Ad Companies such as MEDIAVINE who are paying more pays per views and clicks!


 4. Flipping Blogs

Flipping Blogs is the “Art” 😉 of setting up a new Blog very quickly, filling it with content, creating traffic to the Blog and then selling the Website to the highest bidder!

Here is a short overview of how I would go about flipping a Blog:

Valuing your site right can be very tricky however here is a post by Ramsay from the BlogTyrant which goes into more details. In particular her estimates that: ”The general equation that people go by when it comes to website valuation is 12 x monthly revenue. So if your site makes $500 a month it is worth around $6000. That being said, I have seen blogs sold for closer to 24 x monthly revenue on a lot of occasions.”!

5. Cash Back Apps

Cash Back apps are a great way to make some extra bucks online. First of all, this is probably the only way out of my 15 ways, where you can make $20 right now! Cash Back sites give you money back on products and services you buy online anyways.

They get a commission by brands for referring you to the brands’ site, and if you purchase something where they get a commission. Then Cash Back sites share this commission with you. It’s similar like when you are earning an affiliate commission only that you don’t have to share your commission with anyone.

Now you can earn $20 right now (5min tops) by signing up for Ebates and Ibotta through my links! Here you have some more info:

Ebates: Find the store you want to shop at (Amazon, Macy’s, Groupon, Tripadvisor, Expedia, Anthropology, Walmart and so many more,) and shop like you usually would and get FREE CASH BACK! Sign up to Ebates here to get $10 in your account right now and start saving!

Ibotta: Get cash back on your groceries and clothing! Ibotta is similar than couponing but without the hassle! This easy app pays you real cash money whenever, wherever you shop. You can also get money in your account just by referring your friends. Get $10 right now just for signing up through my link. 

6. Taking Surveys

Survey Sites can pay up to $1-$50 per survey you take online. My favorite site to take a survey is Swagbucks. At SwagBucks you shop online, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals to earn your points. Then you redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or get cash back from PayPal.

7. Consulting

One of my favorite ways to make money as a Blogger is by offering “Consulting Services” to your audience. This will depend on which niche your Blog is in, however, there are endless possibilities of providing valuable consulting or “one on one” coaching to your visitors.

You can offer skype meetings, website, and business audits if you are living close by one on one meeting where you help your blog audience with a problem they are facing within your niche.

Niches which work really well are legal advice, blog coaching, yoga instruction, business and finance, home organization and productivity and so many more.

I would recommend including a “Work with Me” page where people can reach you via email or phone. Then you could provide them with more information on 1) how much you charge and 2) how your consulting process works in more detail. Depending on your niche you could charge anything from $25-$150/hour!

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15 Awesome Ways to Immediately Make Money as a Blogger

8. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

A little bit similar but still different than consulting could be to offer Pinterest Virtual Assistant services. In my opinion, this is a great way to make money as a Blogger, because people tend to take Bloggers more serious on Social Media topics than they do on other niche topics.

You could again offer an initial Skype meeting and then perform tasks such as:

  • Pinterest Profile Audits
  • Growing monthly Pinterest Views
  • Creating and scheduling Pins
  • Setting up Pinterest Ads
  • Long-term Pinterest Strategy Planning

if you are living close by one on one meeting where you help your blog audience with a problem they are facing within your niche.

Depending on how successful you are on Pinterest I could imagine getting anything from $25-$75/hours!

9. Copywriting

According to Wikipedia: “Copywriting is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action”.

Similar to online Assistants or working as a consultant you could also offer Copywriting Services and showcase them on your Blog. Here are some service ideas you could start offering from your Blog

  • Magazine and Newsletter Text
  • Sales Letter and other direct E-Mails
  • Script Writing
  • Tagline Creation
  • Social Media Captions and Posts
  • Other Marketing Communication

10. Sponsorships

Blog Post or Product Sponsorships can be one of the most lucrative income streams to make money as a Blogger! You are basically receiving money to review or try out a product and service and then pitch this product to your audience on your Blog or on Social Media.

Depending on how many people you reach and their engagement on your Blog and Social accounts you can expect to make up to $1000 per 10’000 follower per post!

11. Social Media Assistant

Social Media Assistants focus on all Social Media (Pinterest, Youtuber, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) as well as the ongoing management of those accounts over time. This means continuously managing, planning, scheduling, uploading and promoting posts on other people accounts.

As this is an ongoing and not just a one-time service, you could make a decent as well as regular income from your blog services over the months.

I would again include a “Work with Me” page where people can reach you via email or phone. Then you could provide them with more information on 1) how much you charge and 2) how your consulting process works in more detail. Depending on your niche you could charge anything from $25-$150/hour!

12. Proofreading

Personally, I wish has someone proofreading my blog post every single time before I click that publish button. I do think my English isn’t that bad, however as a German native speaker I am obviously making a lot of mistakes I am not even aware of.

Proofreading other people’s articles, blog posts or other written material could be a great side hustle in addition to your Blog content!

Depending on the person looking for help I can imagine being able to charge anything fro, $15-$50/hour.

13. Selling Printables and Social Media Design

Selling Printable is really a no-brainer, especially if you are a graphic designer or are very talented with Adobe In-Design and other programs where you can create your own designs.

You could create a set of Printables related to your Blog niche and then sell them directly on your Blog or Shop. Maybe you offer some Prints for free to draw your viewers in, convincing them of your talent. Once they are hocked you sell them your main product through individual sales or even better through a monthly subscription.

Can you imagine having beautifully designed Pins, Productivity Planners, Social Media Designs and more without having to struggle with coming up with a unique branding as well as learning the skill to actually create those printables and design! Things which are time and money savers for people are great things to sell on your Blog, my friend!

14. Selling Stock Images

You are a photographer and you possess a ton of external hard drives fully loaded with images and photography literally no-one is looking at?

Or are you anyways creating flat lays for your Instagram and Blog and have a ton of left-over stock images you could also sell to people who might really appreciate the help? Selling Stock images is a great way to make money as a Blogger!

15. Transcriptions

My last way “How to Make Money as a Blogger” concerns transcription services. This is especially great if you are a student or you have a lot of time to spend then transcribing videos or other audio documents for money is a great way to boost your Blog income!

You could also target other bloggers who have created audio or video online courses and who are looking for someone to transcript their videos into a transcript which they can additionally offer to their clients!

Creating transcripts takes a lot of time and even though the money you can charge per hour might not be that high, it usually takes a lot of time to transcribe videos and audios. You could at least charge 10-20 hours per project and at a price range from $15-$50/hour that would make a great side hustle income!

There we go! PUH, my hand hurts from writing this mega post 🙂

I truly hope you have found this post informative and I am looking forward to hearing your feedback and success stories! Please leave a COMMENT – I love getting to know you guys more and learn to understand where you are most struggling with making money as a blogger!

All the best, xoxo Katie


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