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Katie Grazer

How to set up WordPress Plugins on your Blog?

WordPress Plugins are pieces of software that will enable more functions to your WordPress blog. WordPress makes it really easy for you, just download and install the plugin and then the additional function or feature is added to your blog – cool right!

Now there is literally a plugin for everything and the great thing is that most of them are free! So, I am quickly going to show where you can find plugins, how to install them and my favorite plugins I use myself on my Blog.

Also, I would suggest you spend half an hour searching for plugins to get an idea of what is out there. Also, note there is no limit on how many plugins you can use on your blog, I definitely never reached that, but I would really just download and activate the ones you are really really using.  The more plugins the bigger your blog gets and this slows your blog down and might affect user-friendliness when someone visits your site because it loads slowly. Don’t be afraid of that you can definitely install a bunch of them but just don’t go totally crazy just installing everything!

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Plugin ideas I use on my Blog are:

How to install and use WordPress Plugins

Any questions hit me BELOW IN THE COMMENTS! xx Katie


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How to set up WordPress Plugins on your Blog

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