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6 steps to create the perfect Blog Post

posted by:

Katie Grazer

Creating “The Perfect Blog Post” entails more than just covering an interesting topic or on the other hand having beautiful Blog Pictures. It entails several aspects which altogether combined make up an article which satisfies your reader mentally and visually. Therefore, in order to help you create the perfect Blog Post, I have created this post on the “6 steps to creating the perfect Blog Post” so Let’s begin!

Step 1 – Topic

BEFORE you start writing the perfect Blog Post think about what you want to write about first! Dah…you say…! However, a number of times I started writing something and ended up with something completely different which didn’t fit my Blog’s theme “frown” is numerous! Hence, for me there are 2 things you need to think about when adding a new Post to your Blog:

A) Consistency – The Topic you are writing about should be consistent with your Blog Theme and Topic.

B) Solving a Problem or Addressing an Issue – Solving problems, giving advice as well as addressing issues within blog post are becoming the number one reason why certain Blogs succeed and others fail. Hence, think about what extra VALUE you are creating for your READER, not yourself!

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Step 2 – Structure

Like in school when you learn how to write a letter, an article or an essay, there are different structures which follow each type of thing you are writing. Accordingly, this is how I usually structure my Blog posts (For a detailed Structure Guide DOWNLOAD my free Cheat Sheet below):



Call for action


Call for action

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Step 3 – Writing Style

The writing style is important because it is how you and your reader connect. Obviously, writing style highly depends on what you are writing about nevertheless, I will here use the example of Lifestyle Blog. See below, a selection of adjectives I like to describe my personal writing style and which appeals to my readers:

happy, exciting, intriguing, encouraging, positive, knowledgeable,

Basically, I like to write like I speak and it’s working for me! However, as said before, this should be adjusted according to topic and theme. Are you writing about in e.g. Tech, you might consider taking it down a notch on the happy and concentrate more on the knowledgable adjectives. Most importantly, find your voice and be consistent so your readers immediately know it was YOU who wrote this Post!

6 steps to create the perfect Blog 6 steps to create the perfect Blog Post, Blogger, Blogging, Blogging Tips, Blog Advice, Blog Post Structure, Free Download, Blog Post Template

Step 4 – Pictures

Now, Let’s talk Pictures!!! One of my favorite things to do is taking Blog picture. Therefore, I love scrolling through Blogs just looking at the gorgeous shots people have talked and I immediately get inspired! However, Pictures & Text go hand in Hand. A Blog Post with only Pictures has no substance (unless you have a photography Blog I guess :). Hence, here are some things to think about:

A) Pictures should support the Content of your Blog Post

B) Pictures should be consistent with the general Theme/Look of your Blog

C) Pictures should crate Variety which keeps the reader interested (see more next point)

Step 5 – Variety & Diversity

You want your readers to be entertained when reading your Blog, encouraging to visit your Blog over and over again. But how to achieve real Followers rather than one-time peekaboos?! In my opinion, there are two main things:

A) Variety – Provide a wide range of Blog Post Topics consistent with your Blog theme. Meaning, if you are having a Blog about Cats TODAY write about the best Cat Foods – TOMORROW write about how to make your cat stop scratching! Vary your topics and NEVER write about Dogs! Do you get what I mean?

B) Keeping the reader interested & intrigued – How often do you get to the end of a Blog post? If you are like me – not so often. That’s why it’s so important to keep your reader interested! And how do you do that? Here are my ideas:

1) Apply Blog Structure as mentioned above

2) Alternate Text, Pic, Text to keep reader interested

3) Call for Action -Motivate your reader to click, buy, download or perform other types of actions

6 steps to create the perfect Blog Post, Blogger, Blogging, Blogging Tips, Blog Advice, Blog Post Structure, Free Download, Blog Post Template

Step 6 – Value & Takeaway

A clever strategy to engage, maintain as well as make people excited about your Blog and Posts are Bonus Material. Bonus Material creates extra value for your reader, for example, free downloads such as cheat sheets (see below ;)), guides, extra tips etc. This enhances the audience’s engagement as well as creates REAL value for them! Win-Win I would say!

6 steps to create the perfect Blog Post, Blogging, blog tips, blog advice, blog post
6 steps to create the perfect Blog Post, Blogging, blog tips, blog advice, blog post
6 steps to create the perfect Blog Post, Blogging, blog tips, blog advice, blog post

I really hope you enjoyed this post on How to create the perfect Blog Post and it was useful to you guys!!! Also, please let me know how you structure and create the perfect Blogpost in the comments! Especially relevant might also be “The 9 Most Popular Blog Themes Ever” as well as “12 Unique Blog Niche Ideas – Nobody Blogged about before”!

Have a lovely Day

xx Katie


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Disclosure: *If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! *

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