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10 Most Profitable Blog Niche Ideas of 2022 (4-Step Niche Formula)

posted by:

Katie Grazer

Have you always wanted to start a blog, but there are just too many blog niche ideas, and you just can’t decide!

Or maybe you’re like me, and you have so many ideas and interests, and now you’re supposed to decide and create this niche blog, and you’re feeling overwhelmed and a bit sad because that’s not what you wanted. 

Then I hope today’s post will help.

What is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is the main topic you’re writing or blogging about, like a keto blog. 

So for your keto blog, you could write about keto breakfast recipes, keto vegetable recipes, keto soups, and keto tutorials. And this means your blog niche appeals to a specific group of people – your ideal blog reader. So a niche is defined by not speaking to everyone but just a particular group of people. 

There’re also broader blog niches like lifestyle blogs. Lifestyle blogs usually cover a more general topic like the entire life of a person like an influencer and then follow that person’s life, what they eat, their hobbies, and where they travel to. The niche in your lifestyle blog is basically you.

Why are Blog Niches Important?

So why do you need to choose a blog niche before you start?

First of all, I want you to think about your blogging goal. 

Do you want to start a blog for fun and take it easy? Then choosing a blog niche is less important, and it might be taking all the fun out of the experience. Just go ahead, jump in and start your hobby blog. 

Check out this video here on top to get started. 

Now, If you’re planning on making some money on the side (and why not, right :)), then I encourage you to really think about your blog niche before you start. 

Why do you ask? 

Three reasons: 1) google, 2) your target audience, and 3) your expert status. 

Let me explain:

1) Google

When you start your blog, you have to think about how people will find you once it’s live. And one huge traffic source is Google. You probably use google a million times a day, too, and so do other people to find blogs. 

Now Google really likes niche sites because it’s easier for Google to understand the content and determine that it’s relevant for a person looking for an answer.

Imagine being Google for a second.

Wouldn’t you rather link to a site with tons and tons of keto recipes than to a blog with maybe 1-2 two keto recipes but a bunch of other content about South America travel or breastfeeding tips?

As Google, you would refer the person looking for keto recipes to the site with tons of relevant keto content because that serves the person using google. And Google wants to make its users happy, right? 

2) Yout Target Audience

When you niche down your blog topic, it’s easier to attract the right kind of people and repel people who aren’t the right fit for your blog.

What do I mean by that?

Think about it this way, maybe in one blog post, you’re blogging about postpartum tips for new moms. This will attract women, perhaps aged 18-45, looking for tips and guidance on being a new mom.

In your next blog post, you’re speaking about investment tips that helped you increase your credit score. Investment blogs tend to have more male readers. So now you’re attracting men, maybe age range 25-50, looking for financial and investment tips.

You’re attracting two completely different target audiences. It’s challenging to serve two different audiences on just one blog. Niching down helps you talk to one group of people at a time. 

3) Establish Yourself as the Expert

When you niche down, you can share your expert knowledge. 

It’s tough to be an expert in South America travel, keto nutrition, credit card improvement, and baby nursing. I’m not saying you can’t be helpful in all of these topics but becoming a niche blogger really allows you to dig deep into one specific problem.

You become the go-to person for that topic. People remember, oh yeah, there was this great blog about keto. This blogger knows so much about it, and I know I can find the solution to my problem there.

I want you to be honest with yourself, what are you really good at. And you don’t have to have a degree in that topic to be a successful blogger. But you do have to know your stuff in that area. 

Can all Blog Niches Make Money?

Ok, so maybe right about now, you’re asking yourself, but Katie, I’ve heard that some blogging niches are making more money than others – is that true? Well, the answer to that is probably, yes.

There are some niches that are slightly easier to make money from the start. But! And that’s important.  I’ve honestly seen the most amazing blog niches make money – you wouldn’t believe it. I truly believe any niche can make money, so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. 

Here’s a cool story about Danira Cancinos  – This single mom made $126,000 in a year from an online caramel-apple-making course. (source). 

I believe that as long as you’re passionate about a topic and you’re able to solve a problem for your audience, you can make an income from your blog. Think about it If you’re interested in it, other people probably are too. Then it becomes the question of HOW to make money helping people AND NOT IF you can make money from your niche. 

I’m going to help you come up with your own niche idea at the end of this video with a step-by-step formula, so stick with me till the end here. 

10 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas that can Make Money in 2021

So let’s get into some inspiration, shall we? 

I want to give you 10 blog niche ideas that are certain to make money but again, you don’t have to start in any of those. 

This is for your inspiration and for coming up with your own idea: 

1. FOOD 

Alright, first of all, let’s talk about the food blog.

Food blogs are some of the most popular blog niches online. Who doesn’t like a delicious recipe? Food is a topic that basically concerns everyone. (we kind of all have to eat right, not that anyone has to force me #foodiealert), 

Check out this blog, for example. 

Pinch of Yum combines everything that makes blogging great. Gorgeous photography meets absolutely mouth-watering recipes. 

Blogs in the food niche also have huge income potential.

Blog Income: Check this out:  PinchOfYum Income Report November 2016  – $95’192/month.

blog niche ideas


Ok second beauty and fashion blogs. 

I think I discovered blogging through youtube beauty tutorials. My mom or sister didn’t care too much about makeup, but I did, so I started searching online for the best makeup tips for brown eyes or simple outfit ideas for school. And it just opened my eyes to the potential of blogging!

The global beauty industry is a growing, billion-dollar market. And fashion bloggers and beauty bloggers are the connection between people and big brands. 

Blog Income: Check out The Blonde Salad, a.k.a Chiara Ferraganis million dollar blog.  TheBlondeSalad Income Report 2018 – $30 Million/year 


Thirds blogs about making money, finance, and investment for sure belong to the top-earning blogging niches.

This is usually because people see the point in spending money on a product or a course if they know that they can get their money back by making more money in the future. Money-making blogs range from tips on making, saving, and investing money to credit score tips and financial stock advice. 

Check out Michelle Schroeder Gardeners’ site makingsenseofcents.com

Blog Income: Michelle was one of the first money bloggers to become famous by paying off $40’000 in student loads by starting her blog. She now travels full time, earning 100K a month #mindblogwing.

MakingSenseOfCents Income Report June 2018 – $100,324/month.


Fourth, Lifestyle bloggers and social media influencers are the new pop stars of the online space, right?. 

I don’t know about you, but I love cozying up on the sofa watching a cute family vlog or scrolling through my favorite influencers on Insta. It’s no secret anymore that you can make an absolute killer income as an influencer or lifestyle blogger, so if that’s what you’re into – go you!

One of the first Bloggers / YouTubers I really fell in love with was Zoella. From her bubbly personality to her gorgeous blog with homey recipes and decor tips – I loved following her journey online. Don’t let yourself get discouraged if you see people writing that lifestyle blogs won’t work. Just look at your favorite influencers and lifestyle bloggers and get inspired. 

Blog Income: And if you don’t believe me check this out: Zoella Income report 2019 – est £600,000/year  

blog niche ideas


Ok, profitable blog niche nr. 5 – let’s talk blogging about blogging and social media. 

Well, you’re here to listen to me ramble about blogging and Pinterest, right? People are looking for a way to make a living online, whether through blogging or social media. If you can share your experience on how you made this happen, people will love your blog, come back and pay you to help them get there too. 

I love teaching about blogging and WordPress. That’s why I ultimately decided to go all-in blogging about blogging and offering my WordPress blog course. It’s an amazing blog niche.

Melyssa was one of the first blogging bloggers I learned a ton from when I started blogging. She’s a former high school teacher who turned blog entrepreneur.

Blog Income: Her income reports will blow your mind MelyssaGriffin Income Report December 2016 – $283,680/month


Profitable blog niche 6 is pets.

Yup, I freaking adore my little wiener dog. I want her to have the best life with us and just want her to be cozy and happy. 

Many other people feel exactly the same way about their pet. It’s fun to spoil and treat your pet because they give you so much love, and we just want to return the favor. So, it’s an absolute no-brainer that any pet-related blog can be a success.

Check out this blog, YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner.com

Jessica shares her life with her dogs and helps improve the lives of Dachshunds and their owners all over the world alike.

Blog Income: Like I said, I really think you can make money in any blog niche. YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner Income Report October 2019 – $7,720.44/month

blog niche ideas


Seven, and this is another big niche – Mom blogs.

They are so popular.

Let me tell you this from experience, having had my little boy a year ago. The amount of strange, unexpected, beautiful, and hard things happening to my body and since becoming a mom – well, countless! 

So yup, I Google mom blogs a lot. I soak up everything I can find online from women who have gone before me. And it just helps me so so much.

I couldn’t be more grateful to all those women being vulnerable online sharing their journey, so mine doesn’t’ have to be so freaking scary. And 1 million other women feel exactly the same as I do this very second. There’s a massive potential in the mom blog niche, 

So here’s another amazing example check out Aly of WhatMomLoves and her amazing blog about being a mom and parenting. 

Blog Income: Check out this savvy momma: WhatMomLoves Income Report – $30’000/month


Niche 8 is travel. For sure. 

I love finding the most exotic and cool places for my husband and me to share some special vacation moments. I usually spend a fair amount of my free time after work scrolling travel blogs, watching travel vlogs, and just soaking up inspiration for new adventures. 

Even in these strange times, it just feels good to take a mental break from every day’s strangeness and just envision being on a beach right now.

Obviously, travel blogging has taken a hit in 2020/2021, but we can already see that coming back now. Don’t feel discouraged if you want to start a travel blog in 2022. 

And if you need some inspiration and motivation in the meantime, check out TwoWanderingSoles here. 

Blog Income: Katie & Ben are high school sweethearts from Minnesota who’ve been traveling the world for 4 years and make a full-time income travel blogging. TwoWanderingSolves Income Report Q4 2019 – $74,367/Q4


Niche number 9 is health and fitness. 

The global wellness economy is expected to hit $6,6 trillion by 2026, which just blows my mind. Diets, health, nutrition, and exercise concern people all over the world at every age.

And who’s better to motivate you to get that workout in or finally break that bad habit of unhealthy snacking while binge-watching Netflix than your favorite health and fitness blogger. 

Just check out GreenThickies.

Blog Income: If you’re wondering if you could start and turn your wellness/fitness blog into a full-time gig, just check this out: GreenThickies Income Report January 2018 – $15,534/month


And finally, niche 10 is Home, DIY organization, and crafts. 

Maybe you’ve listed my ideas so far and found nothing you want to blog about. Because you’re looking for an online space to share your home or hobby with the world. Then, girl, I’ve got good news.

Home, DIY, Organization, and Craft blogs belong to the most successful blog niches. 

You want to share your amazing craft ideas or organizational tips, but you’re a bit unsure if your idea will work, just check out Jennifer Maker. 

Blog Income: Jennifer shares her DIY adventure with almost 1 million followers on her blog. It’s bananas and just amazing. JenniferMaker Income Report September 2017 – $15,158.72/month

blog niche ideas

Blog Niche Formula  – 4-Step-Formula for Finding your Profitable Blog Niche Idea!

Alright, feeling inspired and ready to go?

To finish off this post, I want to share my 4-Step-Formula for finding a profitable blog niche: 

So here it is: 

Your Expertise + Solving a Problem + Interested People + Product Opportunities = Profitable Blog Niche

Let’s walk you through this: 


It’s important to start a blog in a niche you feel you have expertise in and you like to talk about. Start by asking yourself these questions: 

  • What are the unique skills I have, and which topics am I an expert on?
  • What topic do I spend hours reading about online, and am I passionate about learning more about?
  • Is there a topic where friends and family just come running to me to get my expert help?

Now start brainstorming.

Write down everything that comes to your head, and just write it down. 


Ok, second, solving a problem.

What do I mean by that?

The key to creating a profitable blog is to become a problem solver. Think about why you are online, like on google? I am usually looking to answer a question or a problem in my personal or business life. Your blog should create valuable content for your audience. 

Solving problems or inspiring people will create fans who come back and ultimately pay for a solution to their problem. 


It’s time to find your audience. 

Ask yourself, are there already a ton of blogs about my topic idea, or not?

If yes, great! It means people care about the subject. Where do these people hang out? Get to know them and their problems. 

If not, check forums to find out if people are interested in your niche at all. Are people leaving questions and comments on forums? Maybe there’s just no competitor for your niche yet.

That’s great too. You can Become the go-to person in that field.


And finally, if you’re planning on monetizing your blog niche, 

I would start by looking at the products and services you are using yourself in your niche.

Will, you be able to promote products in your niche, or will you be able to create your own product you can sell on your blog that relates to your niche? 

If you find it easy to think of a product you could promote or create that could make your audience’s life easier and better, it’s probably a good idea to start a blog in that niche. 

Ready to Start a Blog Now? Do This Next!

Here’s a link to my in-depth “How to Start a Blog” Guide!

And psst… in-depth doesn’t mean difficult.

In fact, it’s super easy + fast.

So go there next, it includes a step-by-step tutorial and a video walkthrough if you prefer that, and we set up your brand new blog together right now!

So click here to get started right away!

What do you think?

I really hope this post helped to answer some of your questions and doubts and gave you new inspiration about blog niche ideas you could use for your website too.

There isn’t a one fit’s all solution. 

And I really believe you have to choose a niche that’s right for you. Don’t feel like you have to blog about what everyone else is blogging about. You can turn your passion and interest into a blog that’s successful and profitable. 

I believe in you so much and can’t wait to see your blog ideas come to life. I’d love to know more about your ideas and dreams in the comments below.

Now that’s it from me for today, and I’ll talk to you soon


Disclosure: *If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! *

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