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Blog Report May 2019 – “Behind my Blogging Business”

posted by:

Katie Grazer

This post is the beginning of a new series of monthly business recaps and this is my Blog Report May 2019.

Even though I started blogging literally 10 years ago (insane), it’s been 7 months since I am officially self-employed as well as three months since the official set up of my very own company, Katie Grazer LLC! OMG!!!

As a new entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for new tips and tricks by people who once were in the same position as I am now and have been able to successfully build up their own biz.

So, I would love to invite you to follow me along and back “Behind my Blog Biz” on my Blog Report May 2019 so you can learn from my wins and mistakes!


Blog Report May 2019

I know that there is a lot of confusing information about bloggers making an income online.

Frankly, there are also people being dishonest with their audience about what they can expect as a realistic income as a beginner blogger.

[bctt tweet=”There are a few very successful bloggers who are in fact making a ton of money, which can give you the impression that blogging is an easy way to make quick cash, which is simply not true.” username=””]

The people who are always mentioned have worked relentlessly on their businesses and what you see is the result of years of hard work and entrepreneurial genius!

While I will not create monthly income reports, in this Blog Report May 2019 I want to start out by explaining how I am making an income working as a digital marketer, blogger, and social media consultant.



First of all, my main source of income is not from my blog, but from consulting small to medium size businesses on how to set up and run their social media. I also consult on various digital marketing topics such as how to create online courses, setting up websites, branding, marketing in general as well as social media strategy work.

(Ps. I have a Bachelor in Business as well as a Master in Accounting and Finance. While my studies did include a lot of marketing, over the past 10 years I have constantly worked on gaining more on more knowledge about social media, digital marketing, and blogging, taking dozens of online courses and attended seminars. I just want to encourage anybody who may think they have a different background and are scared to move to a job where their heart lies, to don’t be afraid and to go for it. It’s a lot of hard work but I personally have never been happier)

Second of all, I am making money by selling my own online courses “Bloggy Badass” if you want to set up and build a successful Blog, as well as my new course “The Pinterest Studio” where you can learn all about how to use Pinterest to explode your Blog traffic!

Third, I am an affiliate for products I truly believe in. Which means that sometimes when I talk about a product you could use for blogging and social media its an affiliate product. This means that when someone purchases this product on my recommendation, I am receiving a percentage of that sale as an affiliate income.

Check out my “Work With Me” page for getting an even better idea of what I do and you could offer as well on your website!

Ps. Did you already grab your Free Self-Hosting Guide? Having a Self-Hosted Blog is one of the key factors for successful Blogging. Download it for free below 😉SELF HOSTING FREEBIE


“Behind my Blog Biz”

So what has been going on May 19 behind the curtains of my biz?

Client business has taken up a big chunk of my work. I love working with them so that’s a really awesome thing. This includes social media strategy work, brainstorming for new projects, working on email copy and sales pages, setting up our marketing effort for their new project work and a lot of small tasks that come up on the regular.

On another note, I am really feeling how time is just running through my fingers. There is always this tradeoff between the different sides of my business and I have definitely been struggling to get everything in order this month.

The other big chunk of my work consists of my own blog and social accounts. I am currently trying out different strategies on how to best create content for my Blog, Instagram, and Facebook without burning out.

This is why I am focussing a lot on how I can best optimize and automate my processes. This means reading a ton of books on productivity as well as testing new social media schedules. So far I have still been struggling to create content consistently, which will be one of my biggest focus for June 19 and the upcoming months.

Here is a rough timeline of what I focussed on this May:

  • Finalized Blog migration to Showit
  • Published ZERO Blog post 🙁
  • Established a Content Strategy
  • Established a Content Calendar
  • Writing and Scheduling 12 Blog Post for June (new Blog schedule Mo, Wed, Fr)
  • Working on the “Price List” for my consulting + management biz
  • Working on setting up “Processes” for my consulting + management biz
  • In contract negotiations with 1 new client
  • Updating my Pinterest Strategy


What did NOT work in May 2019?

Posting consistently on Instagram.

Girl, Instagram is my favorite of them all. I love love love Instagram but somehow this month I was just not feeling it. Even writing it sounds super unprofessional, but I honestly had just nothing to say, nothing to share and nothing to give.

I did make it my mission to start every morning by saying “hi” to everyone on Instagram Stories and sharing a little bit more about my life and biz and I did manage to keep this promise to myself Monday to Friday. If you are following on Instagram let me know if you are enjoying this?

Posts on the other hand, what a fail 🙁

For June, I have already prepped and scheduled everything for Instagram and my strategy will also tie into what’s happening on the Blog, my Biz, and our Facebook Group.

So my hopes are high and my brain is already trying to figure out how to bring in more consistency into my Instagram account without feeling so freaking reactive all the time!


Pro Tip for this month!

Making “Learning about Productivity” a priority.

Batch writing and Time Blocking have been a huge part of why May 19 was a super efficient and progressfull (not a word I know :)) month for my blog and biz.

[bctt tweet=”I can not recommend planning and creating a strategy for your Blog Biz enough.” username=””]

It may seem like a huge time investment in the beginning but it’s so worth it once everything is set up, your processes are running on autopilot and you can get back to focussing to doing some actual work!



These are the books I read this May!


I loved all of them and can’t recommend reading them enough!

Seriously life-changing stuff in them….!

Now, this Blog Report May 2019 series is something I have never done on any of my blogs before. It feels very personal, which is scaring me 😉 but I honestly hope you are enjoying the look behind my Blog Biz Scene!

I would love to hear your feedback as well as what’s currently going on in your biz or blog. Is there anything that I or our amazing community can help you with, let us know in the COMMENTS!

Talk to you soon

Xo Katie


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Blog Report May 2019


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