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19 Fall Nails That Will Make You Excited for Sweater Weather

posted by:

Katie Grazer

This post is about Fall Nails

Graphic by Katie Grazer

As the leaves turn golden and the air gets a bit crisper, there’s nothing that gets me more excited for sweater weather than perfecting my fall nails. Whether you’re sipping on a pumpkin spice latte or cozying up in your favorite knit, fall is the perfect time to refresh your manicure game. From vibrant apple reds to subtle nudes and sparkly whites, this season’s nail trends are all about embracing the cozy, warm vibes of autumn. Get ready to fall in love with these 19 fabulous fall nails that will not only complement your favorite sweaters but also add a touch of seasonal flair to your look.

1. Peek-a-Boo Perfection

Image via Elevae

Let’s get transparent, shall we? Peek-a-boo nails are all about that subtle, sultry charm that makes you look twice. Imagine your nails giving a little wink every time you wave hello – fun, flirty, and oh-so-fabulous. These see-through designs are perfect for those moments when you want to be noticed, but not too noticed. It’s like playing hide-and-seek with your style!

2. Apple Red Alert

Trina Rose via Dupe

Hold onto your apples, folks – it’s time to make a bold statement with apple red nails! This classic hue screams confidence and pairs perfectly with the falling leaves and pumpkin everything. Whether you’re bobbing for apples or just want a splash of color to brighten your day, these red-hot nails will keep you feeling fierce and fabulous. It’s a real treat without any tricks!

3. Nude Lines, Cozy Vibes

Cora Pursley via Dupe

If your style mantra is “cozy but make it chic,” then nude lines are your new best friend. These nails are like the perfect sweater: warm, inviting, and oh-so-comfortable. With just a hint of pattern, you’ll be straddling the line between laid-back and luxuriously stylish. It’s the ultimate way to nail that cozy autumn aesthetic without going overboard.

4. True Blue

Payton Butler via Dupe

Feeling the autumn blues? Let’s turn that into a good thing with true blue nails that are anything but downbeat. Blue nails are like a crisp fall sky – clear, refreshing, and full of possibilities. They’re the perfect pop of color to keep things interesting while you’re wrapped up in your favorite scarf. Trust me, these blue hues will have you feeling anything but blue.

5. Naturally Nude

Cayla Long via Dupe

Embrace your natural side with nude nails that are effortlessly elegant. These nails are the beauty equivalent of a no-makeup makeup look – subtle, sophisticated, and totally on point. Perfect for any outfit or occasion, nude nails are the ultimate in versatile chic. It’s like your nails, but better.

6. Brown Lines and Autumn Vines

Emilie Faraut via Pexels

Get ready to fall in love with the earthy charm of brown lines and autumn vines. These nails capture the essence of the season, with patterns that remind you of winding paths and crunchy leaves underfoot. They’re the perfect way to bring a bit of the outdoors into your look, no hiking boots required. Plus, they pair perfectly with that pumpkin spice latte!

7. Rosy and Cozy

Reine Jalloul via Dupe

Think pink, but make it autumnal! Rosy nails are the sweet spot between summer’s brights and winter’s darks. They’re cozy and inviting, like a rosy glow on a chilly day. Perfect for snuggling up with a good book or heading out for a fall adventure, these nails are the definition of rosy-cheeked charm.

8. Hello, Yellow!

Miriam Lobaugh via Dupe

Bring a little sunshine to your fall with yellow nails that are sure to brighten up any gray day. These cheerful hues are like a burst of sunshine peeking through the clouds. They’re fun, unexpected, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you look at your hands. Say hello to happy nails!

9. Float on Cloud Nine

Emilie Faraut via Dupe

Who says clouds have to be gray? Float on Cloud Nine with dreamy nails that are light, airy, and full of whimsy. These designs will have you feeling like you’re walking on air, no matter where you are. Perfect for those days when you just want to feel a little lighter, a little more carefree.

10. Red Cloud Radiance

Lada Balakireva via Dupe

Get ready to turn heads with Red Cloud Radiance nails that are as bold as they are beautiful. This isn’t just any red – it’s a radiant, cloud-like glow that’s perfect for making a statement. Whether you’re heading to a fall festival or a cozy dinner, these nails will ensure you stand out in the best way possible.

11. Gleam Like Frost

Reet Rachwani via Dupe

Turn your nails into winter wonderlands with silver tips that gleam like frost on a crisp morning. These nails are perfect for adding a touch of icy elegance to your fall wardrobe. They’re sparkly, stylish, and just the right amount of cool. You’ll be channeling your inner ice queen in no time!

12. Orange You Glad It’s Fall?

Emilie Faraut via Dupe

Orange you glad it’s fall? These nails are all about celebrating the vibrant, fiery hues of autumn. From pumpkin patches to bonfires, orange nails are the perfect complement to all your fall festivities. They’re bright, bold, and guaranteed to make you smile – just like a big pile of crunchy leaves.

13. Green with Envy

Milagros Argüello via Dupe

Make everyone green with envy with nails that are fresh, vibrant, and totally on-trend. Green is the perfect color for fall, evoking everything from lush forests to cozy sweaters. These nails will have you feeling like the queen of the autumn scene, no matter where you go.

14. Sparkly White Delight

Sarah Mürmel via Dupe

Bring a little sparkle to your season with white nails that are anything but plain. These sparkly delights are perfect for adding a touch of glam to your everyday look. They’re crisp, clean, and just the right amount of twinkly. It’s like having a bit of stardust on your fingertips!

15. Classic Dark Red

Mattie Jordan via Dupe

You can never go wrong with a classic dark red nail – it’s timeless, chic, and oh-so-sophisticated. This color is perfect for any occasion, from casual days to glamorous nights. It’s the little black dress of nail colors, and it never goes out of style.

16. French Kiss

Emilie Faraut via Dupe

Give your nails a little French kiss with classic French designs that are as elegant as they are versatile. These nails are perfect for adding a touch of Parisian chic to your fall wardrobe. Simple, stylish, and always in vogue, they’re the perfect way to say “bonjour” to fall.

17. Glittering Nails for a Fall Fantasy

Reine Jalloul via Dupe

Let’s add some sparkle to the season with glittering red nails that are pure fall fantasy. These dazzling designs are perfect for making a statement and adding a touch of magic to your look. They’re bold, beautiful, and guaranteed to make you feel like a star.

18. Whiter Shade of Pale

Kimaya Kamdar via Dupe

Embrace the beauty of simplicity with white nails that are crisp, clean, and effortlessly chic. These nails are perfect for any outfit, any occasion, and any mood. They’re the ultimate in understated elegance, making you feel put-together no matter what.

19. Sweet as a Doughnut

Image via Elevae

Who can resist something as sweet as a doughnut? These nude nails are the perfect blend of subtle and scrumptious, adding a touch of sweetness to your style. They’re soft, delicate, and oh-so-pretty – just like your favorite treat.

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