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5 Brilliant Hacks to Save Money Blogging!

posted by:

Katie Grazer

As small biz owners and entrepreneurs, we bloggers have to make sure we have our finances under control. One big part of that is how to save money blogging and not spend on unnecessary products or services.

Now, as a blogger, the benefits of running your own blog is that you have flexibility and quite a lot of control. You can exercise this over where to invest your money and what to inject money to gain better profits. This allows you to keep track of expenses and therefore, avoid unnecessary spending.

In return, this allows you more money to spend on things that are most important. Herein are brilliant practical hacks to help you save money blogging.

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1. Use low-cost services

Running a successful blog might require you to outsource some of the tasks such as branding, marketing, content writing, and even web design.

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However, rather than shell out huge amounts of money, you can source qualified freelancing professionals from sites such as Fiverr.

Sites such as Fiverr have professionals willing to help you out with the type of job you are looking to outsource for a small fee.

Be sure to post a request of the exact things you want to be done, and read the reviews of the freelancers who express interest, to choose the best match.

Personally, I love using Fiverr to get help in an area of blogging I don’t feel completely comfortable in or is taking up all my time and energy.

Figure out where your strength and weaknesses and then outsource the things you hate doing or are taking up too much time! Fiverr has great rates which will help you save money blogging and remember your time is currency too!


2. Get Free Trials

Getting a free trial to test out a service is one of the best ways to save money blogging!

Before investing your hard-earned cash on products and programs you wish to purchase, test them out first using free trials.

This helps you figure out whether it is a bad or good investment. Also, even if you decide to discontinue them, you can still enjoy whichever results you achieved from the trials.

A few of my favorite blogging tools I personally use on a regular basis which offer a Free Trial are:

3. Take advantage of discounts for online purchases

Before buying something online, check to see if they have a discount or promotion by doing a simple web search.

This could be for a paid plugin, paid service, paid e-course or bundle sale. Sales like this can be a great way to receive a ton of value while at the same time save money blogging.

If there are no discounts available, then you can try a cashback website. Cashback websites such as Ebates for products and services and Ibotta for groceries, help you earn a cashback on online purchases which enable you to save on resources.

And, another small tip I do regularly is that, once I week I go through my spam folder and check for offers that actually are interesting to me. Remember sometimes we do have to spend money on your blog to make more at the end of your blog sales funnel.

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Just remember, pick services you think will be well worth it!

4. Use Freemium Tools

Freemium tools are those that offer free trial membership but also allow you to upgrade if you choose to. This can be a great way to achieve results without having to save money blogging.

Besides, if you see the need to upgrade, then you can be sure it is absolutely necessary.

There are many freemium tools that are great for bloggers.

These include Canva a free graphics editing tool and Mailerlite a free email marketing software, or the Yoast SEO Plugin among others.

I used to use Canvas basic services forever before upgrading to their paid service.

Always, be mindful about what are services you really need to have the Premium Tool and where free tools work just as well!

save money blogging

5. Keep Track of Your Expenses

Finally, you need to create a budget for spending on your blog’s required tools and services and stick to it in order to save money blogging!

Evaluate the ROI (return on investment) to determine which items you should keep and what to discard.

If you have zero ideas where your money is coming from and going to how are you going to save money blogging?

The tool I use to track my expenses (plus so much more) is FreshBooks!

Once you start investing in your business and vice versa start earning money from your Blog, an accounting and finance tool becomes existential!

I am so so happy that I have found FreshBooks. It’s unbelievably simple to use and there are a ton of services such as viewing your income + loss statement, creating gorgeous invoices, connecting your bank accounts and checking your expenses!

At $15/month it’s a no-brainer for every small business and blogger because how will you save money blogging if you have no idea where your finances are at?

These tips are actionable and will help you develop healthier spending habits that will save you money. They will be a great foundation to build on even as your blog becomes even more successful.

Let me know in the comments which of these tips is your favorite and how you are saving money blogging!

Talk to you soon

Your Katie

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