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17+ Stunning Summer Nails to Rock This Season

posted by:

Katie Grazer

This post is about Summer Nails

Graphic by Katie Grazer

As the sun starts to shine brighter and the days get longer, it’s time to freshen up your look with some stunning summer nails. I’ve rounded up 17+ of the most fabulous nail designs that will have you rocking this season with confidence and style. Whether you’re hitting the beach, enjoying a backyard BBQ, or just want to add a pop of color to your everyday life, these summer nail ideas are perfect for any occasion. From vibrant hues to intricate patterns, you’ll find something here that speaks to your inner fashionista. Get ready to be inspired and let your nails do the talking this summer!

1. Pink & Black Tips

via Elevae Visuals

Ready to embrace your inner rockstar with a touch of elegance? Pink and black tips are the ultimate combo for those who love a dash of edginess with their summer vibes. Think sweet yet sassy – just like that perfect summer fling you’ll never forget. Dive into these styles and let your nails do the talking!

2. Summer Trending Blue

Hanna Newberry via Dupe

Blue is the new black this summer, and it’s making waves everywhere! From serene sky blues to deep oceanic hues, these trending blues will have you feeling cool and chic. Perfect for beach days and pool parties, these nail designs will keep you looking fresh all season long. Dive in and make a splash with these stunning blue styles!

3. Neon-Green with Style

Emily Patnaude via Dupe

If you’re ready to glow like a neon sign at a tropical beach bar, then neon-green nails are your summer must-have. Bold, bright, and unapologetically fun, these designs are for the adventurous spirit who loves to stand out. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with these electrifying green nails!

4. Nails with an Artsy Twist

Solodsha via Pexels

Why keep your artistic flair confined to a canvas when you can flaunt it on your nails? These artsy twist designs are perfect for the creative soul who loves a bit of whimsy. From abstract patterns to mini masterpieces, your nails will be the talk of every summer soirée. Let’s get artsy and make your nails a work of art!

5. Terracotta Love

Avery Arwood via Pexels

Terracotta is not just for pots and tiles; it’s a chic and earthy nail color that screams sophistication. These warm, rustic hues will add a touch of bohemian charm to your summer style. Perfect for sunsets and sangrias, terracotta nails are your new go-to for effortless elegance. Fall in love with these earthy tones!

6. Dark Summer Aesthetic

Kseniya Budko via Pexels

Who says summer nails have to be all bright and cheery? Embrace the dark side with these stunning, moody nail designs. Perfect for those who love a little drama and mystery, these dark hues will add an unexpected twist to your summer look. Let’s get dark and dazzling!

7. Lime Polish

Lada Rezantseva via Pexels

When life gives you limes, put them on your nails! Lime polish is zesty, fresh, and perfect for adding a punch of color to your summer wardrobe. These vibrant designs will make your nails look as refreshing as a cold margarita on a hot day. Get ready to zest up your style with these lime looks!

8. Nude with a bit of Black

Ilaria Cosentino via Dupe

Looking for something understated yet striking? Nude nails with a bit of black are your answer. This classic combo is perfect for those who love minimalist elegance with a twist. Whether it’s a sleek stripe or a tiny detail, the black accents will take your nude nails to the next level. Stay classy and chic with these timeless designs!

9. Checkered Summer Nails

Charis Pope via Dupe

Checkmate your summer style with these fun checkered nail designs! Whether you’re channeling vintage vibes or going for a bold, modern look, checkered patterns are a playful way to spice up your manicure. Perfect for picnics and poolside parties, these nails will have you feeling game-ready and gorgeous!

10. Clean Girl Summer Nails

Jess Turbiville via Dupe

For those who believe less is more, clean girl summer nails are all about simplicity and sophistication. Think fresh, minimalistic designs that exude effortless beauty. Perfect for the girl who loves a polished yet understated look, these nails will keep you looking chic and put-together all summer long. Let’s keep it clean and classy!

11. Strawberry Summer Nails

Katie Mansfield via Dupe

Sweet, juicy, and oh-so-cute, strawberry summer nails are the perfect way to add a fruity flair to your look. These delightful designs are as refreshing as a bowl of strawberries on a hot day. Perfect for adding a pop of color and fun to your nails, these styles will make you berry happy all summer!

12. Pastel Pink Summer Nails

Malika Jain via Dupe

Pastel pink is the epitome of summer sweetness. These soft, dreamy shades will add a touch of romance and whimsy to your nails. Perfect for beach dates and garden parties, pastel pink nails are your go-to for a look that’s both delicate and delightful. Embrace the sweetness and blush into summer!

13. Red Summer Love

Morgana Parravicini via Dupe

Turn up the heat with red summer love nails! These bold, passionate hues are perfect for making a statement and exuding confidence. Whether it’s a fiery crimson or a soft scarlet, red nails will add a touch of romance and drama to your summer style. Get ready to fall in love with these fiery designs!

14. Creamy Summer Nails

Taylor Phelps via Dupe

Creamy summer nails are all about smooth, luscious shades that look good enough to eat. These soft, elegant designs will add a touch of sophistication to any summer outfit. Perfect for a polished and put-together look, these nails will keep you feeling chic from sunrise to sunset. Indulge in these creamy delights!

15. Pink Marble Nails

Emily Parnaude via Dupe

Marble isn’t just for countertops; it’s a stunning nail design too! Pink marble nails are the perfect blend of chic and artistic, adding a touch of luxury to your summer style. These elegant swirls and patterns will make your nails look like mini masterpieces. Get ready to marble at the beauty of these designs!

16. Blue Tipsy Nails

Reet Rachwani via Dupe

Feeling a bit tipsy? Blue tipsy nails are the perfect way to add a playful twist to your summer manicure. Whether it’s a subtle ombre or bold tips, these designs are perfect for adding a splash of fun to your look. Dive into the blue and let your nails get tipsy this summer!

17. Summer Glitter

Nivia Ribeiro via Dupe

Why should the stars have all the sparkle? Summer glitter nails are here to add some shimmer and shine to your season. Perfect for festivals, parties, and just about any occasion that calls for a bit of glam, these glittery designs will make you the shining star of summer. Let’s sparkle and shine!

1. Influenced by a Bridgerton

Reet Rachwani via Dupe

Have you ever thought about sneaking into Lady Whistledown’s closet? I’m taking you on a sartorial journey, influenced by none other than our favorite Bridgertons themselves. From Edwina’s enchanting elegance to Kate’s regal charm, let’s get lost in a world of silky satins and regency ribbons. It’s time to dress up as if the Queen herself requested your presence at the palace!

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