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10 Best Food Blogger Tools

posted by:

Katie Grazer

Every blog niche has its own perks and challenges! That’s why I am launching a new series focusing on SINGLE BLOG NICHES such as Food, Lifestyle or Fashion and the individual tools they need to succeed within their blog niche! In today’s post, we are covering the “10 Best Food Blogger Tools”!

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1. Camera

When you are a Food Blogger your No.1 priority should lay on creating delicious and unique recipes and presenting them in the best possible way through the images on your Blog.

Compared to other Blog niches where you are heavily relying on stock images (you can learn more about that in my Online Course here), as a Food Blogger, you will create your own photography. Your first priority should be to invest in a camera which serves you not only on taking great images but also on other areas of your Blog.

You may at one point want to create video recipes for your social media channels, take close-ups of you for your “About Page”, as well as use the camera in your personal life while traveling.

Most of us cannot invest in a camera which optimally suits each and every single area I just mentioned. As a Food Blogger, we need an ALL ROUNDER Camera! In my opinion, one of the Best Food Blogger Tools is your Camera! My favorite one is the CANON 70d!

Best Food Blogger Tools

2. Plugins + Software

There are incredible Plugins and Softwares you can use to make people go fanatic about your Food Blog. Down below are a few of my favorite ones, watch out for No 2 you will be amazed!

No. 1 – Photoshop is the non-plus ultra when we are talking post-editing your images. It comes with a steep learning curve but once you have figured out the basics you are going to love it! Ps. I thaught myself all about Photoshop through free YouTube Videos! You can do it too!

No. 2 – WP Tasty is a Plugin you can use to create downloadable and printable PDF Recipes for your visitors! This is what you need as a Food Blogger. Think about it, someone downloads and makes your recipe and the next time they are in their kitchen having this huge pumpkin in their hand and what do they see?? Your logo on their printout! They are like oh yeah right, I loved this recipe, maybe they have a pumpkin recipe on their Blog as well! Boom visitor retention baby!

No. 3 – Adobe In Design + Canva are great to create different file formats for your recipes but also Blog designs and Pinterest pins. Adobe In Design is a professional design program where you could even create your own Cook Book as a PDF download for your visitors or other gorgeous looking Freebies. Canva is a free program which is all you need when you are just starting out and creating your first design elements!

3. Brand Plan

As a Food Blogger, it is super important to differentiate yourself from others within your niche! You can do this best by creating your own brand and style of imagery. It’s important to have a clear idea of how the recipes and images you post on your Blog should look like before shooting.

One of the Best Food Blogger Tools is to create a “Brand Plan”. In a Brand Plan, you clearly define what style, colors and values you want to use for your Food Blog. Here are ideas of what you should consider including in your plan:

  • The background color of the food shots (Black, White, Classic, Modern, Simple…)
  • Filters used on imagery (natural vs. heavy post editing…)
  • Food Blog Values (Vegan Recipes only, Seasonal Recipes only, Paleo Style Recipes Only…)
  • Use of food Props – consider different styles when using plates, pots, glasses and other design elements. It should all fit your brand. (rustic, modern, chic, simple…)

4. Lighting

Lighting is essential in shooting your delicious recipe images. I love shooting with natural light ideally, but who has the time to wait for the perfect conditions?

Here are the Best Food Blogger Tools in creating great lighting conditions when shooting at home or in a studio:

Box Lights are great for shooting Photography when there is no sufficient natural light available. Box lights can also be re-used when shooting for eg. Video Recipes for your YouTube Channel.

Photo Boxes with white interior are great for shooting recipes or individual ingredients due to the white background and clean look!

Best Food Blogger Tools
Best Food Blogger Tools

5. Props

One of the Best Food Blogger Tools to make people fall in love with your recipes and your website are Props, my friends!

Props can be anything related to food, eating, dishes, pots, flowers, different textures, undergrounds, and forms. It’s important to use one’s imagination to make the product “your recipe” appealing to your viewer.

You can also use people as props. Take a photo of your roommate while he or she is eating your newest cupcake creation. On another shot, you are showing a flat lay of your cupcakes with a different underground. Maybe a plate with cupcakes, some of the ingredients you used sprinkled on the table and a fork ready to dive in!

I am constantly on the lookout for Props wherever I go. I am visiting a flea market, a stylish new shop, Amazon or my mother’s backyard sale! Be creative and try out different things until you find your unique style!

Best Food Blogger Tools

6. Social Media

Social Media is one of the Best Food Blogger Tools to get the word out and go viral with your delicious recipes!

Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest should be a priority for every Food Blogger period! You can start by reading my “How I use Instagram to grow your Blog here” or one of my several Guides on how to use Pinterest to explode your Blog Traffic here!

It’s essential that you start promoting your Blog on several different channels! You may even want to join Food Blog related Groups and Communities on Facebook. This is great to get a head start on subjects which are trending right now and to share your knowledge and experience with your peers.

7. Courses

Food Blogger Pro is an Online Course to learn how to start, grow and monetize a Food Blog. I have done dozens of online courses throughout the years and it’s literally one of my favorite ways to learn. You don’t have to do everything on your own and remember sometimes there is a faster and better way to reach your goals.

8. Affiliate Networks

At one point you may find yourself wanting to earn some money with your Food Blog! Then my friend Affiliate Marketing is the way to dig into this topic. You can read more on How to Make Money as a Blogger HERE. 

Affiliate Marketing is when you are promoting a product you love to your audience. When someone clicks the link to the product you provide and ends up buying this product, you receive a percentage of that sales fee as a commission!

This is great for Food Blogger because you could be promoting the props you displayed in a shot or your favorite lenses you used to take different recipes! There are endless possibilities!

As a beginner, there are two Networks I absolutely love, which are Best Food Blogger Tools for sure!

ShareASale is my favorite Affiliate Network ever!

Amazon Associates it incredible and easy to use if you are just starting out!

9. Website + Theme

The design and theme of your website are essential tools for every Food Blogger. You will want a theme and design which is easy to use for people who are looking and searching for recipes! On the other hand, you want a theme which is great in displaying your awesome food shots and imagery.

Also, keep in mind that you will want to have a self-hosted Website. Meaning you own your Blog and you are able to apply the suggestions I am making within this post. You can read all about Self-Hosting your Blog here even if you already started one! You will not lose any Data! Or you can also download my FREE PDF Guide HERE:


10. Content Plan

Having a content Plan will be one of your Best Food Blogger Tools ever! First of all planning, your content will help you provide your readers with the content on a regular basis. It’s a place where you gather your thoughts and brainstorm new post and recipe ideas.

Your Content Plan also allows you to plan ahead. Bloggers rely heavily on seasons and food blogger who realize this have a competitive advantage. You will want to plan your “Easter Recipes”, your healthy but delicious “Christmas Feasts” and also your “Low Carb January Treats” way ahead in time!

A Content Plan allows you to visualize this! First, you need to plan your content, then you need to have time to create it and then time to promote it! You might think it’s ok to post your Christmas Pudding Recipe in late November, but in fact, if you want to turn up in the Google Search results or on people’s Pinterest Feed, you might see traffic for the recipe maybe next year!

There is a lot to think about when running a Food Blog and a Content Plan might just be the best way of preventing a blogger burnout!

Comment down below and let me know which of the above mentioned Best Food Blogger Tools is your favorite!

Talk to you soon,

Xoxo Katie

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