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How to choose your extremely profitable Blog Niche!

Choosing your profitable Blog niche can be a very important first step in creating a profitable Blog and online business. It depends on various factors such as 1) are you planning on making money and starting a side business from your Blog, or 2) are you creating your Blog as a hobby where you can share your ideas, thought and creativity with the world!?

Here is a short overview of what we are going to cover in this post and the basic workflow of how to make money with your Blog:

  1. Addressing an Issue
  2. Solving the Problem
  3. Finding relevant products which are serving your niche and your audience
  4. Attracting the right kind of people (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook) to maximize your profit
  5. Making Sales

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I am looking at this niche topic with mixed feelings, because frankly when I started blogging almost 10 years ago, I was truly just sharing my thought online! Showing off my awful quality travel photos, my experiences with cooking Jamie Olivers 20min meals (and the kitchen aftermath) and more similar very casual content.

It didn’t really matter what I was posting because I DIDN’T REALLY EXPECT ANYONE TO READ MY STUFF – it was more like an online diary. Now as you can imagine I was not making any money from my Blog at that time, nor did my Blog have any focus on a specific niche topic.

It seems so far off that just 10 years later people are making tens of thousands of dollars each month with their Blogs and Social Media. However, it also got a lot more complex and frankly competitive. Everyone is looking for a quick way to make money blogging! But, my Friend, there is no free lunch. Blogging is becoming very complex and creating a Blog which makes a lot of money takes time, energy and a lot of reading.

However, I am here to help 🙂

A. Choosing a profitable Blog Niche

One of the first steps in creating your Blog should be to choose a profitable Blog niche. As I have mentioned in my intro, Blogs used to be this random selection of posts covering all kinds of topics. This isn’t working any longer or only in very rare cases.

You want to choose a niche where you are an expert on and where you are focusing your efforts on creating valuable, problem-solving content for your readers! On the other hand, you also want to have a niche where you can potentially make money (I guess this is why you are here ;)).

Here are a few reasons why choosing your niche is so important

  1. You are an expert in your field – your audience will return because you provide knowledge which is solving a problem (Reader Retention).
  2. Random topics will confuse your audience – they will leave your Blog and never come back (Reducing Bounce Rate).
  3. Creating “relevant” content throughout your website is one of the most important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors. It is influencing your success on Google and hence determining how many people will actually find you and your Website (Organic Search Traffic).

Ask yourself these questions on how to choose a profitable Blog Niche

  1. What are my special skills I have, and which topics am I an expert on?
  2. Do I spend hours reading more about this topic and I am passionate about learning more.
  3. Is there a topic where friends and family just come running to you for your expert help?

Once you have chosen a Blog niche where you are an expert in your field you will have no problem creating valuable content for your readers!

You can also read more on how to “Create your unique Blog Niche Idea?” here!

B. Writing problem focused + reader-oriented Content

After you have chosen a profitable Blog niche, the next step in making money from your Blog is creating content people will love to read and engage in. This covers mainly two very important steps:

  1. Addressing an Issue
  2. Solving the Problem

1. Addressing an Issue

First of all, you want to address an issue within your chosen profitable Blog niche! I would start by brainstorming ideas and common problems or questions you hear from family and friends.

Then I would cluster those ideas and problems into individual Blog post ideas. Finally, I would outline the solutions to the problem and solving it for your reader.

2. Solving the Problem

The key to creating a profitable Blog is being problem and reader oriented. I mean, why are you surfing the web? I am usually looking for an answer to a question or a problem I am having in my personal or business life.

Use this knowledge to create valuable content for your audience and you will create fans who will continue to come and visit your Blog. This is the basis of reader retention and reducing the bounce rate of your Blog (people peacing out and never coming back). You want them to…

… come back!

… find a solution to their problem or question!

… be blown away by your amazing other content!

… become raving fans!

… and in the next step buy a product or service you are promoting to them! BOOM!

Let’s talk about this some more in the next section!

C. Making money with your Niche Blog

Alrighty, once your audience is blown away by your incredible content and you have become an expert in your field it will be so much easier to sell anything to your audience!

Once you choose a profitable Blog Niche and established yourself as a leader in that field, people will trust you that the products and services you are promoting are actually going to help them solve their problems!

This is why after you have chosen a profitable Blog Niche you will want to…

  1. Find relevant products which are serving your niche and your audience
  2. Attract the right kind of people (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook) to maximize your profit
  3. Make Sales

3. Finding relevant products which are serving your niche and your audience

In order to find relevant products to promote to your audience, I would start by looking at products and services you are using yourself.

First of all, you are using this particular product for a reason! Maybe you have used other products before but settled on exactly this one because it’s the best in your opinion.

Additionally, as you have been using this product or service before, you already have a ton of expert knowledge about this product. People will see and read that you have worked with this service and it will come across much more convincing and less “salesy”!


4. Attracting the right kind of people (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook) to maximize your profit

Now after you have chosen a profitable Blog Niche you also need to focus on attracting the right kind of people.

If you have 5000 subscribers who you tricked into following you, but they are actually zero interested in your niche and your expert knowledge you will make no money at all.

You will make more money with 10 followers who are actually having the problem you are talking about because you are providing a solution for them.

Now, generating traffic to your Blog is a whole other topic and here are some additional readings I can really recommend for short- and long-term traffic success:

In addition to that, I would recommend you to join relevant Facebook Group within your Niche. You will be able to share your content with people who are interested in the same topic as you, plus you will be able to help one or the other person in that group and grow your expert status.

You can join our Bloggy Badass Facebook Group (Open to any Blogger), where you can share your content with like-minded people on a daily basis + ask questions if you are struggling with your Blog or Website!

5. Making Sales

Here is my Guide on Making Money as a Blogger in particular Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is great to find products to sell within your niche and there is everything for everyone and every niche, literally.

However, on that note, as we are talking about how to choose a profitable Blog Niche, there are certain niches where you can make more money more easily. These are in particular:

  1. Travel Blogging
  2. Mom-Blogging
  3. Finance Blogging
  4. Beauty, Fashion, Fitness + Lifestyle Blogging
  5. Blogging about Blogging
  6. Food Blogging

On that note, I truly believe that you can make money with any Blog niche if you succeed in establishing yourself as an expert in that field!

Other profitable Blog niches I personally see a lot of potential for the future are:

  1. Social Media Tips
  2. Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness
  3. Planning and Productivity
  4. Gardening
  5. Party Planning
  6. Interior Design and so many more…!

Let me know what profitable Blog niche you are choosing in the Comments and if you have any question regarding this topic! I am here for you and we can create your successful Blog together today!

Xx Katie


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How to choose your extremely profitable Blog Niche
How to choose your extremely profitable Blog Niche

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