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What the Heck is Leadpages? (+2 video tutorials on how to use it)

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Katie Grazer

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Leadpages is the tool I use to add over 200+ blog subscribers to my email list every single week! So if you are like “what the heck is Leadpages” then read on and check out one of the two video tutorials included in this post.


What the Heck is LeadPages?

LeadPages is a tool I use to create landing pages as well as all the pop-up and opt-in forms on my blog.

Landing pages are separate pages from your blog, which ideally reflect the branding of your blog, but don’t include your usual website layout or menu. The sole purpose of a landing page is for the person to opt-into your email list. This is why we take away all the layout and menu options so people don’t get distracted by your main goal, them subscribing.

Leadpages Pop-Ups (earlier called Leadboxes) are pop-ups you can install on your website which either pop up at a timed moment or when someone clicks a link or an image. The background gets all blurry and the pop up comes up where again your visitor can subscribe to your blog.

The person opts into the form which is connected to your email marketing service and your visitor is added as an email subscriber.

Are you interested? Check it out Leadpages here and sign up for your FREE Leadpages Trial HERE!

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Why you should use LeadPages?

Now, why do I swear by LeadPages? There are so many other more affordable products out there! There are even email marketing services where you don’t have to use two separate services for subscription and email marketing?

Here are my two most important reasons why I love LeadPages: 

  • Reason No.2 – LeadPages allow me to customize my forms the way I want to. Plus they give me the option to track and catalog the GDPR consent I receive from people who subscribe to my Blog. As a European Blogger, I am required to store “explicit” consent people give me to be subscribed to my Blog. I get that with LeadPages and Drip.


I have created two Video Tutorials you can follow me along how I create Landing Pages and Pop-Up with Leadpages here:


How to create Landing Pages with LeadPages


How to create Pop-Ups with LeadPages


You can sign up for your FREE Leadpages Trial HERE!

Do you have more questions on Leadpages, let me know in the comments I am here for you 100%!

xx Katie

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