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How to juggle planning a wedding while building your own online biz + things that have helped me during our Wedding Countdown!

posted by:

Katie Grazer

Let’s talk about the 6 Best Tips for Planning a Wedding while building your own Online Biz! You guys, it’s only 2 weeks until Tom and I are getting married at Lake Como – OMG! I am honestly freaking out just writing this down, it’s insane.

[bctt tweet=”For the last couple of months, I have been juggling planning a wedding abroad while starting my online blogging business and yes it’s been a little bit of a rollercoaster.” username=””]

For you guys, who have been following along for a while, might know that I have been blogging for almost 10 years but I only this year started my own biz and created my own company (LLC and everything), basically working full time for myself and my online business.

In this post, I want to go over the things which have helped me bring a little order into the chaos of the pasts few months and full disclaimer, everything wasn’t always perfect nor was I able to reply to friends in a decent amount of time, but still here I am! There are only final touches to be organized for my wedding and the biz is set up and rolling out to a good start!

Here is what has helped me planning a wedding while building your own online biz!?


1. A great Morning and Evening Routine!

When you are working from home, having a great routine helps you bring structure to your life and allows you to be more efficient.

I usually wake up early to get my personal time in, which includes reading, a workout and getting ready for the day. After that, I am ready to work cause I know I have already done something for myself and I can focus entirely on my work.

Often I work until 5 pm or 6 pm and after that, my brain is usually fried anyways and I am either doing low energy tasks, go on walks or do a workout (if I haven’t done one in the morning)

I try to only focus on wedding related things in the evening but mainly on weekends. This helps me to work on the wedding in one batch, which is way more efficient than replying to every email when it pops up.

When I work, I focus on work, when I do wedding biz, I do wedding biz 🙂

You can check out my full Morning Routine HERE!


2. Email Organization

What I usually do is collect emails from vendors, contractors or my wedding planner (and yes I have a planner – I  barely speak Italian and above all she is amazing!) and store them into an email folder or several ones I set up specifically for different wedding topics.

Either, I collect the emails and then use the weekend to read through them and discuss open topics with Tom or if there are bills to pay, I do that in the evenings, so I don’t miss any payment deadlines.

[bctt tweet=”When I separate wedding emails from my work emails, it helps me not to think about wedding things when I am writing to my client or get stressed out about, why I still haven’t reviewed which guitar player we want to book for our ceremony.” username=””]


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planning a wedding while building your own online biz


3. Hiring a Wedding Planner

I mean full disclosure here. We are getting married in a different country where they speak a language we barely speak. Above all, I am still making all the decisions and it still feels like an overwhelming amount of stuff to organize!

The decision for having a wedding planner was the best thing because it helps us getting everything done in time. She provides us with suggestions for vendors, photographers, videographers and florist she loves and we could use, plus she will be present on our big day to make sure everything is running smoothly!

Obviously, I am so blessed that we can afford this and this is by no means me telling you, you can’t organize your wedding by yourself! I just want to be 100% transparent and let you YES- TOTALLY – I HAVE HELP!

Have you started your own Blog yet? You can download my free and easy Step by Step PDF Guide on “How to Self-Host your Blog” below : SELF HOSTING FREEBIE


4. Becoming obsessed with Productivity

Everything with planning, being organized, productivity and efficiency are not in my DNA! I have to work to acquire these skills!

But, I have made it my mission to master them!

As mentioned before, one huge skill and technique I have implemented into my day and week is batch working and time blocking on related topics. Here is how this looks like for me:

  • I write my monthly blog posts within two days I only focus on writing content (just the writing nothing else).
  • I work on wedding things in the evening and on weekends.
  • Wednesday is usually when I have face-to-face meetings with clients.
  • I try to schedule every other unscheduled “life throwing sh* at you” event (sorry but it’s true) for Fridays. This includes letting the plumber in, because our toilet exploded, or scheduling vet checkups because Phoebe our Dachshund decided to eat a pack of chewing gum a week earlier.


5. Email and Social Media Automation

As an entrepreneur, solopreneur and most of us bloggers who are risking to turn their online hustle into a business are realizing that time is your most valuable resource.

[bctt tweet=”There are so many tiny little tasks in blogging that it can easily happen that you feel like you are drowning in your TODO lists and deadlines.” username=””]

What has really really helped me is sitting down and creating a content plan and a strategy of how much, what and when I want to post to my blog and my social accounts and then finding a way to automate the process as much as possible.

These are the tools which help me automate my business:

  • Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling and auto-posting
  • Later for Instagram and Facebook auto-posting
  • Freshbooks to remind me when I have to send out my invoices
  • Drip and Leadpages to grow my email list and set up email automation


6. Reading a ton of motivational books to keep my energy high!

Tip No. 6 for planning a wedding while building your own online biz is reading a bunch of motivational books!

Since scheduling in half an hour each morning and evening as “me-time-to-read-time” I have been able to finish more books these past few months than probably in the past two years combined.

I am a total sucker for self-improvement and productivity books, mainly everything which will bring me to live my best life and become the best version of myself!

Here are some of the books I finished and absolutely adored:

You are a badass – Jen Sincero

You are a badass at making money – Jen Sincero

Atomic Habits – James Clear

The One Thing – Gary Keller + Jay Papasan

Expert Secrets – by Russell Brunson  

Girl, Wash your Face – Rachel Hollis

Girl, Stop Apologizing – Rachel Hollis


There we go, these were my 6 best tips for planning a wedding while building your own online biz!

Is there something I should be doing but don’t let me know and COMMENT DOW BELOW I need to know!

Also, are you in a similar situation or are you juggling two big projects at the same time SHARE! I want to know what you are up to and how you are managing the overwhelm yourself!

Thank you for being part of our amazing badass entrepreneur and blogger community, talk to you soon,

Xoxo Katie

Disclosure: *If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! *

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