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Are TONIC Site Shop’s Website Templates Really Worth it? (2023 Review)

posted by:

Katie Grazer

You’ve heard the buzz about TONIC, so let’s be honest, are TONIC website templates worth it – YUP the hype is REAL. 

When it comes to the Showit platform, TONIC is basically the Beyoncé of website templates—undeniable and universally adored.

So, is splurging on a TONIC template worth the $1,000+ price tag? Coming from someone who detests wasting money as much as I love savvy business expenses, my answer is a resounding YES.

Let me spill the tea.

Throwback to My Website Woes…

Once upon a “what was I thinking?” moment, I was a pregnant with my first son and in desprate need for the perfect website template. TONIC was the talk of the town… 

But oh boy, that PRICE.

Instead of trusting my gut (and everyone else’s advice), I veered off-course. I went with a more affordable Showit template provider and what a rookie mistake. 

A month into my venture, it hit me—I was struggling to set up this new template, wanting to give it back (but digital download duh), energy fleeting because I was having my baby soon and I’d missed the TONIC train and I regretted it.

If I had committed to TONIC from the get-go, I’m convinced the setup would have taken me a few hours instead of days and I’d be laying on my balcony with a mocktail instead of spending my final working days before maternity leave stressed out about my website. 

I’d have looked so darn pro, and people wouldn’t have been able to resist my offers. No hard feelings towards these other designers — but not everyone can or should customize this much right out the gate.

So, why should you too raise a toast to TONIC? Allow me to dish it out: 

First what are TONIC Site Shop Templates + Why are they 100% worth the price?

What are TONIC Site Shop Templates? 

Now what exactly are TONIC Site Shop Templates? 

Well, they’re not just pretty faces, lemme tell ya! TONIC templates are built on Showit, which means you get to enjoy a drag-and-drop interface that lets you customize ’til the cows come home, no coding required.

Imagine having a website that not only looks like a million bucks but also functions like a Swiss Army knife for your business. 

Whether you’re a blogger, podcaster, or have an online shop, TONIC templates offer a blend of style and strategy that will have you (and your customers) clicking ‘add to cart’ in no time. 

Implementation is like a breeze! Trust me! 

Why TONIC Site Shop Templates + Are they Worth the Price Tag?  

So why is TONIC the cocktail you didn’t know your website needed?

# 1 – The Brilliance Behind the Beauty 

TONIC templates are more than just eye-candy; they’re the intellectual powerhouses of the web design world, always one step ahead in the game of user engagement and conversion. It’s like having a strategic mastermind built right into your website. When I picked the ‘Lillet Blanc’ template, it was as if it read my mind, forming the perfect backdrop for my revamped brand.

#2 – Turn Blogging from Chore to Joy 

Ah, WordPress. We’ve all been there—the endless plugins, the cryptic code, the sudden urge to scream into the abyss. It’s a complex labyrinth that’s not for the faint of heart. But enter TONIC, and suddenly WordPress becomes a totally different creature—a domesticated unicorn, if you will.

One of the nightmares of WordPress has got to be the ‘Plugin Panic’—that moment when you realize you need to download, like, 27 plugins just to make your website look semi-decent. But guess what? With TONIC Site Shop Design, it’s a whole new world. Everything you need is integrated, seamless, and yes, magical. You’ll feel like Harry Potter getting their wand—everything just works!

#3 – A Smarter Investment 

Now, about the moolah. You could be spending big bucks on a custom site, or you could invest in a TONIC template for a fraction of the price and be up and running before you can say “Cheers!” Use my special discount code KATIELOVESTONIC during TONIC’s Fall Sale, and sweeten the deal even more. You won’t just be saving money; you’ll be making a smart investment in your brand’s future.

Designers, I appreciate you, but honestly, the sheer value you get with TONIC is undeniable. One of my students last year spent over $30k on a custom site—pretty, sure, but let’s be real: my TONIC-powered site is giving hers a run for the money. Why pay more when you can have both beauty and brains?

#4 – Your Website as a Business Asset: 

When your website is the lifeblood of your business, going the frugal route can be a gamble. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about setting the tone for your brand’s future. A TONIC template isn’t the only route, but it’s a solid one. If you opt for something budget-friendly now, you might find yourself pining for an upgrade later—especially if your initial choice was more about saving pennies than capturing your brand essence. 

Plus, a TONIC template is a fraction of the cost of a custom design. And hey, use code “KATIELOVESTONIC” to get 15% off any TONIC design.

#5 – Peerless Post-Purchase Support 

What you get with TONIC goes far beyond a simple transaction. Their support is a treasure trove of guides, videos, and one-on-one help—all of which come at no extra charge. 

Wwhether you need help with your copy, photos, or branding, they’ve got exhaustive resources and a responsive support team to guide you. They even offer membership to an exclusive Facebook group, serving as a collaborative space for users to share tips and ask questions.

#6 – Effortless Implementation, Boundless Customization

When TONIC champions the phrase, “no code, no tears,” they are capturing a simple yet profound truth. You can actually design your dream website without writing a single line of code, thanks to the Showit platform they work with. It’s not just about the simplicity; it’s about the empowerment it gives you. You have the freedom to iterate, refine, and evolve your site without the need to reach out to a developer or designer for every minor change. Imagine the creative flexibility that comes with that.

The TONIC showcase is packed with examples of how their templates can be changer to fit any need, no matter who you are or what you do.

TONIC Template Tutorial – How I Designed my Website + Blog with SHOWIT & TONIC

If you like a little sneak peek behind my own website, Showit and how I use TONIC then check out this video. 

You can skip ahead – I start talking about TONIC and Showit at 16:54

Use code “KATIELOVESTONIC” to get 15% off any TONIC design.

You’ve got Questions about TONIC – I Gotcha! 

What’s the Deal with the Platform + What’s Showit, Anyway? 

TONIC templates are designed for Showit—an incredibly intuitive drag-and-drop website builder we’ve been smitten with for over a decade. No coding skills? No problem. All you’ll need is a Showit subscription, and you’re good to go. That subscription has got you covered on hosting, customization, and any tech glitches along the way. Oh, and just a heads up—our templates and Squarespace, Wix, or other platforms are like oil and water. They don’t mix.

Now, Showit is basically the web design fairy godmother you never knew you needed. It allows you to create a bespoke desktop and mobile site without any of that pesky coding. Plus, it plays nice with WordPress, making blogging and SEO a breeze. Want to know more? Dive deeper right here.

But Wait, What About WordPress? 

Good news for the bloggers among us—the blog portion of your TONIC + Showit site is WordPress-powered! This means you get the best of both worlds: the intuitive, no-code-necessary design capabilities of Showit AND the robust blogging features of WordPress. Confused? No worries. The TONIC crew offers rockstar-level support to help you navigate these digital waters. They’ve got answers for all your questions, big or small. 

Can I customize _____?

Oh, heck yes! The designs in TONIC are like your favorite pair of jeans — they fit just right but still give you room to move. Clone those pages, tweak those designs; girlfriend, make it YOURS.

What is the process to launch my site/get it live?

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Once you’re ready to go live, hit up the Showit team through the in-app chat. They’ll move your blog to your new dazzling site, and then you just point your domain and voila, you’re the talk of the town! Oh, and pro-tip: maybe keep that domain on the down-low until you’re fully ready to unveil your masterpiece.

Which Showit subscription option do I need?

Honey, you’re gonna love this: Showit takes care of your site hosting, blog, and tech support all under one roof. So, what’s the vibe for you? If you’re a blogger at heart, we usually tell peeps to go for that scrumptious middle-tier option. It’s just $29 per month (or save some moolah with $288 billed yearly). Need more deets on the pricing? Head on over here.

How does blogging work with TONIC x Showit?

Alright, so let’s crack the WordPress-Showit mystery. You’ll be using your WordPress.org account to do all the behind-the-scenes stuff like uploading and scheduling your posts. And then, you’ll give it a makeover in Showit, because who doesn’t love a glow-up? It’s like having the best of both worlds; WordPress’s muscle and Showit’s good looks. And get this, Showit sets up the blog part for you once your site is ready to shine. Then TONIC comes in for all the design goodness and theme design!

Can I use the photos, fonts, and copy in the templates?

Yep, yep, yep! Consider TONIC your design starter kit. Fonts, photos, and words are all there for you to use and make your own. No extra fuss, no muss.

How’s the Domain + Hosting Game Play Out?

You won’t need a domain to start putting together your dream website, but you’ll definitely need one to hit that launch button. Our pro tip? Secure your perfect domain name now so it’s ready and waiting for you. We’re big fans of Google Domains. As for setting it all up, Showit’s support team has your back. They’ll guide you through making your domain play nice with your new site.

And just to clear things up—TONIC isn’t the host of the party; they’re the brilliant interior designers. Your actual website is hosted by Showit, the platform these beautiful TONIC templates are built for. So, think of TONIC as the architects of your dream home and Showit as the land it’s built on!

Do you have a deal (DISCOUNT CODE) I can save some cash on?

You bet I’ve got a deal for you! If you’re stuck in the “my website could be so much better” cycle and are straight-up confused on how to improve it, you’ve gotta check out TONIC. Good news? They adore me as much as I adore them, so you can snatch up a TONIC template at a whopping 15% off this week only. Just drop my code KATIELOVESTONIC at checkout!

I know, I know—the price tag on those TONIC Site Shop templates might have you doing a double take. But trust me, the value you’re getting is miles ahead of the cost. TONIC has cracked the code on designing websites that not only dazzle your visitors but are also conversion machines. Picture this: people actively engaging, subscribing, and making purchases on your site. With the 15% off, you’ll make back your investment before you know it!

I’ve been a TONIC believer for years and their latest collection is nothing short of stunning. Grab yours now, and don’t forget to use KATIELOVESTONIC for that sweet 20% discount. It’s time to build a website that’s not just beautiful, but irresistibly effective! 

An Affectionate Salute to TONIC Site Shop

Yes, TONIC templates come with a price tag in the four-figure range, but let’s put this into context. When compared to a custom design, which can easily stretch into five figures, TONIC templates offer substantial value for your money. And they don’t skimp on aesthetics or functionality, often outperforming bespoke designs in both categories.

As a full time blogger, content creator and entrepreneur, I’ve advised so many people inside this amazing community on selecting website designs, and I can say with confidence that TONIC consistently tops the list. 

So, if you’re pondering over website aesthetics, while also considering SEO and user engagement, your search should end at TONIC. For further inquiries, their team is incredibly resourceful and ever-willing to assist.

Also I’m here for you every step of the way – just leave me a comment, email me or request a video for a more in-depth tutorial! 

Honestly I got you! 

Lots of Love 


P.S. Use code “KATIELOVESTONIC” to get 15% off any TONIC design.

Disclosure: *If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! *

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