9 Social Media Tools for Smart Marketers

16. December 2019


Katie Grazer

Are you on the lookout for social media tools for smart marketers that can help you grow and explode your social accounts? No problem, I got you covered with this list of my favorite 9 social media tools I use on a daily basis.  Social media marketing can be overwhelming and especially the little tasks […]

How To Clean Up Pinterest Boards (6 simple Steps)

9. December 2019


Katie Grazer

Today, I would like to focus on how to clean up Pinterest Boards to boost your Pinterest profile. Pinterest is my favorite tool to grow traffic to my blog that’s why I am giving away my secrets on how to improve your profile and get that traffic coming.  Pinterest Boards play a huge role in […]

5 Blogging Secrets – The Ugly side of Blogging successful Bloggers Don’t Share!

2. December 2019


Katie Grazer

Today, I want to talk about the ugly side of blogging and 5 blogging secrets successful bloggers usually don’t share. There are many bloggers claiming how easy blogging is and that you should start your blog right away. But, blogging can be a tough business and even though I believe that if you are passionate […]

3 Ways to Rapidly Grow Your Instagram – When You’re Just Starting Out

25. November 2019


Katie Grazer

Are you getting really frustrated because it has become really hard to grow your Instagram account? Instagram remains one of the most popular social media in the world, however, due to the ever-changing algorithm, many have given up on it.  I can totally relate to that. It seems like we are putting so much effort […]

10 Best Selling Creative Fonts (115 Fonts in total)

18. November 2019


Katie Grazer

In today’s post, I want to cover the 10 best selling creative fonts because choosing the right font plays a huge role when designing your Blog. Personally, I love mixing creative fonts with more neutral sans serif fonts to create a fun but still sophisticated look.  However, fonts can be expensive, especially if you want […]