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How to set up a Pinterest Business Account in 6 Minutes or less!

8. June 2020


Katie Grazer

A Pinterest business account can unlock a goldmine of traffic for your business website or Blog.  But what is a Pinterest Business Account? Can you not simply use your personal Pinterest account and what if you already started using it for business.  Don’t worry. We cover it and more in this post.  Heads up Pinterest […]

How to use Tailwind for Instagram

How to use Tailwind for Instagram

1. June 2020


Katie Grazer

Are you struggling with Instagram, and it’s just a constant hustle to produce your content, get it up there, and engage with your followers? I get it. You know I love Tailwind, and I use the tool every single day to schedule my pins to Pinterest. But did you know that there is also Tailwind […]

6 Steps How to Grow Blog Subscribers with Quizzes (+ Video Tutorial)

6 Steps How to Grow Blog Subscribers with Quizzes

23. May 2020


Katie Grazer

It was a couple of months ago when I discovered how to grow blog subscribers with quizzes and get more customers onto my email list. I know this sounds strange, how would you use a quiz to get anyone onto your email list and why would that work in the first place, right? Well, today, […]

How to choose Pinterest Categories for your Boards? (+Full List)

How to choose Pinterest Categories for your Boards_ (+Full List)

20. May 2020


Katie Grazer

IMPORTANT UPDATE OCT 2020: Pinterest has retired board categories and they are no longer available. Today, I wanted to focus on an often-overlooked topic “Pinterest Categories”, and discuss if they’re relevant for the Pinterest Algorithm.  Short answer: YES they are! Pinterest categories are useful for both business and personal Pinners. Categories help individual users choose […]

Pinterest Sign Up – Pinterest Account Login – Sign In

12. May 2020


Katie Grazer

You and I love Pinterest, but logging in can sometimes be a struggle as it changes often! Here is how you can log in to Pinterest and two ways to create an account for personal or business use.  There are different ways to log in to Pinterest. Through mobile or desktop, on your phone, tablet […]