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5 Best Tips on How to go Viral on Pinterest in 2020 (Algorithm Update)

5 Best Tips on How to go Viral on Pinterest in 2020 (Algorithm Update)

17. February 2020


Katie Grazer

Do you want to go viral on Pinterest in 2020? I have got some awesome news for you. Pinterest just opened up about their new algorithm changes and how you can use the platform right to get the best results for your blog, website, or business.  Everything started last week with Pinterest opening up about […]

About Me

About Me - Katie Grazer

4. February 2020


Katie Grazer

Three years ago, I quit my job at “corporate Switzerland” and moved across continents with now-husband Thomas. This was when my life as a blogger and entrepreneur kicked off. But there is so much more before that, in between, and now I want to share with you.  But wait a second. You are here to […]

How your Blog Header turns Visitors into Subscribers!

How your Blog Header turns Visitors into Subscribers

20. January 2020


Katie Grazer

In this post, I want to go over how your blog header turns blog visitors into subscribers on auto-pilot. Your blog header or sometimes also called “above the fold” or “Hero Image” is the first thing new visitors see when they click onto your blog. It is usually a large image that fills up most […]

10 Most Important Blogging Tools of 2020

10 most important blogging tools of 2020

13. January 2020


Katie Grazer

I have been blogging for over 10 years and in this post, I cover the 10 most important blogging tools for 2020. Do you want to start a Blog in 2020 but there are so many tools out there that you feel totally overwhelmed? Then let me help you. These are the tools and services I […]

25 best ways to get Instagram followers in 2020

Best Ways to get Instagram Followers in 2020

6. January 2020


Katie Grazer

In my new “Get Instagram followers in 2020″ Guide I want to help you get over the frustration and confusion of our all-time favorite social media app Instagram Are you frustrated with Instagram because you love the app and want to grow your account, but all you hear is crickets on your new posts? Or, […]