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3 Amazing Tips How to Structure your Blog Post!

posted by:

Katie Grazer

So let’s talk about the “3 Amazing Tips How to Structure your Blog Post” to make it really easy for your readers to follow along. I usually follow the same routine every time I am writing a blog post and, similar to essay writing, for example, I tend to keep the structure of an “Intro, Main Body and Conclusion”.

This structure is just an amazing way to introduce a reader to a topic and get his attention in the beginning. Then showing them a solution or an idea in the main part and then wrapping it up, calling for action or referring him or her to another related post at the end of my post. 

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1. Introduction

So, girl, what should you include in the Introduction section of your blog post. I usually start with an intriguing question or statement such as

  1.     Have you ever wondered or
  2.     You would not believe how or
  3.     Today we are learning how to can do this or that in only 7 mins!

Then I continue with a short outline of what problem or solution the blog post will cover! Now, why is this so important?

First of all, we want to excite our readers. We want them to be like: “Finally, this is exactly what I was searching for!” I mean how many times have you been going through a post you found on Google which was just not what they promised or covered something similar but not really what you were looking for?! We want to blow our readers away even with our introduction!

Now, second of all, there is this thing called “Snippet” or sometimes “Excerpt”! A snipped is a short excerpt of your Blogpost which will be displayed under the title of your blog post sometimes also on your blogs the main page if you have a grid theme, or also when someone is searching for a post on Google:

how to structure your blog post

Yoast SEO Plugin

There is a plugin called Yoast SEO you can add in the plugins section, (it’s free) to be able to change the text of your snippet. are plugins but if you are not using that yet usually google just takes the first few sentences of your Blogpost and displays it under the Title! People are reading this so go ahead and include a short, intriguing and precise description of what you will be covering right at the beginning of your post! 

🔥🎬Skip to the end of this post to watch a full tutorial on how to use the Yoast SEO Plugin!


2. Body

Now let’s continue with your main part of your blog post. Once we have got our intros on point, there are a few things that make up a great body of a blog post. So let’s jump in: 

  1. You want to present your reader with a solution to a problem or providing some kind of inspiration, motivation or idea!
  2. Second, you want to use images to support your main points such as “Printscreen, Video Tutorials or Infographics” which you created as an added value for your readers.
  3. “Step by Step Guides” and “Lists” are amazing to help your reader follow you so you want to use bullets or numbers to clearly display steps!
  4. Headers and subheaders are a must to structure and divide individual subtopics within your main theme! Also, header and subheaders are relevant for your ”Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) in order for search engines to find your blog posts. We will talk about SEO in more depth later on but just keep in mind to include some headers and subheaders.
  5. Paragraphs are ideally no longer than 300 words long, my friends!
  6. Use bold fonts for titles and a normal setting for paragraphs. This will make it so much easier for readers to fly over your post and skim what it’s all about!
  7. Finally, find your own “Blogging Voice” and by that, I mean, blogging should be fun and you want to give your reader a good time and an easy read! It is often a great idea to write your blog post as if you would tell the story or explain the problem to your best friend! Keep it casual but on point.

3. Conclusion

Finally, what are things to include in your conclusion? 

I am personally not a huge fan of summaries within blog posts  because I feel like this would often unnecessarily lengthen your Posts, but there are some other things I definitely include in my conclusions: 

First, you want to include a CTA “Call to Action” so basically saying:

  • Comment down below if you have questions or
  • Join our Community NOW
  • Download our Free Resource HERE

You want to invite your readers to take action! It is super important that you do that as research has shown that people actually are a lot more likely to act on something if you ASK THEM TO DO IT. Sounds too simple, right, but it actually works! 

You can even increase your engagement by using buttons with calls to actions. People love clicking on buttons, girl, and from personal experience and the statistics from my blog I know that people are way more likely to subscribe or download by pressing a button than by clicking on a normal link.

And finally, at the end of your post, you want to thank them:

  • a) thank your visitors for reading and
  • b) wishing them a lovely day and hoping to talk/write to them very soon. Maybe you have a phrase you use to saying goodbye to your friends that you could use here as well to give your post a personal touch 

Let me know if these three ways to structure your Blog Post make sense for you or if there are any open questions you would like me to add to it! COMMENT BELOW!

Lots of Love


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3 amazing tips how to structure your blog posts

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