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3 Tips for creating captivating and viral Blog Post Topics?

posted by:

Katie Grazer

My friends let’s talk about the 3 Tips for creating captivating and viral Blog Post Topics so you can create ideas and posts people will love to read about as well as engage in!

Personally, when I started out with my first blog, I was just sharing anything and everything. I had absolutely no focus and since I am interested in so many (maybe too many) things I was randomly talking about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, my dog, our travels and lots of food!

And don’t get me wrong this is not me telling you that you cannot succeed with a lifestyle Blog! And I am hearing this from a lot of teachers and online courses out there! I believe if you are interested in a Lifestyle Blog rather than a niche blog than why should other people not be interested in that too?

But, what I figured out to be my biggest problem was that I was just talking about random things without a “take away” or “lesson learned” for my readers! So, what do I mean by a take away for our readers?

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1. A “take away” or a “lesson learned”:

This could be:

  • Solving a problem for the reader! We are all on google to find a solution for a specific problem?! Right? So let’s provide them with a solution to your expert area that they can use for their own life.


  • Providing a place of the community of like-minded people where they can share stories and experiences! Basically, saying that is what happened to me and here is how I got through this!


  • Providing inspiration and motivation. A good example for this would be sharing your weight loss story and exactly step by step what you ate, how your workout looked like, struggles you had or what made it easier to achieve your weight loss goal!  

2. The secret FORMULA to captivating and viral Blog post ideas:

What I have found is that there is a magic FORMULA that will make it a lot easier for you to create content people are passionate about and are searching for on the internet! Here it is: 

Your Passion (what do you love)

x Your Expertise (what you are an expert on) &

x Solving a Problem or giving guidance, inspiration or motivation

I promise you if you start using this 3-factors-formula you will create content people want to read! They will feel your passion and energy and also it will be super easy for you to write a blog post because you know exactly what you are talking about. You will be able to provide valuable insight because you have gone through this thing too! And last but not least you will be solving a problem for your reader all in one!! Cool, right!?

So, after you have applied the formula, write down some topics you are an expert on. By this, I mean topics which, when they come up, all of your friends just come running to you for your knowledge and insight!

3. Use your Audiences Questions

Finally, write down some relevant questions that regularly come up in your niche and try to explain how you would personally handle them! Maybe the solution seems super easy for you but thinks about it – you are an expert, so others might struggle with this and for them, your insight, no matter how small, can make a big difference.

Here are ideas on how to find out what your audience actually wants from you:

Let me tell you if these 3 Tips for creating captivating and viral Blog Post Topics help you come up with ideas people will love to read and engage in or if there is more you would like to know on this topic.


Love you a lot,

xx Katie

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