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How to Create a Profitable Online Course!

posted by:

Katie Grazer

To create a profitable online Course is my favorite way of making money as a Blogger! I totally get that it can seem like too much work and very overwhelming if you have never worked with a platform such as Teachablebefore, but I can promise you the work is so worth it!

Once you are done with creating your course you can sit back and enjoy the fruit of your work. Don’t get me wrong it’s of the utmost importance that you interact with the students you were able to gain for your course! Or, that you implement relevant and constructive feedback from your fans. But once your course sticks you can focus on other important Blog relevant work!

In this Guide, I am going through the 10 most important steps how to create a profitable online Course, and this is by no means an exhaustive list. However, if you are just starting out it can all feel a little bit too much and this post should give you an overview and input into the most important things you need to consider!

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How to Create a Profitable Online Course as a Blogger!

1. Find your profitable niche

In my opinion, the most important step in how to create a profitable online course is to really focus on your profitable course niche. Similarly, to choosing your profitable Blog niche, it’s as important to be very deliberate when selecting a profitable online course topic in order to create actual sales from your course.

Please read my post on how to choose a profitable blog niche if you want even more in-depth tips.

A. Choosing a very narrow niche for your online course will make sure that you are actually attracting the right people who are exactly looking for your input and tips.

B. On the other hand, it’s crucial that you choose a topic you are an expert on! Maybe you think your niche topic is silly but honestly, it might just be your killer course idea! Are you having trouble with this topic and you are constantly finding new solutions on how to solve these problems, other people are for sure feeling exactly the same.

To create a profitable online course, we may also want to perform a competitor analysis:
  • How many other people in your niche are talking about your selected profitable course niche?
  • How many of those Bloggers have already created such a course?
  • Determine how good the quality is of such competitor course? Have you done some digging and read some reviews?
  • If no one has used your topic great, but if they have what are things your competitors did well and what could you do differently to create an even better course for your followers?

I want you to really take your time with this step and write down topics you could create a profitable online course on. It can be several when you start out and then over time and with more thought you can figure out which idea make the most sense!

2. How to create a profitable Online Course with Teachable

I have taken a bunch of online courses on several different course platforms as well as created my own signature Blogger Online Course “Bloggy Badass”. I am just letting you know this so you know that I have seen it all. The good, the bad, the solala…and I am talking content and platform here.

Now there are a ton of different Platforms to choose from where you can create your profitable online course on. In this post, I am going to walk you through how to create and host an online Course with Teachable.

Below you can follow me step by step how to set up your Profile and Course it’s honestly done in minutes.

Teachable is my favorite platform because it’s super easy and intuitive to go about. It’s great from a marketing perspective and the perfect choice to walk your students through the learning process. Additionally, it has the best customer service ever. This may not sound super sexy but you will at one point have a question you won’t find the answer to online and they always write me back within one day and they are soooo friendly!

So here is my step by step guide how to create a profitable Online course with Teachable.

a.  Go to the Teachable Website and Press “Create a Course” in the right corner!

b. Sign up for an account by filling in your name and email address and set a Password. Press Get Started!

How to Create a Profitable Online Course as a Blogger!

c. Create your School and give it a Name. You can change this later so don’t worry but I would go with something clear which describes your Blog or profitable online Course topic.

How to Create a Profitable Online Course as a Blogger!

d. Answer some more questions about you and your business and then press “Enter my School”.

How to Create a Profitable Online Course as a Blogger!

e. Head over to your Email Inbox and confirm your email address to verify your account

f. Now once you enter the Teachable Dashboard, it gives you a step by step tutorial how to start your Course. I would recommend you to follow their instructions by the book and Sign Up for their free live webinar. Its approximately an hours and I loved it. It was so helpful and gave me a great start to learning how the platform works.

g. After the Webinar, you can start to create a profitable online course, customize the look and feel of it and choose your own Domain Name.

How to Create a Profitable Online Course as a Blogger!

h. Once you have successfully finished these mandatory tasks you are all set and will be able to launch and sell your own online course.

3. Video or Text Courses which is Better?

There is actually no real “this or that” answer to the debate which is better “video or text” courses. Everyone has their own preference how they prefer to learn things. I personally love video presentations rather than text or videos where I see the person talking without any other help.

It really depends on several factors such as what are you going to teach and how do you feel most comfortable teaching you lessons.

Maybe you are a yoga teacher and you want to create your profitable online course on advanced asanas for millennials. Then it for sure would make more sense to have a video-based course than only text. On the other hand, if you are maybe creating a course for non-lawyers interested in finding easy legal solutions for everyday problems, then a text bases course can make the most sense.

4. Don’t overkill with a massive course

It’s important to start with a smaller course rather than to create a massive course you will not end up selling because you just couldn’t end up producing all the necessary content.

You know we all have lives and things happen and when we are struggling with life, work, family and trying to learn how to create an online course all at the same time it can get overwhelming very fast!

I want, you to succeed and I want you to have fun. This is why I suggest you start to create a smaller course when you start out. Once you have figured out how it all comes together, there is literally nothing holding you back in creating your dream course covering everything you know!

5. Don’t undersell with a ridiculously low price

One of the hardest things you will ever do is pricing your course. Now so many people underprice their course and it really hurts my business instinct and what I have learned from a marketing perspective in my studies. You really don’t want to give things away for free. You have invested a ton of time and energy in this and you are giving away your amazing content! Now, you deserve to earn money from your course!

Now, of course, your pricing has to be in line with what you are actually offering. If you are just selling a 5 Best-Of Course, you can for setting a price lower as when you would create a massive 6-hour video training course. My recommendation is to really don’t be afraid that no-one will buy your course. You have put the effort in and you deserve to be adequately compensated!

This is an amazing article on how to Price your Online Course I would recommend each and everyone to read.  Pricing your Online Course!

6. Get honest feedback before you Launch

A mistake I have made myself is not getting enough feedback before I launched my course. Once I was done uploading my content to Teachable I was just soooo ready to get it out there that I did not take the time to get more responses in advance. If you have friends and family as well as other blogger friends who could review and give constructive feedback on your course, you hit the jackpot.

First of all, when you are so deep in the content you may be blind to mistakes you are making. Or you might find something obvious because you are an expert in this topic where other might not be able to follow your thought process. This is where friends, family, and other bloggers come to your help.

Additionally, to create a profitable online course you will want something like “Social Proof” for your course before you launch it. This is something like a testimonial from a blogger friend who have taken your course and you can use on your Sales Page. This positive review will give new students a great insight into what they can expect from your course!

7. Create a free mini-course to lure people In.

As we have already discussed in section 4 it could make sense to first create a smaller course and getting to know the Teachable Plattform before creating a massive online course.

I love the idea of creating a free mini Course on Teachable or Free Mini Challenge on Teachable. This way you can get to know the Platform and its functionalities as well as providing free but valuable input for your audience.

This could be your No.1 selling strategy. You are creating a free killer mini course where you are covering a few free quick wins and then you are selling your signature Online Course as a next step. This way people have already connected with you on a deeper level got to know you some more and you have helped them produce some quick wins.

Your audience will want more of your amazing content and tips and BOOM your online course sales will explode!


8. Use Email Marketing to promote your course

I have a whole in debt article written about how you can set up an email list and communicate with your audience here. Email marketing is one of the top ways you can promote your online course to your audience!

Because email is much more personal you will want to contact your subscribers regularly and build that honest connection with them. To be 100% transparent here, I really hate when people are just constantly trying to sell me something in emails. I really annoys me.

This is why you will need to create a lot of additional free content which your audience will love. Once they are so stunned by how much value they get from you, your website and blog and business, you can try to sell to your audience. Always try to be honest and open with your audience and don’t oversell you and your amazing content!

9. Promote with Early Bird Discounts and Holiday Promotions

Once you have done and you have created a profitable online course, you can start promoting your course to your Audience.

One of my favorite ways to do this is by giving them Early Bird Discounts. Early Bird discounts are when someone buys your Course very early on when maybe no one has dared to try out your course yet and you are still trying to find people to review your course. Early Bird discounts, are price reductions very early on in your launch to lure people in and provide feedback for you. This is working really well!

People love Holiday Discounts and the good thing about it is that people are already in this “buying mode”. This means the barrier of them actually hitting that purchase button is emotionally lower during these times. Start making a list of popular discount promotion days such as Black Friday or Ciber Monday. Them promote those days to your audience on your website or through email!

10. Create an affiliate program for students to promote your online course for you!

After you create a profitable online course, you could start your own affiliate program for your online course. If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing please go ahead and read my Full Guide on Affiliate Marketing HERE.

Basically, Teachable allows you to create your own affiliate program for your course. Meaning that others can promote your course for you! This is incredible because you don’t have to scare off your own audience and come across as too salesy, while other people are doing the heavy lifting for you.

You can give your affiliate a commission of 30-40% per referral sale. This might seem a lot but you are actually getting so much more than the money of that sale. You are getting a new potential fan as well as a new potential affiliate!

Puh, we are done with this post for now! I really hope you enjoyed reading this post. LET ME KNOW YOUR BIGGEST TAKEAWAY IN THE COMMENTS! Of course, there are so many more points I could list here but I did not want to overwhelm you with too much information if you are just starting out!

If you have any other QUESTIONS with regards to how to create a profitable Online Course just shoot me a message in the COMMENTS!!

Talk to you soon!

Xoxo Katie

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How to Create a Profitable Online Course as a Blogger!
How to Create a Profitable Online Course as a Blogger!

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