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Welcome, it’s great to see you joined our little party on the Internet, where you can find all things Social Media and Blogging! You are here today and that tells me that you and I have a bunch of things in common! Which is a great start to a new friendship! Don’t you think?


So, you are …

  • …An ambitious, Millennial, Girlpreneur who wants to share her amazing vision with other like-minded people!
  • .. A kind-hearted, LadyBoss, CEO, who wants to show that running a business does not mean treating people badly, but finding meaning and connection in everyday interactions.
  • …A purpose driven, Superstar, Mom, who wants to show all the doubter and downers that starting your own biz is being the best role model for your kids!
  • ….A travel-obsessed, Visionary, who wants to show everyone that you don’t have be stuck in a 9 to 5 job at a desk, but live your life with passion and still make money!
  • … A thoughtful, mindful, Influencer, who wants to share her amazing experiences and tips just for the purpose of helping other people find their way!


You are an absolute freaking rockstar…? Yes, you are! You are here, and that means you have a vision and an idea!


But… Maybe you are struggling a bit?

Struggling with the neverending information overkill monster of “Social Media” and “Blogging”? I mean I get it…! I so do!


Maybe you have…

  • … tried to grow you amazing community online, but just can’t seem to find the right people to connect to!
  • … struggled with all the tiny little aspect of blogging and the tech talk which is thrown at you!
  • … not seen the progress from the tips and tricks all the online gurus promised!
  • … found something that worked but then the social media gods have decided to change the algorithm once again!


And that has left you feeling …

  • …. frustrated at technology!
  • … angry at online gurus!
  • … doubtful about you abilities!
  • … overwhelmed by all the information and let’s say
  • … sad why you just seem to not catch a freaking break!?


Frankly, I get it because I am you!


Best Online Marketing Strategies for 2019

Hi, my Name is Katie Grazer,

I am a professional Blogger and have started my own Social Media Consulting Company. For years, I have been struggling with exactly the same things you are now! People making Blogging and Social Media success look so easy…

Which is simply not true.

I am honestly, not a big believer in telling you what you want to hear just because it will make you feel better! We are millennial rockstars, superstar moms and kind-hearted influencers…Not winers, not cheaters and not loop-hole finders!

We are fighters.

So here is the truth! I can help you with your online journey! With the best tips and tricks, I have learned, studied, collected, applied and perfected over the past 10 years. I am here to help you! I am here for you! Let me help you, find your way to your dream Blog, dream community or dream Biz online.

Let me make things easier!

Not easy, but easier! Do you think we have a deal? I know we have! Let’s do this together, as friends!


So what could be your next steps?

Let me cover the most common things first! Be prepared to be “WOWed”! Jump ahead to what interests you most:

  1. Become a successful Blogger yourself!
  2. Become a Social Media Superstar!
  3. Join our Community on Facebook – Get valuable Tips + Feedback!


1. Become a Blogger yourself – Here is how!


No. 1 – Get your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

First of all, you will need to set up your Blog the right way!

This means you Blog MUST be self-hosted. 

If you don’t know what this means…No Problem I explain everything in detail in this Post. “How to start a Money Making Blog in 2019


You can start your new Blog for as little as $3.95/month…

Plus you can watch the setup video below!

It takes EXACTLY 7 min.

Stop making excuses START YOUR NEW BLOG HERE!


No. 2 – Theme

A theme defines the branding and looks of your Blog. This is honestly a very important step. Think carefully what look and feel your Blog should have and inquire whether your desired Theme has all the necessary feature for successful Blogging!

You can find out all about that here: Choosing the best Blog Theme


No. 3 – Create Traffic

Check out these totally Free Resources you can use to drive a ton of traffic to your Blog:

Now the things you need to explode the traffic to your blog, you can find all by yourself on the internet.

But you know what?

It will take a lot of time!

This is why I have created my signature Pinterest Course “The Pinterest Studio” where I explain generating Traffic super easy for you! 

the pinterest studio

In my E-Course, I am teaching you all my Pinterest Secrets, which will be the key to fast and unlimited Blog Traffic

You can enroll in the Pinterest Studio for as little as $27


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No. 4 – Grow an Email List

Once you have checked the box on Hosting, Branding, Posts, and Traffic lets start building your own amazing TRIBE!

Check out my Ultimate Guide to “What is Email Marketing + Why do I need Email Subscribers as a Blogger?”


No 5 – Start Making Money as a Blogger 

Here are a bunch of posts which might interest you, all related to:


Work through your FREE “Start a Money Making Blog” Course Here <


2. Become a Social Media Superstar!

Check out this amazing Freebie, I created especially for you 🙂

Free Instagram Freed Guide

Plus, here are a bunch of FREE Resources I know can help you grow your Socials:

Instagram related posts you might like: 


Pinterest related posts you might like: 


Ps. If Pinterest is your thing, You should sign up for my 5-Day FREE PINTEREST CHALLENGE HERE!


3. Join our Community on Facebook – Get valuable Tips + Feedback!

Come and join over 800 other community Members in our Facebook Group “Bloggy Badass” HERE!

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Love you a lot!

xoxo Katie